Alrighty here's another fic for you all ^.^ Yes, the ending is very predictable, but I'm hoping to entertain along the way. From the next chapter on, it's from my OC's view… but for now, heeere's Gaara…

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---UENA- Outskirts of Maki- one-man unit- spy?- Team Hiroki will detain- Enemy uses glass-type jutsus- backup needed urgently---

Gaara scowled down at the piece of paper Kankuro had given him,

"UENA?" He murmured, and Kankuro scratched his head,

"Unidentified Enemy Ninja Alert,"

"This message was sent by Hiroki's falcon?" The young Kazekage asked, and his brother nodded, "So it's one day old…" Gaara regarded it again, "Kankuro, what do you think?"

Kankuro's eyes widened slightly at his little brother's request for his opinion, but otherwise ignored the novelty,

"I think… Hiroki would put more details in, unless the situation was kinda difficult; it must be a pretty dangerous ninja,"

Gaara nodded once, and stood up,

"I'm going."

Kankuro frowned,

"Hey, hey, hey, wait! You can't go rushing into things like this!"

Gaara fixed him with a look,

"I can easily capture an enemy ninja in a sand prison, and keep my shinobi safe from harm."

His brother rolled his eyes,

"Since when did you get so cocky?" He muttered, and dodged the punch that the Kazekage threw at him, "Right, Kazekage-sama, whatever you say, Kazekage-sama!" He grinned slyly, "And this would have nothing to do with avoiding your paperwork?"

"Nothing." Gaara replied tonelessly. Kankuro snorted, but stepped sideways to allow his brother to pass,

"It'll still be here when you get back, y'know?" He sighed theatrically, then coughed hurriedly as Gaara glared at him again,

"I will be back in three days." He stated, and then with a swish of his robes he was gone.

"Hey! What am I supposed to tell the council?" Kankuro shouted into the emptiness.