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He sighed. What in the hell should happen next? Kurosawa leaned back in his desk chair, sighing…. Only to fall backwards, landing hard on his back.

"Ow…" He rubbed his head. "DAMN, that hurt!" He quickly got up, stood the chair upright, and sat in it. To Takashi Jonathan Kurosawa, the internet was like air. Staying away for much longer would have meant certain death, or at the very least, brain damage.

Currently, he had been working on the next chapter of his sequel, but he had writer's block. So Takashi decided to watch South Park for more inspiration. (How to get inspiration for Invader Zim from that is BEYOND me)

Kenny had just gotten killed, causing Takashi to yell out "YOU BASTARDS!!! FUCK YOU!!!!" long before Stan had the chance to say "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!"

Takashi reached for his drink, yawning. "Huh… I could introduce a completely random character from another series…. Or a moose. Yeah, moose works too."

Once the episode had ended, he was wondering what to do next.

Maybe I can PM Caro….

Kurosawa felt a sharp poke in the back of his head, causing his newly acquired bump to throb.


"OUCH!! THAT HURT, DAMN YOU!!" He spun around to face his assailant, and instantly calmed. "Oh, it's you."

Before him stood his fraternal twin, Kioku Kurosawa. They were supposedly twins, yet Kioku was almost a head shorter than his brother, and even their faces looked different. Kioku resembled… someone, and Takashi resembled no one at all.

"What was that about?" asked Kioku, poking Takashi in the stomach (causing him to let out a loud, very audible scream). Kioku raised an eyebrow. "I didn't even poke you that hard, wimp!"

"YOU… KNOW… I… DON'T… LIKE BEING… POKED THERE!!" the teen said gasping. "And for your information, I just fell on my head!"

"Why'd you do that? Didn't it hurt?"

Takashi frowned. "I ain't gonna answer to that." He turned around. "Merumerumeru….."



"Oh." Kioku sighed. "What is that?" He pointed to his brother's drink.


"Is that…" Kioku stared at his brother. "Mountain Dew?"

Takashi flinched. It was a well-known fact that Mountain Dew turned the boy into a hyperactive clone of Gir. Ergo, he was not allowed to drink it. "No… No dear brother, it is not."

"Takashi…" Kioku stared at him suspiciously.

"Kyon-chan…" Takashi mockingly returned his brother's glare.

"DON'T CALL ME KYON-CHAN!!" he fumed.

"Oh? Okay, then how about…" Takashi grinned evilly. "Kitty Kyon."


"Nya!" Takashi curled his hands into paws, and gently purred. "Kitty Kyon."

Kioku tackled his brother in a fit of rage.

Eventually, they went to sleep.