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Chapter 2

After a tour of the house, where Sonic was surprised that he had his own room ready for him, the two hedgehogs were down in the kitchen.

"Is it ready yet?" Sonic asked, sitting at the small table. Since he didn't get to eat earlier due to bumping into the ebony look-alike, he was getting really impatient waiting for his dinner.

"It's nearly done, so be patient."

"What are you making, anyway?"

"If you really want to know, you'll have to wait until it's done." That was probably not the best thing to say to a hungry teenager, but Sonic did need to learn the meaning of patience.

"Come on, tell me! Sure, I sometimes went days without eating, but I only endured it because there wasn't a lot of food on the streets." They both knew that was true, but it still made the jet black hedgehog stop moving for a second.

"Think of something else. If you keep complaining about waiting, time will only slow down."

"You sound like a fortune cookie," Sonic remarked. He hadn't had a fortune cookie in years, but that didn't mean he forgot what they were.

"That's because I did get it from a fortune cookie, I just modernized it." That was also true. It wasn't that hard to modernize a fortune cookie, since he understood the meaning of it.

"Speaking of time, how did you do that Chaos thingy?" That was something he wanted to know since arriving by it.

"You mean Chaos Control? It's something I was born with," the ebony male said.

"How are you born with something like that?"

"You do realize that by asking me questions, you're only turning my focus towards you, and that that's going to cause me to take longer to make the food?"

"Alright, fine, I won't ask anymore questions," Sonic conceded defeat. 'At least until I'm done eating,' he added silently.

It wasn't too long, though it still seemed like ages to Sonic, before the food was ready. It wasn't what he was expecting, though.

"You made soup?" he asked, not quite believing it.

"Yes. Since your body is used to going for days without food, you'll have to deal with soup until you can handle solid foods."

"This sucks. Why can't I eat something else?"

"If you do, you'll most likely just throw it back up. Now eat."

Sonic crossed his arms and huffed. There is no way he's eating bland foods.

"If you're not going to eat, then I guess you'll just have to watch me eat," the older hedgehog said, going back to his soup.

Sonic just glared at him through his sunglasses, which he had to adjust every few seconds so they wouldn't fall off.

"Are you ever going to take those off? There's no need for them here."

"I don't like anyone seeing my eyes. That's not a crime, is it?"

"No, but you shouldn't rely on them. Hiding your problems isn't the best way to confront them."

Sonic rolled his eyes at this. "And you know this, how?"

"I know a lot of things. It's called reading."

"Tch. Yeah, well, I haven't even looked at a book a few years. There weren't a lot of them at the orphanage, and I didn't see the point of them on the streets."

"How long were you at the orphanage?"

"A few days. I escaped the first chance I got," Sonic said, looked proud of his accomplishment as though he won the Olympics.

The ebony hedgehog quirked an eyebrow at this. "What made you leave in the first place?"

"I didn't like the idea of being picked to be part of someone else's family, so I ran away. Well, that, and I was sure no one would even want me. You know, 'cause of my eyes."

"Appearances aren't everything."

"Oh, please. None of the other kids wanted to be around me, and the caretakers flat-out ignored me whenever I complained about it."

"Did you even try to get along with them?"

"What was the point? I didn't want to be there anyway."

"And it took you days to escape?"

"I was lucky enough to arrive there days before their annual field trip. While everyone else was loading the buses, I ran off. I doubt they'll ever notice."

"And you were on your own since then…"

Sonic noticed that there was some sadness in the older male's voice. He didn't understand why that was. He chose to act like he didn't hear it. He'd probably get some answers later anyway.

"Yeah, I was. I got used to it, though. I was always acting independent, so being out on the streets didn't seem different."

"Did you act independent with your mother?"

Sonic stiffened at the mention of his mother, but he still managed to say, "I sometimes did. Drove her crazy, though."

"What about your father?"

"My dad? I don't…really know. He left when I was little, and all Mom said was that it was something for work, but he never came back. We both assumed he died."

'They though I was dead? I guess it makes sense, seeing as I couldn't remember anything for a year after the accident.'

"I don't remember much of him, but I do remember the time he took me stargazing. He said that the stars were the spirits of the dead, and that the spirits of our loved ones always shined the brightest because of their love for us." (1)

Sonic saw the look of surprise on the ebony hedgehog's face, and the next few words were so low he could barely hear them, but he still heard, "You remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. Why do you want to know?" he asked, obviously confused, but feeling suspicious.

"What? Oh, no reason. I just wondered, because I was there too, and I'm just surprised that you remembered something from when you were so young," the older look-alike said. 'That was close.'

Sonic didn't believe him, but he'd find out sooner or later what the hedgehog in front of him was hiding. He'd make sure of it.

"You know…you know my name, but you never told me yours."

The ebony male blinked, then smiled. "That's right, I never did. Guess I have to fix that. You can call me Shadow."

'Shadow? That's an odd name, but it does fit. Why does it sound familiar, though?'


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(1)- This sounds like something from The Lion King, but it's not. It's similar, but it's not really the same thing Mufasa said.

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