Woah. I didn't expect such a positive reaction to Angry Bob goes camping. I mean, why would so many people care about something that I wrote in the middle of Social Studies! But, you never know what people will like, I guess. So I wrote a sequel! It is shown below! WOOHOO! …Ahem.


By Rat

Angry Bob was angry.

Angry Bob wanted to be happy.

He saw generic families going to bowl, and they were happy.

"I will go bowling," Angry Bob vowed, "And then I will be happy."

So he went to his local bowling alley to start bowling.

On his first shot, he rolled a strike.

"I must be lucky today," thought Bob.

On his second try, he knocked down all the pins again.

"I must be very lucky." he thought.

On his third attempt, he rolled a turkey.

"Wow. I guess it just goes to show that if you keep trying, and have a good sense of sportsmanship, you can always prevail." Angry Bob said.

And he was happy.

He got very excited when he threw his next ball that he let go of the bowling ball too late, sending it vertically above him.

The bowling ball.

The very heavy 20-pound bowling ball.

Angry Bob stared at it in disbelief.

It fell down and crushed his skull.

Angry Bob died.


Rat turned to Zebra, who was watching him type, and said, "Three strikes and you're out.

Yes. Shameful, isn't it? Hey, I just realized something. I have the most Pearls stories on the whole website! YAY! Please comment!