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Story begins after breaking dawn!

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"Edward!…Keep doing that!" I had known something was off for weeks now. Alice had been too cheerful and Jasper too withdrawn. And now I knew why. I didn't need to see what was behind those doors. I knew what I would find there. Jet, I still opened it. Wanting proof for my latest idea. Hoping against everything that it wasn't so. Their on the bed were Alice and Edward wrapped up in the blankets. The movements left very little to imagine. My heart shattered into a million fragments. And I knew that if it had still been beating it would have stopped right now.

I had been on a little hunting trip. Going to the amazons with Emmett, it was fun as we battled for the biggest catch, but I missed Edward and Renesmee too much. So in a spur of a moment I had decided to cut the trip short and go home. Within a day I was back in Forks. I had looked at the cottage in joy knowing I would find my love there. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

"Bella!" The cry shook me. It had come from Alice who had finally caught sight of me. She tried to cover herself up with the covers. I didn't look at her, I only had eyes for the guy in the room. The one that had promised me an eternity together. He looked at me with terrified eyes, shocked no doubt and guilt. I finally tore my eyes away from him. I felt sick. As soon as I could I ran out of the house. I hadn't realized where I was going until I stood in front of a big Victorian house. I didn't need to knock he was there already, looking at me with a pained expression that probably mirrored my own. I broke down.


I had known she would come. On her way to the cottage she had passed the house and I knew what she would find there. Alice had told me this morning that she wouldn't come back. She didn't love me anymore. I had known this for a while. The feelings that radiated of her and Edward were too hard to deny. That didn't mean it didn't hurt.

I felt so torn for a few days. I knew I should have told Bella, but I couldn't. If I had told her Edward and Alice had feelings for each other, would have made it so real. I didn't have much proof back then anyway. Did I knew that they had been shagging each other when we were away? Yes, I had known, but I knew that Bella wouldn't have believed me anyway.

She looked so forlorn and so broken when she arrived at my place. I could only look at her with the same look. She just sat there sobbing, no tears of course. They weren't necessary the sounds she made would make anyone feel compassionate. I walked over to her and slowly lifted her up. She weighted nothing and was probably still a little bit stronger than me. She only had been a new born for about a year. Yet she felt like a fragile doll in my arms. I took her inside upstairs to the bedrooms. She just sobbed. I placed her on a bed in one of the guestrooms and just let her sob in my arms. I had been doing the same thing a few hours ago. Screw the fact that guys don't show emotions. We stayed like that for what seemed like days, but only were a few hours.

She finally moved herself off of me. "Why did they do it Jasper?" her voice was soft and sounded dull in comparison to the tinkling sound of bells it used to be. "I don't know Bella. I just don't know." It was the only answer I could give. I wouldn't lie to her. Not after what he had put her through.


I felt sick to my stomach as I remembered the past weeks. Edward hadn't altered his ways for a bit. He had been just as loving as usual. Even the sex every night had been there. I could only put my head in my hands as I now realized that he had probably thought of Alice while sleeping with me, and that he had probably slept with her countless of times before. Touched her the same way, made her moan his name over and over, spooned with her at night when I was away, perhaps he had even been to the meadow with her.

"Did you know Jasper?" I asked as realization dawned on me of why he had been so withdrawn.

"Yes" His answer shook me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Even I could hear the despair in it.

"Would you have believed it?" his question made sense, but I didn't want to know. I wanted to blame someone for the pain I felt.

"You should have told me. He was cheating on me and you knew! Am I the last to know? Does Rosalie laugh behind my back every time she sees me? Do Carlisle and Esmé look at me with pity and sadness because they know what is going on!?" My outburst clearly didn't faze him and he just looked at me. "You are not the last to know, no one knows but us." He rubbed my back soothingly. I felt for one of the first times as a vampire completely drained.

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