A view of the top of a Cliff of Na pali, 3 Prisoners awaken. "Man, I am thirstier than a Camel. We need Water." asked a Prisoner, known as Jack. "Maybe there's a Canyon or Valley nearby." asked Joe, another Prisoner. Jack and Joe rise up. "Good thing it's cloudy, if it were sunny, we'd be baked like a bacon strip." asked Jack as he looked up in the Sky. "I doubt that." said Tre, who rose up. "Come on, we'd better get going before those Skaarj catch us out here." asked Jack. They stopped at a huge ledge, overlooking a valley of water. "Oh finally, water, thought I'd be dried like a Camel." said Jack, the 3 prisoners took a step back. And then jumped off, they landed in the water making a huge splash. They rose from the water, and swam to the shore. "Man, that was relaxing." said Tre. "Seems my Rabbit meat and Nali fruit are still dry." said Jack, who opened his bag and checked on the food. Up ahead, the Prisoners saw a Nali hut. There was a Nali praying, Tre tapped him on the shoulder. The Nali turned around, and made a Grunt. "What's wrong? We're not evil, now calm down." said Jack, trying to converse with the Nali. The Nali started speaking his language, Joe pulled out the Translator and looked at what he said. The other Prisoners grouped around him to looked at it, the text read: 'Oh, thank god. You are our saviors, please help us. The Skaarj are slaughtering our poeple and destroying our villages, thinking that the planet is theres. Someone needs to fight for us, and drive the Skaarj off our planet.'

After they finished reading the text, the Nali wanted to show them a secret. They followed the Nali behind the hut, and then he used his magic powers to open a hidden door, it showed a stair case leading down to a dark area. The Nali ran back into the hut. "Well, so much for that, let's see what's down here." said Tre. The Prisoners first stayed up, and decided to eat. Hours later, they headed down. They turned on there Flash and Searchlights, in the dark, they spotted a Skaarj Scout Skimmer. They open the hatch, and saw it look smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside. "Wow, finally, a ticket off this damn planet." said Joe. The platform the skimmer was on rose up through two doors, and flew into orbit. The Ship eventually ran out of fuel, and started drifting back down towards the planet. "Brace yourselfs!" said Jack. The ship crashes into the Spire Village, and the crew climbs out. "Where are we, and how is it night that fast?" said Joe. "Given the location, we might be on the the other side of the planet." said Jack. "So much for a "ticket" off the rock, this is more like a ticket to hell!" said a saddened Tre. "Great, they give us a broken ship. I knew we shouldn't have trusted these 4-armed freaks in the first place, we should've killed that other one back there." said an angered Joe. He cooled down his temper. "Hey!" said Tre. "I know, we can contact the Unified Military Services." the others looked at him. "Are you stupid, they are the same ones that locked us up." said Jack. "I don't care, they still might save us." replied Tre. Tre set up a signal to pick up any UMS ship in orbit, the view shifts to Orbit. A Huge military cruiser flies past, 2 shuttles fly out it's docking bay. Back to the Prisoners. "Hope they get the signal." said Tre. "They better hurry up, because I wanna get off the planet now." said Joe. A huge shadow of a figure appears behind Joe. "Actually, they better get here now. Before we're dead meat!" said Jack. As Joe turned around, to see a Huge Mega Titan. The Titan was halfway the size of the Sunspire, they were out of luck. Suddenly, the 2 Shuttles that came from the ship in orbit finally arrive. The Titan stopped, and did a huge stomp. Shaking the whole entire area around them, and throwing the Prisoners off the ground 1 foot high. The Prisoners landed. "Woah, holy moly!" said Joe. "That titan is as big as a Statue!" There was a regular fully sized Titan behind them. "What'll we do now!?!?" said Tre. The Shuttles fired Rockets on the Smaller Titan, killing it. Then fired a huge barrage of Rockets on the Mega Titan. The Titan made a huge fall, shaking the whole ground. The Shuttle lands, and drops off Marines. "These must be the UMS." said Tre. The Marines surround them. "You are the ones who sent the Distress Call, we picked it up and we need to take you to the UMS Bodega Bay." said one of the Marines. Jack and Tre get onboard one of the Shuttles, while Joe got on the other. The Shuttles take off, and head into Orbit. A conversation between the Bodega Bay and Starlight Base ensure:

"Deep Space Warship UMS Bodega Bay requesting a priority translight transmission with UMS Sector Control."

"Bodega Bay, this is Starlight base, go Ahead."

"Starlight Base, our Shuttle squadron has picked up a group of 3 Terran survivors who sent us a signal on the planet. The Survivors will not disclose Identity even under Interrogation, DNA Scans are being uploaded from ID. Please Advise."

"Standby Bodega Bay.....Bodega Bay your Survivors are UMS Prisoners 472, 327, and 285, last assigned to Prison Vessel Vortex Rikers. Vortex Rikers recently disappeared in your sector; the prisoners were classified as missing and presumed dead.

"Starlight Base, permission to use the rescued prisoners for Operation Talon Hunter. The Prisoners have extensive knowledge of the Planetary Surface and Hazards. These four prisoners are the natural choices to search for the wreck of the Prometheus, and recover the Talon Data Cores. The group would be known as the Talon Hunter team."

"Bodega Bay, you are clear to take whatever steps are sure to ensure the success of Operation Talon Hunter."

Sometime later, the 3 stood in a hallway leaning on the wall. "Phew, thought we'd never make it off the planet" said Tre. "Yeah, guess you were right." said Jack. "Well, if it weren't for the Shuttles that saved us from those Titans just in time. We'd be flatten like dogs." said Joe. The Shuttles docked, the Prisoners get off. They walk to the door, out the docking bay. "I heard someone is joining us." said Joe. "It's gonna be a man right?" said Jack. "Who knows?" said Tre. As they were conversing. "Hello unexpected visitors, how are you today?" said a female voice from a nearby opened door. It was beautiful women in a silver plating suit, she had her arms folded. She had deep black goggles on, and black hair. Jack, Joe, and Tre all rubbed the back of their heads and grinned. She walked up to them and shaked their hands. "I'm Kargoth Levingston, I'm gonna be helping you in finding the UMS Prometheus huh?" she said. "Yeah, but I'm the boss. I give commands here, got it!?" said Tre. "Ok.........." she said. "Well.......let's get going guys, let's not keep them waiting." said Joe. They all walked into a nearby door, as Jack was right behind them, Kargoth from behind tapped his shoulder. "I love a man in uniform." she whispered in his ear. Jack caught up with the others.

The Team heads onboard the shuttle, and it trecks to the surface. "This should be plain simple, we get in, get the cores, activate the ELT Transmitter, and get to the extraction point." explained Jack.

End Chapter

The thing about the Mega Titan was Non-Canon, but I just wanted to include it.