The team teleported into what was believed to be a dungeon of some sort. "Where are we?" Joe asked. "I think we're in...another Nali Castle." Tre briefed. "Oh great. Hope this one's not full of random ass traps and shit." Jack said. The group went through a door, where they found a Nali praying. Nal stepped up and began conversing with it. The others didn't know, so they just listened.

The other Nali then stepped over to the wall, and used it's telekinesis to interact with the wall. It opened a panel in the wall, containing an Assault Vest and two ASMD Cores. Jack equipped the Assault Vest and ammunition. Jew and Joe walked into the next area, outside, with Tre walking past them and examining the area beyond. Raindrops fell down from a stormy sky, with thunder bursts and lightning strikes in the process.

It was indeed another Nali Castle. This one looked more confined in the cliffs. Nearby Krall attacked, but they were no match for the team and their power. They took the Krall down with ease, only taking minor injuries. "Let's split up and check these areas." Tre ordered. He and Kargoth searched the middle area, Jack and Joe searched the left, while Nal and Jew searched the right. They found various items that would help them complete their quest.

[Tre and Kargoth]

Tre and Kargoth went down the middle bridge, and encountered a Skaarj Infantry wielding a Flak Cannon. Kargoth widened her eyes, as it fired shrapnel. One piece went into her leg. She dropped to the ground, and let out a loud grunt, even the others heard it. Tre immediately aimed the Minigun at the Skaarj, and riddled it full of bullets. It dropped down, roughly.

"Shit..." he cursed, coming over to help Kargoth up. "It didn't fracture..." she provided. "Good thing, let's continue." They came across a chained door. Behind it, layed a UMS shuttlecraft.

[Jack and Joe]

"So Jack, you still workin' on her?" Joe joked. "Not now, Joe." Jack mumbled, with Joe chuckling in the background. They encountered a small lance of Krall in this area, who quickly fell under the power of their weapons. A door opened, revealing a Brute, who also suffered the same fate. Jack's Grenade Launcher ran out of ammunition.

[Nal and Jew]

Jew fired his GES Bio Rifle at the Krall, with Nal finishing them off with his Rifle. For a Nali, he was strategically good with the weapon. "Team, regroup. We've found something." Tre said over the comm channel. The others hurried back to the two.

Joe fired his Stinger at the grating to no effect. "Let's search for a way around it." Tre ordered. Nal stayed there, and started using his powers on the grating. "Anyways..." Jack moaned. They moved into the central area, which looked mysteriously similar to the Cathedral of a Church...but no seats. Instead, a large, square-shaped platform in the middle and a large opening in the roof made up this area.

On the other side layed a door. The group walked through, and it lead to a small room, with nothing in it but a large level. "That may open it." Tre said, as he flipped it easily.

The group exited, but were met by the explosion of the middle platform, and revealed the one Skaarj that antagonized the prisoners the last time they were on Na Pali: a Skaarj Warlord. A second one. This one was fit to fight, unlike the previous one who teleported off. "Oh god..." Jack let out. The battle started as the Warlord fired a rocket. The five spreaded out, and fired their weapons.

Kargoth took cover, and fired secondary burst shots from her CARifle at the Warlord. Tre unloaded the rest of his Minigun bullets, and fired off the last of his Automag. "I'm out!" Tre shouted. Jack did ASMD combos, but his ASMD too went dry. Kargoth's Rockets were useless, but her CARifle ran out. Joe used up all his Stinger ammo on the grating, and missed many Flaks, causing the Flak Cannon to run out. While Jew too missed all of his projectile weapons, emptying them. His Level 5 Dispersion Pistol had to recharge.

"Damn, we're all out." Joe said. "I've got an idea! Jack, get your Flares out." Jack got his two Flares, as Joe equipped the Searchlight, and shined it into the Warlord's face. This distracted it. Jack threw his two Flares and, with right timing, fired a Dispersion Bolt at them as they neared the Warlord. They exploded, but left the Warlord unscathed. It made it's signature laugh. "Any other ideas?" Jack replied.

The Warlord began preparing to fire it's super missle, but froze, as a shot from above whized down into it's head. It made it's death cry and fell down below into the lava, incinerating into ashes. From above, Nal, who teleported onto the top. The group cheered. Kargoth...I-I've got something to tell you." Jack started. "Go ahead." she applied. "Will y-you..." he started, but was interrupted. "Guys, lets get out of here."

Back outside where the shuttle is, Nal stood gaurd. They prepared to enter, but a blue beam, the same as the beams back at the UMS Prometheus, appeared above, and shut the gate down once again. "Oh shit, not these guys again." Jack said. He and Kargoth recognized this. The UMS Space Marines they fought back at the ship aswell. Three beams came down, with Space Marines originating. Two beams also appeared on the ridgetop, originating Arctic Marines with Rifles. With all the troubles the group has been through, they were ready for this one last challenge the UMS was putting up.

The Marines fully ferried in, and the group prepared for one last fight. Jack took cover and fired careful shots from his Dispersion Pistol at the Marines. Missing a few shots, but managing to wound them. Joe quickly avoided shots from the two snipers. "Watch those snipers." Tre warned. Kargoth fired her Rocket Launcher at the two snipers, killing them. It went empty, and she went back to her Dispersion Pistol. They took down the three Marines, with choice and precision. Three more beams appeared, aswell as a fourth one inside. These three beamed down two Jungle Marines, and one Desert Marine. All three armed with a Quadshot, CARifle, and ASMD. This time, they were suited with a better inventory than the traditional UMS arsenal.

Nal sniped the three Marines. The fourth Marine, another Arctic Marine, came out of the door, armed with a Minigun. He sprayed the whole area. Jew hid in the dark space next to him, and accidently fired a bolt from his Level 5 Dispersion Pistol. The Marine saw the glow, and checked it out. Jew charged the weapon up, and blew the luckless Marine away. One more wave of this time, five Marines, started beaming down. They looted off of the dead Marines. Two, a Desert variant and Jungle variant, had Rocket Launchers, two, standard Space variants, had CARifles, and one, an Arctic variant, had a Grenade Launcher. They emptied their ammunition on the Marines, then finished them off with the Dispersion Pistols. One last beam destroyed the grating. "Heh, let's get out of this place." Tre said. He stopped, and looked at Nal.

"Listen Nal, take good care of this planet. You've been a great help." he presented. They boarded the shuttlecraft.

Silence filled the battle-torn castle, as the hum of the shuttle started. It rose directly out of the chimney, Nal waved at them, as they exited Na Pali's atmosphere. They were quickly met by the UMS Bodega Bay. "Bodega Bay to shuttle craft... please authenticate." crackled the ship's Captain through the comms. "Authenticate, or we will open fire."

"What are we gonna do?" cried Joe. "I know." Tre said. "You were warned... we are opening fire!" a missle came out of the tunnel that originally took them in the first time they left the planet. It heat-seaked into them, Tre narrowly shifted the shuttle craft. It missed, but came back around, missing again and heading back to the ship itself. It hit the bow of the ship, making a large explosion. They cheered. Kargoth and Jack watched the explosion, with him putting his hand around her shoulders. The shuttle flew off into space. This was a moment of success for the five, and they enjoyed it.