"Brothers of the wolf clan, come, meet me at the holy place,"

Once Rock had had said this he jumped of the rock of anoccement. He then walked towards the clearing that was the "holy place". Here the clan held meetings of great importance: such as war meetings or gradutation from their school of fighting.

Tonight, thankfully, was thanks to the latter. Tonight would mark the night that the clan gained five new warriors. There were matters at hand that needed every warrior possible, rumurs of an attack against the wolf clan were heard daily.

The uprising could only come from their greatest enemy. The coyotes, though refered by the wolfs as mangy mutts, hated the wolfs with every fiber of their body. The same could be said for the wolfs.

As the wolf clan gathered he noticed that the new warriors were nowhere to be seen he went on though telling the clan that tonight five new warriors wold come to the wolf clan as he called their names (which were Miles, Fang, Wolf, Mtch, and Stone)

The warioirs stepped out of the tree's, right behind rock, each holding a dead coyote.

"Ah, I see you've been hunting," as rock said this each warrior droped their kill at rocks feet.

"There is a war party in the woods, the whole entire clan of coyotes are there."

This was troubling news. Not only did the coyotes outnumber 10 to 1, but there was a sickness going around the wolf clan.

It was mostly affecting the young and ederly but now it was affecting the warriors.

All a sudden a war cry could be heard and a sound of alert came.

"The coyutes have broken through they have-"

The world erupted into chaos.