Hey guys!! Felt like trying something a little new with my stories :) Still the same 'beat-the-crap-out-of-Sam' style but I'm using a more historical approach with this one. None of it is true though, I'm just playing with history :P I'll explain it all in a bit though!! Also, I have nothing against Vermont, I'm just making Dean hate on it for a bit lol. Hope you enjoy!! :D

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The early morning sun peaked above the tree tops, illuminating the pine needles and causing them to shimmer in varying shades of green. Larger tress with wider leaves, maple trees, lined the highway on either side, giving the air a distinctly sweet smell. A few roadside signs dotted the edges of the highway, pointing out directions to various towns, gas stations, and restaurants. The highway wound a little further into the trees, causing the sun to peak through them and cast tall shadows across the pavement. It was cool outside, a brisk 47 degrees, but the morning sun was bright and warm.

"And we're in Vermont again because…?" Dean muttered as he carefully passed another car on the highway, pulling back into the lane and resuming his normal speed.

"I told you, we have a case." Sam replied easily, tearing his gaze away from the trees outside to look at his older brother.

"Yeah, but Vermont?" Dean swept his hand toward the windshield, indicating the miles of trees the surrounded them on either side. "Dude, there is nothing in Vermont. There's trees and probably some Canadians but I think that pretty much covers it."

"Dude, what do you have against Vermont?"

"Nothing except that its pretty much America's attic..." Dean muttered, glancing out the window just in time to see a deer standing near the road. "Hey look a deer. Add deer to our list of wildlife sightings."

Sam rolled his eyes and rolled down the window a little, letting the cool nothern air sweep through the car. It was their first real case in nearly a month and it felt good to be working on something that didn't seem like a hoax. The last hunt they'd been on was for a Bigfoot sighting in Lousiana which turned out to be a couple of guys wandering around in hunting camo. The trip had been a bust but spending the week in Lousiana hadn't been all bad. Dean managed to win a couple of good hands in a casino one night so their budget increased marginally. Still, he seemed to be ripping this trip to shreds more agressively than the others.

"What about Lake Champlain?" Sam asked, sitting up a little straighter in his seat.


Sam laughed. "Dude, you can't possibly tell me that all those sightings in that lake are a beaver."

"It is a beaver."

"Oh yeah? How do you figure?"

Dean shot Sam an 'are-you-serious' look and shrugged. "Because if there was something in that Lake some would have gotten a better photograph of it. Or it would have washed up on shore. Or some little kid would have poked it with a stick. Either way, I think it's a beaver. Nothing supernatural about it."

Sam chuckled again and rolled his eyes. "Man, you're awfully bitchy today…"

"Am not."

"Completely are."

Dean sighed and rested his elbow against the door, leaning back in the seat. "Sammy, we had the choice to go to Florida or Vermont and you chose the latter. We were in Lousiana and you chose to go to Vermont."

"Yeah, because there wasn't a case in Florida."

"Like hell there wasn't."

"Dean, a couple of sorority girls wandering around Daytona beach topless and not having any memory of it isn't exactly a supernatural event. More like a loss of inhibition thanks to copious amounts of alcohol."

"Alright Dr. Phil." Dean smirked and turned his attention back to the road. "Geez, when did you become such a prude?"

"Well someone has to be the voice of reason for the two of us." Sam shot back, flipping through a few papers in his lap. He had managed to scrape together as much information from alocal library as he could but it wasn't much. The press hadn't covered the story very intensively; apparently this kind of thing happened alot up here.

Dean smirked and slowed down as they pulled up behind an eighteen wheeler. "Okay, so we cam all the way out here to look for a missing camper?"

"Campers. Plural." Sam rummaged around through a few more papers before finding the one he wanted. "Uh…we have four missing campers. One professor and three grad students."

"Hmm, kinky."

Sam ignored him and continued. "They were due to arrive back at the check-in station last Tuesday but never arrived. The park ranger waited twenty-four hours because he figured they may have decided to take an extra day but when he was unable to contact any of the campers he reported them missing."


"Nah, not too many bears this time of year. They're probably starting to hibernate." Sam said looking out the window into the trees again. It was November and most bears would have retreated further into the forest by now.

Dean shrugged. "Maybe they decided to make the trip permanent and cross the border. Seriously, Canada is like twenty minutes away." Okat, maybe further than twenty minutes but maple trees were a definate sign that Canada couldn't be too far away.

"Mmm…" Sam made some kind of disagreeing noise in the back of his throat. "Doubtful. The Professor had a wife and two kids and one of the students was due to be married next weekend."

Dean was silent for a minute. Marriage was still kind of a tough subject to talk about around Sam. He knew full well that his little brother had every intention of proposing to Jessica once he got the ring. He had money set aside in a separate account and was only a couple hundred dollars short of buying the perfect engagement ring when she was killed. He never said anything about it but Dean knew; big brother instincts and all. "Okay," He said after a few more silent seconds. "So second question is what were they doing in the woods in the first place?"

Sam rummaged around through a few more papers before pulling out a photocopied news article. "This." He said, holding up the paper so Dean could see.

"Can't read and drive Sammy, I'll kill us both."

Sam rolled his eyes again and began to read the highlighted parts of the article. "Two months ago a couple of hikers found what looked like a skeleton buried beneath a bolder. They called the authorities and when the bolder was removed they found a mass grave holding at least seventeen bodies. The skeletons were shipped off to a local museum where they're still trying to process the bones. According to their statements though, they believe the skeletons are the remains of a Native American tribe that inhabited the area back in the 1700s. My guess is the Professor and his students were going to investigate the area themselves."

"Whoa whoa whoa." Dean said, looking across the seat at his brother. "An Indian Burial ground?! Sam, I've seen Poltergeist, I know what kind of crazy shit can happen when you disturb an Indian Burial ground."

"But see, that's the thing. There haven't been any strange occurrences in the forest until now."

"Yeah, because the grave was disturbed! And if that's the case, then why are we going out into the middle of God's Nowhere? If the bones were shipped into town then why aren't we investigating the museum?"

"There hasn't been anything reported at the museum. No unexplained lights, sounds, movements. Nothing. But the forest on the other hand is literally crawling with activity. There have been countless reports of strange lights in the sky and unexplained noises. And if that's where the missing campers were before their disappearance, I'll bet that's the cause of it."

Dean sighed heavily. He had to admit, his interest was piqued because this case was different from the ones they usually worked. After the last one, he was ready for a real case for a change. "Well, jenkies Sammy, looks like we got us some spirits to track down."

Sam smirked and looked back toward the road. A dark green sign poked out from behind a few trees, nearly hidden in the overgrowth. Sam squinted to read it before pointing to the exit the sign was indicating. "You want to turn up here at this next exit."

Dean nodded and flipped on his blinker. "Alright, well don't blame me if you get sucked into a TV or anything." He said as he turned off the main highway and on to a dusty gravel road.


A small, wooden cabin appeared after about ten minutes. The trees were thick over head, the ground covered in leaves and shadow. There was an empty parking area in front of the cabin and single pay phone that looked like it had been there longer then the cabin had. The Impala pulled to a stop in an open parking space and the engine cut off. Dean stepped out carefully and looked around. The forest was active with the chirping of birds, insects, and various other forms of wildlife but there was no sign of any people. Not even a scrap of litter. "Hmm…I don't know about you Sammy but I'm getting some pretty creepy vibes from this place. Straight up "paddle faster, I think I hear banjoes" vibes."

Sam stepped out of the car as well and looked around. "Well, I'm pretty sure a campground that reported some missing campers isn't going to be very high up on the vacation list." He said, closing the door and taking a few steps to the front of the cabin. Dean looked around once more and followed him.

The inside of the cabin looked like every ranger's cabin portrayed in the movies. It was small with wooden walls and floor and pictures of maps and wildlife hung from hooks on the walls. There were a few fish propped up on plaques along with a Dean-sized stuffed bear standing next to the door. Dean rubbed his hand across the bear's snarling muzzle and grinned at Sam. "Thought you said there weren't any bears."

"No, I said they more than likely wouldn't be out this time of year." Sam corrected, looking around the room at the various framed photos.

"Well, you know what they say? 'Liar liar, pant's on fire' And if that's the case, I think Smokey here may have to kick your ass." Dean grinned again and lifted the bear's paw (which was easily twice the size of his hand) and swiped at Sam.

Sam smirked and rolled his eyes, looking around the room once more. "There's no one here…"

"I could have told you that one, kiddo." Dean said, stepping away from the bear and walking over to stand next to him. "Maybe he's out to lunch?"

Sam shrugged. "Dunno. All we really need is a permit; more for principle than anything..." The last thing they needed was to get hauled in by a ranger becuase they were camping illegally in the forest. One swipe of their IDs through the computer would send the to jail for longer than he liked to think about. After all, being wanted for a few capital crimes didn't sit too well with the authorities. He looked toward the empty front desk that was covered in papers and maps.

Dean followed his gaze andwas already one step ahead of him. "I gotcha." He said, walking over to the desk and sifting through a few of the papers. He came pulled out a contract and began searching the desk for a pen. "Hmm…pen, pen, pen…" He turned toward the other side of the desk and located an ink pen with the cabin's logo on it. "Here we go."

The words had barely left his mouth before the back door to the cabin swung open and Dean was left staring down the long, menacing barrel of a shotgun.

So how was it so far?? It picks up in the next few chapters, I promise!! Hope you liked it!! :D