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Chapter 1

New House, New School, New People

As the couple drove into the new town of Morganville examining the coffee shop, the strange streets, and the collage they were coming here for, Texas Prairie University. It was there first move without the whole family, since Edward wanted Bella to go to collage. Even though they had to wait a few years because they didn't want to leave Renesmee- or Edward leave Bella-in her first years. All the rest of the Cullens were including Jacob (so he could be with Renesmee) were all in high school again in France. Most of the Drive there was silence both thinking of how there weren't people who were just walking around and the few that were had there heads down, almost running, silent, scared, and had bracelets on with symbols on them. Also how they hoped to have a call from Renesmee, how they felt guilty for even thinking about leaving Renesmee in the first place. Bella talked through her mind whenever she had something to say still enjoying being allowed to control when he could read her mind. Even though some part of there mind still wondered why there weren't many people walking to go places just before the sunsets


The couple walked up to there new home, both having cold feet. He took her hand and walked into one of the many founders houses. They were shocked more then ever when they saw the inside of there almost mansion. Both not knowing what this house looked like because Bella let Alice pick out the house, even though Edward could read minds Alice kept it out of her head the last few months we were there only thinking about it when they had left the house to take Renesmee to all the places she has been dying to go to. With all the furniture in it already, all the new electronics, wardorobe and kitchen tools all they had to do was look around and well get set-up for school in the morning. "Wow" Said Bella as they looked around all the rooms down stairs. "I wonder if there are any guest rooms in case Carlisle, Renesmee or any of her Aunts and Uncles wants to visit" he said. His expression was still some what shocked. "Or Jacob" she added to the list excitedly and sort of upset that he didn't add him by himself. His face was hard from the name of Jacob, the guy who tried to take Bella from him and is know dating his little girl. "Edward" says Bella. She knew he still disliked Jacob but she was working on him."I know, I know, Love" he says" I still just don't trust the Mu-Jacob." Bella gave him a stern look and then went upstairs to see there room and if there were any guest rooms. There were four rooms upstairs leaving three guest rooms. She walked into the first three rooms; they were all the same size, same furniture, and the same wall color. The last one was bigger then the rest with different furniture making it clearly Edwards and hers. It was amazing reminding her of the cottage. She was walking back to find Edward when she saw a little crease were a secret passage would open. She looked around awhile to find the secret to make it open, and then she saw the picture on the wall across from the door slightly slanted she pushed the button, the door opened and she put the picture back into place. She went in and the door closed behind her with no lights on it would have been impossible for a human to see. She would have looked around but she was too freaked out to do so. She turned back to the door thinking if she should break the door down but it was just too beautiful to. So she yelled out to Edward. He, as usual came speeding upstairs to see what was wrong. "Bella" he called out "in here" she responded "don't kick down the door there is a button under the picture that will open the door." He did as he was told, and Edward got Bella out of what would be the prefect place for a hunting vampire when it has its prey.


They went into there closet early in the morning- because they had spend the whole night hunting-they saw Alice had gone crazy on clothes. It was 10 times the amount of clothes in her old closet. She also picked out an outfit for both of us to wear today plus a designer book bag for me DESIGNER and it looked like Edward had been able to pick out his own…lucky! We finished getting dressed in some of the clothes that only today's hottest celebrities could afford, good thing they didn't have to cover every inch of themselves Morganville even though in Texas would be raining or cloudy for at least a month. Driving to TPU was just as it was on the way into town no one out but a few people that seemed so confident of themselves like nothing could hurt them…..ever and some of the cars they passed seemed to have a dark tint to them that no human could ever see though. They drove past Common Grounds the coffee place then they finally got there and parked Edward's silver Volvo-since Bella's Ferrari wasn't here yet- next to a Cadillac. Got out and headed of to class. They decided to meet up at the coffee place after classes. Everything kind of went in a blur for the day until they met up at the coffee shop. Neither of them really met anyone today since no one came up to talk to them just stood there and stared. Bella and Edward picked a table for three because it was the only on in the way back left. Even though they were trying to make friends this year but they still haven't gotten used to the whole not lying low thing. "How was your day, Love" he asks but before she could respond "someone's coming over to talk to us."

Just a few seconds later the girl he was talking about comes over."Hi, your new right" she says Bella thinking she came over just to talk to Edward says "Yeah, I'm Bella and this is my BOYFRIEND Edward. " Edward sighs a "ha" that only Bella could hear wondering if he was laughing at the jealousy or something that girl thought."I'm Claire Danvers." She said cheerfully