This is the sequel to my story "Highly Inappropriate". You should probably read that first if you are going to read this one, seeing as things would get quite confusing. Fans of "Highly Inappropriate" should also look at my story "Haze", which is a look at Edward's past. This is rated M for profanity and sexual content. Oh, and smoking/alcohol intake.

This takes place a month after Bella and Edward's baby is born. Yeah, it's a giant leap. FYI, Edward and Bella are NOT married yet.


She couldn't possibly be mine. This beautiful, pink little bundle belonged to me. And Edward. Isadora Zyanya Cullen is our most treasured possession. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Isadora means "Gift" in Greek and Zyanya means "Forever" in Aztec"). Her auntie Alice has lovingly nicknamed her Dora, and it has caught on fast. My only worry is that since Edward's parents have been in England for the past six months, we never really told them I was pregnant.

Edward assured me that I never had to see them again if I didn't want to, but I knew not seeing his parents ever again would hurt him too much, despite their many differences. So I insisted that Edward except their invitation to dinner with them tonight, in honor of their home coming.

Luckily, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, and Rosalie are also going to be in attendance, which will ease my frazzled nerves. A lot.

"I'm home, love!" Edward called softly from the entryway. We just moved into our beautiful new apartment two months ago and it already feels like home.

"We're in here!" I replied, my voice equally soft. I was relaxing on the sofa, and Dora was snuggled against my side, sleeping for once.

"Hello, beautiful." Edward pecked my cheek and gently touched Dora's head with his thumb. "Afternoon, Dora." He added, sliding onto floor next to me. He arched his head back and smiled at me.

"How was your day?" Edward asked as I muted the TV.

"Fine." I said "Mundane, for once. Dora got up at five…..and six thirty….and six forty-five…..and seven. Then we got up for good." Edward chuckled and looked at Dora with loving eyes. "What time did you get home last night?" I asked timidly, afraid of the answer. Edward immediately faltered and looked down at the floor.

"I didn't." He said shortly, running his fingers over the tie he had been wearing yesterday.

"Oh." I muttered. "Where were you?" Again, I was afraid of the answer. Had he found another woman? One who didn't break down in tears every few hours? One without a post-baby body? One who was ready to have sex with him again? Because I certainly wasn't any of those things.

"I was out with Jasper and Emmet." He said in a tone that left no room for further questioning. "I didn't want to wake you or Dora up so late." Edward took the remote from me and turned the sound back on.

"Take Dora." I mumbled, sliding her into his waiting arms. "I have to go get ready for dinner." Edward looked up at me as I exited the room.

"Bella….are you sure you want to do this?" He asked quietly, rocking Dora lightly. "I understand if you don't."

"I can't ask you to never see your parents again, Edward." I reminded him. "And no matter how they feel about me, they deserve to meet Dora." I blew him and kiss and retreated into our room to find something to wear, which would not be an easy task.


I didn't have anything to wear. An hour later, twenty minutes before we needed to leave, I still couldn't find something suitable.

I let out a sigh of frustration and flopped onto the bed, my head in my hands.

"What's wrong?" Edward's velvet voice asked, and I peeked my eyes open to see him standing next to the bed, holding up a few of my discarded garments.

"I'm too fat to fit into any of my clothes!" I wailed, making Edward laugh. "Stop laughing at me!" I shouted, exasperated.

"Love, you are most certainly not fat." Edward chided, running his hands lightly down my body, making my heart skip a beat. "These" his strong hands slid over my breasts "and these" they now hit my bottom "are your beautiful, sexy curves. And I happen to like them." I could feel him grinning behind me.

"Yeah right." I mumbled, pulling my robe on. Edward clucked his tongue and gently tugged my robe off. He took my hand in his and slowly guided it to his crotch, running it over his now very obvious arousal.

"Right." Edward whispered.

"Seriously?" I asked, turning around to completely face him. "This" I gestured to my body "is turning you on?" Edward laughed lightly.

"Obviously." He whispered, running my hand over him again. A small hiss escaped from between his lips. Edward pulled me into a passion, fiery kiss, more heated than the ones we had shared for the past couple of months. The make out session continued until Dora's sharp cries pierced my ears.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled, yanking my robe back on and hurrying to care for my daughter. Edward caught my arm.

"I'll do it. You should get dressed." He pressed a navy blue empire waisted dress into my hands. "You'll look beautiful in this." He assured me, pressing a tender kiss on my neck before leaving to sooth Dora.

I sure as hell hope so.

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