my darling girl,

You will hopefully be pleased to know that I have in fact been scheming. You could also call it planning but scheming sounds much more devious, does it not? I have been hard at work making plans for us my love. And not just for a clandestine meeting in London. Have I piqued your interest?

Two years.

Can you wait that long dearest Jane? If everything continues the way I hope, we could conceivably marry in two years time. I know it is not exactly soon, but it is manageable. I have begun to tell myself that in a mere seven hundred and thirty odd days I can take you home with me and never let you leave. It also means at least a hundred more letters from your hand that I shall get to enjoy. Which is no small consolation in my opinion. I challenge you to find any two lovers who have ever know each other as well as we do after all these months of correspondence.

There are particulars I would like to discuss with you about our future. Such as where you would like to live. But all of that should be covered in person, do not you think? I have spoken to your exceedingly helpful brother and he has agreed to assist me in securing a day for us to spend together in London. Think of what you would like to do my love, because I shall be in a mood to give you the moon should you request it.

Yours always,