Chapter Two

Well, Well... The Two Little "Hero's" Meet

Frodo landed on something soft, that made him bounce two feet in the air, down again, then up a foot.. and- okay so he landed on something squishy. Once he'd sat up he noticed he was in a room clutterd with strange objects. He, however, was sitting on a bed.

"Where am I?" He said out loud to the not-so-empty room. One moment he'd been sitting in his hobbit-hole looking for something he could subsitute for a finger ("Gollum'll still pay for that..."), when he'd landed on this squishy thing-more commonly known as a bed.

Suddenly, he heard a banging noise, like someone coming up stairs....


Harry stormed up the stairs, furious, becuase Dumbledore had denied his request to stay at the the Weasley's yet again. He opend the door and was about to flop down on his bed. But someone was already on it.


"AH!" The kid with glasses and messy black hair yelled as he jumped at least three feet in the air, "WHO ARE YOU?!" He then mutterd to himself, "Why, oh why, do I always end up with strange things on my bed!?"

Frodo stood up angrily, "I-" He layed a hand on his chest, "Am not a thing! I am a Hobbit!"

The boy blinked. "A...what?"

Frodo sighed loudly, "A HOBBIT! Or halfting, as some say."

The boy obviously didn't know what Frodo was. Frodo suddenly got an impossible feeling in his stomache. Was he in another world?!

"Okay.... Who are you then? I'm Harry Potter." This was obviously supposed to mean something to Frodo. But, obviously, it didn't.

"I'm Frodo Baggins." Frodo was sure Harry would've heard of him. He was, however, famous.

It didn't mean anything to Harry. Both of our favorites thought furiously. It was an odd thought for the both of them. Hobbits usually liking to be unnoticed and normal, and Harry getting embarrassed all the time by people staring at his scar.

Let's just say- the heros' reputations clashed.

Frodo decided that the impossible feeling was true. "What is this place called?"

"A bedroom...-" Harry started, then getting it by a stroke of brilliance: He's not from this world! He said, "Oh, this is Earth... you're in England."

Frodo's mouth nearly dropped open in horror and he started pacing. Harry finally noticed just how small this Frodo was. He must have only been three feet tall! "Oh!" Harry yelped before he could stop himself.

"What?!" Frodo's eye widened, thinking that Harry might have come up with an idea as to why he was there.

"It's just... you're so..." Harry sighed, "Small!"

"Hense the word- 'Hobbit'."

"But... what are you?!"


"WHAT'S A HOBBIT?!" Harry yelled. Then recoiled as he heard his uncle thundering up the stairs. Doing the first thing that came to his mind, he picked Frodo up and shoved him in the wardobe ("HEY!" Frodo shouted)

"Shh!" Harry hissed into the wardobe.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, BOY?! KEEP QUIET! Ms. Figg will be here any minute! She hasn't seen you in a while and wants to take you for the summer! Thank God...." Frodo heard a angry voice yell. He decided to keep quiet. (Awfully smart of him, too!)

"Sorry, Uncle Vernon. I was just thinking of writing to Sirius, my godfather, when I stubbed my toe..."

The voice suddenly sounded frightend. "O-Oh.. it's alright.. Just... be quiet. Please.." The last word seemed like it took a lot of work to say.

Frodo heard the door shut and he was taken out of the wardrobe.

"Sorry about that," Harry started.

"Don't be, it's fine." Frodo smiled weakly, "Now... will you tell about yourself? As you seem to think you are well-known."

Harry looked downcast at this. " this world, there is a man called Lord Voldemort...."


Once Harry's life story was done, and Frodo has seen Harry's scar he felt sympathy for him, and, in turn, told Harry about the Ring... and the whole quest. They seemed to have a lot in common. Both being famous (and orphans...and both have invisability thingys...and both are short, brave, etc.) and quickly became good friends. They seemed to understand a lot of things about the other that most people wouldn't.