Stark couldn't breathe. He was drifting in a world of dreamy asphyxiation, penetrated only by one shrill voice barking his name over and over again…

One sleepy blue eye shot open, dragged reluctantly into consciousness by its owner's urgent need for air. Lilinette let go of her vice-like clamp on his nose and ignored the subsequent gasps for air and desperate coughing.

"Lilinette," Stark croaked eventually, sounding rather reproachful, "I'd appreciate it if you chose a more orthodox approach. Like an alarm clock. Even a cold flannel…" His eyelid began to droop heavily shut again, turning its back on the world.

Lilinette glared at him, hands planted bossily on her thin hips. "No, ya great moron, you gotta stay awake! Stay awake!"

This last word was punctuated with a swift and accurate kick to the kidneys.

"Ow." Stark said half-heartedly, pasting a pained grimace onto his face as an afterthought. The little girl's round pink eye narrowed suspiciously.

"You were actin', there."

His pause was evidence enough. Through the volley of abuse and horribly graphic threats that followed, Stark allowed his thoughts to gently meander towards pleasant dreams of an undisturbed sleep with soft pillows and quiet rooms, where all he had to pay attention to was the inside of his own eyelids.

"An' then I'll rip 'em off and stuff 'em down your throat!" Lilinette raged, stamping her foot ineffectively.

"Lilinette," Stark said kindly, scratching his head, "Go and bother someone else. I'm sure Harribel will tolerate you for a while if you ask her nicely."

His only answer was an incredulous stare.

"Well," he mused, "You'd have to ask her very nicely."

Lilinette stuck her tongue out. "Tch. You ain't gettin' rid of me that easily."

"And don't I know it." The Primera said gently, sinking back onto the cushions with a dismissive forearm over his eyes. "Don't I know it."

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