The Lake House

Summary: I had the entire summer to spend at Lake Washington with my best friends, hot guys, and no adult supervision. Nothing could go wrong... right?


This summer was going to be perfect, I could taste it. I was going to be spending eight glorious weeks with my best friends Alice and Bella at Alice's lake house. It was going to be sweet.

Of course Alice's brothers, as well as mine, Jasper, were going too, but if I could just ignore that everything would be amazing.

I was surprised that the parental units let me and my brother go at all. They were usually so strict. But Esme and Carlisle (Alice's parents insisted that we call them by their first names, which was kind of weird, but I wasn't complaining.) had assured them that everything would be okay, especially since Alice's older brother Edward, who was nineteen, would be there.

Of course, I remembered that Edward from last year, and knew that he was going to let us do basically whatever we wanted to, so no worries there.

It was the last summer before college and we all wanted to spend it together. Just not in Forks. I was not going to spend my last summer of freedom stuck in that hole, not even with my best friends.

The distress calls of "What are we going to do?" rang through the Cullen house until Alice had convinced her parents of letting us have their lake house for two weeks.

"But remember," they told us with straight faces when they brought everyone into the family room to talk about it, "no getting arrested, and no trashing the house. We're going to expect Edward to keep things in line, right Edward?" Edward, who was home for the summer from Dartmouth, just rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Whatever," he told them, and they seemed to take it as a serious answer.

I was so excited that I was singing by the time we got to Alice's room that night. "I just adore your parents, their so much cooler than mine," and Bella nodded in agreement.

"There would be no way in a million years that Charlie would let me do this," Bella told us, but Alice just shrugged.

"It's no big deal. They let Edward do this last year, but in the end all his friends ended up bailing on him. I have a feeling that the house will be getting a lot more use this year."

And it would. From what I understood, Alice would be taking Bella and I, and her twin brother, Emmett, would be taking my twin brother Jasper (who Alice had a thing for, by the way, which was just weird) and then Edward would be there, of course.

Carlisle had a doctor's convention or something, and Esme had another house to decorate so we were on our own. It was amazing.

"Remind me to tell your mom and dad that I love them the next time that I see them," I told Alice on the last day of school.

"I will," Alice laughed. "Now, on to more important matters, Bella, what are you bringing on the trip?" Bella shrugged. She probably hadn't even started packing even though we were leaving today at six. She though clothes were a waste of time.

"I don't know. T-shirts and jeans, with a few swim suits," Alice's eyebrows got raised so high that I laughed.

"Please, Bella, for the love of all things holy, tell me that your swim suits are two pieces at least."

Bella blushed, and shook her head. "Its one piece. Black."

"Oh my god. I am going to have to take an emergency shopping trip to Port Angeles. And you aren't coming with me. Rosalie, I'm going to need you to help Bella pack, this is going to take some serious work."

"Hey!" Bella protested, growing redder by the second, "I can pack for myself. And besides, you don't have to do that for me." It was a touchy subject for her that our families had so much more money than Bella's dad did.

"Yes, Bella, obviously I do if your only going to bring one bathing suit. And it's black. And a one piece!"

"Jeez, Alice, your acting like only bringing one swim suit is a sin or something," I said, chocking back a laugh. They both had fights like this all the time, even though it was so ridiculous.

"It is!" Alice insisted. "Do you know how long we're going to be there? Eight. Whole. Weeks. Eight whole weeks! That's two months, Rosalie. How many swim suits did you plan on bringing?"

"Um, about four or five, jeez, I don't know Alice!" Actually, I think I packed about six, but that wasn't the issue here, right?

"Exactly! Just help Bella pack here, alright?" I rolled my eyes and Alice stuck her tongue out at me.

"Sorry, Bella, but the queen has spoken. I'll just help you pack, alright?"

Bella giggled, and we continued talking about the house. "What's it like Alice?" I asked.

Alice shrugged. "I don't really remember. I haven't been there in years."

"You guys do realize that this could be the best summer ever? Think about it! We won't be in Forks, there will be no parental supervision, and we will have cars? This is going to be awesome!"

"Yeah, we just have to make sure Alice doesn't get arrested again!" I crowed, and Bella laughed along with me.

"That was just a one time thing," Alice huffed. " Besides, I didn't even get arrested that time. It's not like the sign didn't say no driving out of the lots!" Last month while Alice was looking for her Porsche she had driven out the lot without the salesperson and had almost had the cops pulled on her. We ragged on her for weeks about it.

"Yeah, Alice, no felonies," I heard a male voice behind us, and saw Alice turn pink. It was Jasper, of course. "We don't want you to get the house taken away from us."

"Where's Emmett?" I asked about Alice's twin. Jasper really didn't talk to us much when he was around because Jasper told me that Emmett thought it was weird that Jasper liked his sister.

"Lunch dentition, obviously. On the last day of school! But of course, he did prank the principle, so I guess that I shouldn't really be surprised, right? Can I sit here?" he pointed to the seat next to Alice and she moved her purse immediately.

"Uh huh," she answered. It was amazing how she could barely speak in coherent sentences when my brother was around, but otherwise she wouldn't shut up.

"Yeah, who's driving first?" Bella asked.

"Emmett wants to, and then I guess I will. We'll probably be there by the time that I get finished driving." I nodded, it was only a three hour drive.

"Perfect," Alice said, and then began talking to Jasper about the weather, or something like that.


"I'm so excited to be getting away from everything, you know?" Bella asked while I was helping her pack. I had finished packing days ago, and Alice was on her last shopping spree of the summer.

"Yeah," I nodded. Bella had just broken up with Tyler and she had been really cut up about it. I was glad that she would finally be able to get around that. "I just wish we could have left already, but the parents wouldn't go for us missing school, not even for a day."

"Yeah, and I wouldn't be done packing anyway, so it doesn't matter. I'm just want to leave Forks, at least for the summer."

"Well, we are going to Spoons," I giggled. Of course, the nearest town near Lake Washington was called Spoons.

"Yeah, we are known as the silverware capital of America. I guess we should have Washington Pride and go along with it."

"Yeah, maybe," and I heard a honk outside. It was Alice, so I scooped up the rest of Bella's pajamas and the sun dresses and skirt that she had put to the side and subtly put them in the bag when she wasn't looking along with the two mini skirts that I let her "borrow".

Bella groaned. "I don't even want to know what she bought me."

"Don't worry, it's probably just clothes and stuff. Don't worry about it, let's just go face the giant."

"Yeah, let the torture begin," Bella mumbled, and I laughed.



I was stoked for this summer. I couldn't wait, hot chicks, an open liquor cabinet, and Jasper, life didn't get any better than this.

Of course, my stupid older brother was going to be there to 'supervise', but I didn't care, because he was cool and wasn't as uptight as he was last year.

"Hey, Jasper, how many girls do you think that we're going to hook up with this summer?" I asked, turning my head to him as we drove, since we were picking up the girls at Bella's house.

"Hmm?" Jasper mumbled, obviously not listening.

"I said I bought China and that Mrs. Sparks did the Irish two step with me today in Math class this morning."

"Uh huh, that sounds awesome," he mumbled again.

I slapped the back of his head. I had a feeling about what, or who, he was thinking about, and he needed a wake up call. "Dude! Stop thinking about Alice for five seconds, please?" I complained. He had been doing this for a while lately, and it was seriously starting to get on my nerves. "Just grow a pair and ask her, okay? It's just that simple."

"Ouch! No, it's not that simple, okay. Maybe you would know that if you actually cared about someone like I do Alice." Shit, that stung. But that was okay, it was true, but I still hated it when Jasper started talking feelings and shit. It made me uncomfortable, as much as I hated to admit it.

"Whatever man, you just can't do that the entire time we're here, okay? You might actually get the courage this summer."

"Maybe... anyway, we should have brought the Jeep. I hate the 'Whale'," I hated it too, actually, but with all the stuff that Alice alone was bringing we had to use Rosalie and Jasper's mom's minivan for everyone to fit with all their bags.

"Yeah, but it's your car, isn't it? Besides, we need to all be able to fit, and if we need to go anywhere Edward is coming up in his Volvo so we won't have to deal with the Whale."

"Thank god," Jasper sighed with relief and as soon as we got up to Bella's house he became less talkative while Alice ran down the drive way.

"Emmett, Jasper, you guys have to help us with our luggage, we can't handle it all!" she yelled, becoming frantic. "Plus we have all these bags from my shops and I can't just leave them here! Help! Use those muscles!"

I rolled my eyes. "Jasper, dude, she's a freak."

"Yeah, but who cares?" he shot back and got out of the car to go help Alice. God, he was so whipped and they weren't even going out.

I got out of the car and decided to go help Jasper out. He had Alice's things, I could tell, because there were a bunch of bags in his arms, and they were all pink. All Alice had was a sling bag and a few bags that you would get at a clothing shop. God, she was so anal when it came to her stuff.

I saw Rosalie and Bella each come out with two bags each, and a few of the shopping bags that matched Alice's. Bella looked at me apologetically and I figured that I still had a lot to go.

Boy was I right. "Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed. Who the hell had this many bags, I mean really? We were staying for two months, not two years, and there were washing machines there. But, awesome brother that I am, picked up all the rest of them and began trudging my way to the Whale.

"Yeah, sorry, Emmett," Rosalie said when she had come inside to get what I assumed to be her other bag. "I don't think Alice understands the concept of moderation, or the words washing machine," I laughed a little, she had hit the nail on the head.

It was the first time that we had spoken outside of school, and I had to say that I was kind of shocked. I mean, sure we had a few conversations since she sat next to me in French II, but we almost never talked even though we spent more time at each others houses than normal people did. I never really talked to Bella either, so I would really be getting to know them.

I probably should have tried more, at least a little bit, but I was probably more than a little self absorbed this year. Or all the time, whichever sounds better.

"Are you excited about going?" I asked her, deciding that since we were going to be living together for two months that I might as well try to get to know her better.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to go ever since your parents said we could," she smiled and I noticed that she looked even prettier when she did so.

Shit! Did I just think that she was pretty? Damn, she's doing things to my brain and I didn't even know her. I mean, yes, Rosalie Hale was hot. Very hot, in fact. Perfect body and blonde, like I liked them. But I never called girls pretty anymore, ever. Sexy, yes, hot, definitely yes, but pretty? No.

I walked a little more ahead of her, not really in the mood to talk to her anymore.

"Alice, we're getting paid for this, right?" I asked as I dumped everything in the back of the Whale. Fuck keeping it nice, it's bad enough that I went and actually helped her.

Alice laughed. "Ha, funny Emmett. If anyone here is getting paid it's Jasper here. He took twice as many bags as you did." Jasper looked like he was in heaven. Poor bastard, he had it bad. Just watch your back, okay buddy?

"Let's just get going, alright?"

"Yeah!" I heard Rosalie shout from the back seat while she and Alice started doing their nails. Bella was listening to her iPod lost in thought and Jasper was reading a book. Loser.

"Okay, there bucko. There is no way in hell that your reading. Put the book away." Jasper just shot me the finger and went on reading.

Shit, I was in for a long ride.


Four hours was a long ass time to drive.

My ass fell asleep half way there, and then the other half Alice and Bella had to go pee, so Rosalie and I had to wait at this nasty ass truck stop while Jasper got us cokes, which he ended up forgetting about when he started talking to Alice, which made her think about going pee less, and about Jasper more. It took forever to get out of that place.

Then one of the tires popped and we had to use the spare, and do you know how hard it is to put on a tire if you don't know how. Jasper and I tried for an hour before someone stopped and tried to help.

The only thing was that this guy only spoke Spanish. Rosalie, Jasper, and I only took French, and Alice took Italian, so we only had Bella, who took Spanish.

Well, she evidently almost failed Spanish, and didn't realize that she was talking less about tires and more about watermelons before it was all said and done.

Then a cop came on our case, probably wondering if we were exchanging drugs or something, and so we all got a crash course on learning how to change a tire from a cop.

Do you now how exhausting and aggravating that all is? The house had better be worth it, that's all I'm saying.

When we got there, I had forgotten how big it was. It was three stories. When we all got inside, after telling Alice she had to get her own shit together about five times, there was a note on the table in the living room.

There were two couches and a love seat with a recliner. The television was even bigger than the one that we had at home, and there were all kinds of video game systems. Perfect.

"Hey guys!" Bella calls, reading the letter. "I redid the cottage for you! I hope you like it. The third floor is for the girls, the second floor is for the guys. The bottom floor is a living room, two bathrooms, and the kitchen. The third floor has one room, bunk beds and a single with a room full of mirrors and closets. There is no bathroom, Alice, because you said it was a waste of space and would rather have a closet," at this both Rosalie and Bella glared at Alice, while she looked unashamedly back.

"You guys will thank me the first night we go out!" she screeched.

"They second floor will have the same layout as the girls, bunk beds and a single, with a bathroom. The fridge and pantry are fully stocked, and there is five hundred dollars in the pantry nearest the stove on the right hand side. That's all you need to know. Edward will be coming tomorrow morning, and be good. Have fun this summer! Love, Esme," when Bella finished she put the letter down and bit her lip. "Okay, screw this. I'm going to bed. It's freakin' midnight and we were supposed to be here two hours ago. Good night."

I laughed, I liked her. "Hear, hear! I'm following Bella on this one, and you are too Alice. We all know how much of a bitch you can be if you don't get enough sleep in the morning."

Alice didn't say anything, she just picked up all of her things and walked up the stairs.

Jasper and I looked at each other and did the same thing. I was ready for bed, fuck staying up all night. That would suck serious ass, especially right now when I was so tired.

The second floor was awesome, all decked out in blue and green, and Jasper automatically put himself on the bottom bunk. "What, you don't want the top bunk?" I asked.

Jasper laughed. "No, I'm good with the bottom. I thought you'd want the single."

"Nah, Edward would get pissed. You can have him, if you're up for the fight tomorrow."

"I'm good, trust me. Night, Emmett."

But I couldn't go to sleep, no matter how tired I was, and I was exhausted. So I got up and went to get a glass of water to help me cool off.

When I went down I saw Rosalie doing the exact same thing.

For once I couldn't think of anything to say. So we just didn't say anything, we just drank our water side by side drinking our water until she put her glass in the sink and walked upstairs to go to sleep.

A/N: Okay, first off, I made up the town of Spoons. I just thought it would be funny to have them so eager to get out of Forks and go to Spoons. And yes, I realize there is a Lake Washington, but I just made this one up. Nothing is real, it's all in my head.

Yes, this story is all human, and yes Rosalie and Emmett are the main pairing, not Edward or Bella, sorry if you thought that. This story will mainly stay in their POV's but it may change sometime in the course of the story.

And no, this story won't really be a priority (I have two more stories to finish), but it might turn that way, it depends on how much the readers like it, and how much I can pump out.

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