Day in the life of Oreo

I don't own Naruto or Twilight princess. Oreo does, though. The game I mean.

"Dammit! Why won't you spin attack?!"

A camcorder was pointed at Orochimaru, who was holding a Wiimote and standing in front of the television.

"Spin attack!" Orochimaru spun in a circle. "I order you to spin attack, dammit!"

The camcorder turned to face a silver haired male as well as a black haired male.

"Hello. I'm Kabuto and this is my emo friend, Sasuke."

"I'm not emo!" Sasuke hissed.

"We're recording this for YouTube and it will be titled 'Snake lord Vs. Link.' Why, you ask? Well, let me explain. My master, Oreo over there, just bought the Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess for the Wii a few days ago. Now, he's trying to get Link to do a spin attack. What he doesn't know is all he has to do is press A. Now, let's watch the fun." Kabuto turned the camcorder back on Orochimaru, who was once again spinning.

"Why the hell won't you spin attack, dammit?!" Orochimaru growled. "Spin attack! Spin attack!" He waved the Wiimote up and down, Link following his movements. "You copy this, so why the hell won't you spin attack?!"

The camera turned on Kabuto. "As you can see, he's not very bright. So, I'm going to help him out. Here, Sasuke, hold this." Kabuto handed the camcorder to Sasuke and headed over to Orochimaru, the camera pointed at him. "Master Orochimaru, may I suggest you push this button?" Kabuto pushed the A button and Link suddenly spun around. Once Kabuto had done that, he walked away.

Orochimaru stared after him, then pressed the A button, Link once again doing a spin attack. "How'd you that?!" Orochimaru asked, pausing his game and chasing after Kabuto. "Hey! Wait! Tell me how you did that!"

Within one night, the YouTube video titled 'Snake lord Vs. Link' hit a million viewers. And Orochimaru was none the wiser of his popularity.


I miss my Twilight princess...