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Kabuto saw the Genin enter. They were loud. But one in particular. A blonde hair, blue eyes Konoha ninja. Kabuto walked up to the rookies.

"Better be quiet." He said. "These guys are serious contenders."

"Who are you?" The blonde haired ninja, who was called Naruto, asked.

Rude, isn't he? "Name's Kabuto Yakushi. I'm…" Kabuto looking into Naruto's serious blue eyes. "Um…I'm a…spy."


Kabuto blinked. Wait. Why did I say that?! I'm not supposed to reveal that! "Um…uh…"

Naruto suddenly laughed. "Listen to this guy! Saying he's a spy. You're hilarious!"

Kabuto forced a laugh. "Yeah. I was just…uh…joking."


Even to this day, Kabuto doesn't understand why he revealed he was a spy to Naruto.