Inspired by 31 days themes for July. July 15th I believe it was.

It was the way the blue sky suited her that made him love her, Yukito decided. She stood staring skywards with her arms outstretched like she might fly if she could. Her eyes were bluer than the sky and the golden curls of her long hair flew in the breeze. As his sleepy eyes took in the first sight of her, he thought she might be the girl with wings.

She always kept him off guard, she only ever wanted a friend and she had such strange ideas about friendship. She was lonely, so lonely and so beautiful for such a young girl that his heart broke.

Her name was Kamio Misuzu and he wasn't really sure why she picked him to be the one she called her friend. Maybe somewhere inside her, the girl with wings knew who he was and called out to him, brought the two of them together.

He loved to watch Misuzu as she stood on the ledge, her eyes trained on the blue expanse even as liquid azure waves crashed against the beach. "My other self is somewhere in that sky," she told him one day and for a moment the breath caught in his throat. The sun made her hair shine brighter than gold, and the sky was no match for her eyes which for a child of hardly twelve were wise and ancient.

It was the way the blue sky suited her that told him that he'd found her. That he'd found the girl with wings, and that made him scared and angry. He loved Misuzu for all that she was too young and too pure, and was just beginning to enjoy her life. He didn't want her to die.

And she was going to die.

Later when Yukito knew the history of his family, he wondered if they were all doomed to love the girl with wings, doomed to love someone who was forever beyond their reach.

He eventually married and continued the family line, so that maybe one day his son, or his grandson, or his great grandson, or any other measure of sons could finally be with the girl with wings and finally save her from her loneliness and love her.

He knew it as sure as the way the sky had suited her.

. : the way the blue sky suited her : .