Countdown Challenge: Alright, be moody if you want, but this isn't an update. I LunaMoody and throwing down a challenge! (Woo Hoo! I've always wanted to do this). You've read the drabble, now you create the fic. You can use this one as a reference, if you like, (Since there's not a lot to this drabble, options are wide open.), or create one of your own.

Rules: None really except that it somehow involve Freddie's countdown. It shouldn't be a drabble; Hello already been done! (one shots would be fine). Any rating is fine by me.

Prizes: 1 large jar of toenail clippings and an endless supply of wart creme! J/K. How bout my gratitude and the promise that you'll have at least 1 reader. (as long as I see it, I'll read it. If you want to make sure I see it, pm me.) Now isn't that better than a million dollars? No, didn't think so?

So you think you're up to the challenge? Then...Writers! START YOUR KEYBOARDS!!!!