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Hikari sighed as she rubbed her stomach.


"Well, what do we have here?" The man with the orange-spiral mask chuckled. "Another living Uchiha…?"

Hikari narrowed her eyes. "Who are you?"

"I suppose you deserve to know… traitorous kin of mine," The man chuckled as he removed his mask. Hikari's arm went rigid when she saw the three-tomoe Sharingan in his eyes. "I will give you one chance to join me now…"

"Never!" She spat. "You took the eyes of your own brother! You led the Kyuubi to attack Konohagakure no Sato! I refuse to side with somebody like you, Uchiha Madara!"

"Very well then," He narrowed his eyes at her. "I suppose you leave me with no choice. Consider this your one and only warning. You have two years to live starting today. I will have you either submit to me, or face the same fate as the other Uchiha whom met my blade on the day of the massacre."

Madara laughed and disappeared without any trace of his presence. Hikari's eyes widened, and she began to shudder uncontrollably. "No…" She muttered. "I couldn't defeat Itachi then… not even now… This man is said to be even more powerful than him!" 'I can't tell Naruto-kun… he should live without worrying about me… But… what can I do?'

As she walked through the streets of Konoha, Hikari heard a woman talking about her pregnancy, and how overjoyed her husband was. Hikari's eyes became determined, and she nodded thoughtfully. 'For Naruto-kun's happiness… I'll give him my virginity, and leave his legacy…'

---End Flashback---

---With Naruto's Team---

"So, how do you plan to take care of the bandits?" Naruto casually asked.

"We need numbers," Isae murmured.

"Location," Saimei continued.

"Tactics," Naruto stressed.

After staring at the camp of bandits for a moment, Isae frowned. "We get to tell you what to do, right, sensei?"

"So long as it doesn't kill me, or result in my death," Naruto mumbled.

Isae nodded. She looked around for a moment, until her gaze settled on the stream.

"Don't poison their water supply," Naruto interjected before she could say anything. "That stream feeds into one of our lakes. Consequently, that lake empties out into the ocean. I don't think anybody wants to see the little fishies dying."

"Fine," She muttered. "I'll poison their mead, and in 12 hours, we can go crazy and slaughter them all. Happy?"

"Quite," Naruto replied.

"I feel somewhat left out," Saimei chuckled apprehensively.

"I guess I'll get started on poisoning their mead while you two set camp…" Isae stated hesitantly.

"Of course," Naruto replied. As he went to move; the glint from a senbon caught his eye. "A missing-nin… How will they deal with that?"

Without alerting Saimei, he sent a shadow clone to follow Isae, and the two of them set up camp.

---13 Hours Later---

Naruto sighed as he dodged a senbon by an inch. It was just his luck that the missing-nin used senbon. "Why am I holding back against a C-class ninja again…? Oh yeah, it's because I'm lazy…" "Why don't you try aiming before you throw? You might actually hit something then."

"Shows what you know, retard! I'm actually aiming for you!"

"Oh yeah, it shows," Naruto snorted.

His opponent growled and charged him. With a sigh, Naruto flicked a kunai into the man's throat, killing him instantly.

"What's wrong with the world when you can't even enjoy mindless violence?" Naruto muttered.


"So…" Naruto drawled when he saw Isae covered in blood and Saimei covered in beer. "Anything you guys want to tell me?"

"N-nope!" Saimei replied. Naruto looked around and noted the barrel of what used to be gunpowder lying 15 metres away. He then noticed the remains of an explosive tag beside it.

"Alright then!" Naruto chirped; then inwardly winced at how creepy he sounded. "Let's report this mission to Obaa-chan!"

As the team walked away, Naruto paused mid-step to throw a kunai at the neck of a missing-nin who lay close to the explosive tag. After the man's heart stopped, Naruto continued to follow his team. "So they could kill bandits, but not a missing-nin?"

"Weirder shit has happened."

"Such as…?"


Naruto coughed slightly.

---At Konoha--- [[OnS seems a lot more lifeless than usual…]]

"I'm tempted to confine you guys to D-Rank missions," Tsunade muttered after reading the report.

"But that's no fun!" Naruto whined. "You should just give us an A-Rank and get it over with!"

"How about no…?" Tsunade sighed.

"Fine," Naruto groaned.

---With Hikari---

"I'm bored," Hikari groaned.

After a moment of griping, she finally decided that she might as well do something. So, Hikari walked back to Shisui's grave. As soon as she reached the weathered gravestone, she narrowed her eyes and activated her Sharingan.

As soon as her Sharingan was activated, Hikari was able to assume what happened, and when. "Chakra traces… You've gotta love them."

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