One, to think of me.

It took Lambo nearly twenty years to accomplish a lot of things. As a teen his thoughts were filled with hopes for lazy days, and dreams of days when he'd be larger than life. When he could prove to Reborn that he wasn't a joke, and make Tsuna proud to have him as a guardian. He would be singled out in classes for not paying attention because he was daydreaming his days away.

He was always scolded for that. I-Pin would huff and complain. She didn't dream her days away. Her days were filled with hard work, never hoping for a bright future, but striving for it. To make those dreams a reality. The boy just brushed her off as a work-a-holic and would proceed to stare off into space.

Two, remember why you're there.

"Do you know why you're doing this?" I-Pin had asked shyly, helping Lambo get ready to go march up to Kamiko, a girl in their class, and ask her out. "Because she's hot?" He said as if he wasn't so sure of it himself. It was her idea anyways. Convinced that he needed a girlfriend to give him an extra kick in the pants, she suggested Kamiko.

Lambo really didn't care either way, he just agreed to it to keep her out of his hair. After earning an earful on why that comment was degrading towards women, he was sent on his way.

Only to return three minutes later with a red mark on his face. Was it really so wrong to say, "I guess I'm suppose to ask you out. You're kind of hot, so…. I suppose I can"?

Three, know that I'll always be here waiting.

After spending a long night of cleaning up bathrooms, Lambo gave a sigh of relief. At least he was good at something… Right? As he left the room he, headed to the kitchen. Unfortunately, he missed dinner, and the teen was hoping to see if there was any left over. Nearing the room, a pleasant smell wafted from it. "Hmm?"

Inside, I-Pin was cooking some Chinese dish. He could never remember the weird names she told him. "What are you doing?" Calling out as he walked up, seeing some noodle stir fry. Wow, that looked good…. Blushing, I-Pin replied, "I noticed that you weren't at dinner and I decided to fix you something since everyone ate everything else…"

She always did that. He could find here with waiting with warm food up to as late as one in the morning. Smiling, he sat down at the table, waiting for the food to be done and served.

Four, come back home.

It took Lambo nearly twenty years to accomplish a lot of things. He became a skilled fight, perfecting the Electrico Cuoio. A reliable person. If only Tsuna and the others could have seen. He was no longer cleaning bathrooms. No longer spacing out, and dreaming of days when he could hold his own.

Yes, he accomplished many things. The biggest one yet, confessing to his first and only love and girlfriend. Who, whenever he had a big fight coming up, would sit with him and put braids in his hair like she wore in hers.

Each one had a different meaning that she would say slowly as she braided them. "One, think of me." She would say softly. As if he wouldn't, she was all he could think about.

"Always." He would reply.

Giggling, she continued, "two. remember why you're there."

"So I can win!"

"Three, know that I'll always be here waiting." She'd hum.

Smiling at her, "it'll be all I'll think about."

It always took her trouble to say the last one, and her hands would always tremble slightly. "Four… come back home…"

He'd kiss lightly, murmuring "always." He'd be insane not to. Not to return home to her. The girl who would braid four braids in his hair, giving him encouragement. The girl who would always give him a boost when he needed it. Who always cooked an extra meal for him. The first girl he'd ever loved, and the only girl he'll ever love. "I-Pin."