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Rook couldn't stand that stupid fucking thing that had gone on between them on the balcony. The professor was a rat. And Rook didn't have many standards, but he never slept with vermin.

But the thing, the spark, he could still feel it swimming around in his veins and it made him want to hit something. Especially if that something had green eyes and awful brown hair and more defiance than should fit in a tiny skinny body. Rook wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and threw his gloves on the bed. It was disgusting, the way he'd wanted to lean in just a little closer when he had the rat against the balcony. He was sure he could get it out of his mind if the stupid footsteps outside would stop.

Rook narrowed his eyes. Footsteps? He tore out of his room and stalked into the rat's little abode without any doubt he would find the source of the noise.

Thom was, indeed, walking. Pacing, more accurately. Pacing while green around the edges. Rook thought it was not a flattering shade, not like… "Some of us are tryin' to get a rest," he growled.

The professor simply looked at him tiredly. "Go away. Kill me in the morning."

That was enough. "Don't tell me what to do," he spat as he lunged across the space and pinned Thom against the wall.

"You're going to kill me anyway." Thom shrugged as best he could without the use of his torso. Rook, the Esar, what did it matter?

Rook smirked, casting about for a way to start the plan he and the boys had devised into action early. He was going to need an excuse. He leaned in real close, letting his lips just barely touch Thom's ear. "You wanna die, huh?"

"I… er… don't" The professor went slack under Rook's arm as the airman's teeth began playing with his earlobe. "Huh?"

"Do you ever fucking stop talking?" Rook growled into the other man's throat.

"Not… quite… sure," Thom managed to breathe when Rook stopped nibbling the junction of his shoulder and neck.

Rook pulled back and grinned. "Fraid that's something of a dealbreaker."

The professor opened his mouth to protest something – whether it was the man's advances or that he had stopped Thom had no idea – only to find it full of Rook's tongue. "Rmmm…" he managed.

"What was that?" asked the blond man who apparently had a Talent for speaking even with his entire mouth otherwise occupied.

Thom struggled and found his arms free as his captor stepped back. "I'm not… you're not… we're…" He stopped when he saw something flash in the airman's eyes, something murderous and harsh. Suddenly, he was back up against the wall.

"Fucking liar," Rook accused, voice laced with venom. He grabbed the rat's waist, putting his hand right where the balcony rail had been, and yanking Thom closer than he'd ever been to another person before. The professor gasped.

Rook smirked and moved to release him. Suddenly Thom was even closer than before, fingers digging into his shoulder and teeth scrapping behind his ear. "Bastion," Rook gasped.

"Just this once," breathed Thom, hot breath tickling. He reached up one of his hands to tangle in blond-and-blue hair.

Rook nodded, at a loss for words for the first time. This was going to be one hell of a mess come morning.