Avatar Parodies!!!!!

CHAPTER1: Issues!

"ANG!!!" Toh screamed, she REALLY needed her meteor goop bracelet but, it was locked in her car with her car keys. "What now Toh?" he asked in between pants. "Open the door?" she asked like a five-year old. "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? I ran all this way to open your car door?!?!!?!?!", Ang screamed. "Exactomondo, my friend!" she said with her devious smile. " But I was just having a make-out scene with Katara!!!!" Ang screamed. "Oh Ang, she is probably going to dump you for Zuko anyways! They were meant to be together from the very start. Now my car is locked with my bracelet and keys inside. Could you open it?" Toh asked. Ang looked at the car door suspiciously then, frowned and opened the originally unlocked door by pulling the handle in the RIGHT direction, unlike Toh.

"Why do you even have a car? I mean, you ARE blind." Ang asked. "I'm allergic to Appa hair." she said as she drove off. "What is with her?" he asked himself.

"Now where we Katar-AAA!!!" Ang screamed, as walking in on Suki and Sokka's umm..."session"... Ang closed the door and ran into the other one. "Oh, thank ROKU its you this time Katara!" he said. Then, as Ang lunged to start the scene again Katara turned into a giant green alien, with SIX TENTCLES!!!! (Buh, Buh, BUHHHHHHH!!! [sound effects]) "I am Klirckinbob, but you can just call me Bob." Bob said. "Where did you come from and where is my girlfriend, Katara?!?!?" Ang asked franticly. "Oh, HER! Yah, she was LUNCH! A little watery though.." Bob said. "YOU ATE MY GIRLFREND?!?!?!?!" Ang screamed. "Oh don't get too attached, she was going to dump you for Zuko anyways!" Bob retorted. "WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ON SAYING THAT?!?!" Ang asked. Suddenly the Cabbage Guy popped in. "'Cause she will!" he said, then left. "Okay so anyways Ang, I am your father!!"Bob said. "Why do I recall seeing this from somewhere?" Ang asked himself as he pushed his way out of the room. "ANG!! WAIT!! I haven't even told you my whole life story yet!!"Bob yelled after Ang.


"Yo, Bob." Lugi (from the Mario Brothers!) said, "where's are money?"

"I paid you yesterday!" Bob yelled. "Mario, do what we do to liars." Mario locked the door and took out a chainsaw. "No!! NO!! Please no, I have a family!!" Bob screamed.