Katara's Many Loves

"CUTTT!!!!!" yelled the director, "take five everyone." Katara runs over to Zuko and swaps spit. "Thats so gross," Aang mutters. "Whats gross?" asked Toh. "THEM! THEIR SWAPPING SPIT WHAT ARE YOU BLIND?!?!?!?" Aang nearly screamed. Toh waves her hands in front of her eyes making Aang extremely guilty. "Sorry, I am just mad," he says, "No problem brother from another egg," Toh remarked, "Egg?" Aang asked, confused, "What? You weren't hatched? GOD DAMNIT MOM YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT THE EGG THING!!!!" Toh screams, as Aang slowly backs toward his dressing room.

Once inside, Aang powders his nose and tries to think of other thoughts other than the ones involving Katara naked.............. Suddenly, Ash Ketchum comes bursting through the door. "WHAT THE HELL ASH? THIS IS NOT YOUR PARODY!" Aang screams, while coming towards Ash. "Dude don't kill me! I just broke up with Toh! She's gonna kill me dude!" Ash says, while an earthquake shakes the studio. "Dude, your an idiot,"Aang says as he air bends Ash out the door to his death penalty. " NO DONT TOH!!!!! I'M TOO HOT TO DIE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"


Ash Ketchum


Pika Pika.

Sorry for the short chapter. It was just a random brainstorm!