Boilerplate Disclaimer: The characters from the Kim Possible series are owned by Disney. My profile provides a fast overview of the Best Enemies universe.

NoDrogs created the Kasy and Sheki, whose origin I altered. I began this after the start of Season 4, to show how my version of the family differed from the one NoDrogs created. I planned Warmonga as the villain, but later worried it would require an epic to finish. And I gave up my plans when Graduation was so wretched.

If I'm Not Me, Who Am I?

Kasy awoke with a sense of general unease. Everything seemed wrong. Her pajamas were too tight. It didn't feel like her mattress under her, or her sheets on top of her. Somehow the room smelled wrong. It didn't smell bad, it just didn't smell like her room was supposed to smell. She opened her eyes. Even though she expected to see a different room it was still startling to face the reality. She had gone to sleep the night before in her own bed, in her own pajamas… Kasy quickly raised an arm, these were definitely not her pajamas. They belonged to a smaller girl, a younger girl if the décor of the room was an indication.

The red-haired teen was on a top bunk. She cautiously looked over the edge of the bed. Sheki was asleep on the bunk below her, but like Kasy she was in another girl's sleepwear, an over-sized t-shirt in this case that wasn't as restrictive as the pajamas that were too tight on Kasy.

"Hey, wake up," Kasy demanded of her sister. She wondered if she should have said anything. She wanted Sheki awake, but she didn't want anyone else in the house… She assumed it was a house. She didn't want to wake up anyone else until she knew what was happening.

"Wha?" Sheki mumbled.

"Wake up," Kasy whispered again. "Something's wrong."

Sheki opened her eyes, and looked appropriately shocked. "Where am I?"

"Where are we, and I don't know," Kasy told her. She crawled down off the bunk and looked around the room and out the window for clues. There were some books and other items with names on them, which surprisingly were usually 'Kasy' or 'Sheki'. But the school books were for someone a few years behind her in school, and were not books she could remember using. Nor had she ever owned the items bearing her name, and it was not her writing. A glance around the room and outside the window showed they were on the second floor of a very large older home. The street outside the window could have been a part of Middleton she was unfamiliar with, or any one of ten thousand towns she'd never seen in her life.

Sheki meanwhile had done her own examination of the room. "Well?" the dark-haired girl demanded.

"Heck if I know. You notice the names?"

"Yep. Is that more weird or creepy?"

"I vote creepy."

"Yeah, I–" She fell silent at a sound from the hall.

Both girls held their breaths as, to their horror, the doorknob began to turn. The door swung slowly open… And a red-haired girl, probably four or five years old stood in the doorway, rubbing sleep from her eyes. "What are you–" Then the young girl's eyes went wide with shock. "Who are you?"

"My name is Kasy," Kasy explained, "and this is my–"

"No you're not!" the child insisted firmly - and far too loudly for the twins' comfort.

"Her name is Kasy," Sheki assured the girl. "And mine is Sheki."

At which point the child screamed. From behind a door down the hall a sleepy voice demanded, "What's going on?" From a distance, probably from downstairs, the sound of something fairly large with clawed feet could be heard running in their direction

The twins had time to form a mental image of a large dog running toward the room, but were not ready for the creature that skidded to a halt in the doorway. If such a thing as multi-colored dragons existed Kasy would have labeled the creature as such. But since multi-colored dragons do not exist the redhead drew a sigh of relief. She was having some sort of dream or nightmare and would soon wake up in her own bed. It was an amazingly vivid dream, but it was a dream. She hoped she remembered enough of the details to tell the rest of the family the next day.

"I said, what's going on?" the voice from another bedroom demanded. "Jane? Was that you?"

"Don't say anything," Sheki whispered.

"K-Kasy… Sh-Sheki…" the girl stammered

"What now," a voice that sounded somewhat familiar grumbled. The twins heard a door open and a moment later their mothers stood in the doorway. The hairstyles seemed slightly different, and the twins had never seen that sleepwear before on their parents, but it was Kim and Shego.

The expression on the faces of the adults, however, mirrored the shock on the face of the younger girl.

"Mommy," Sheki sighed with relief.

Sheki hadn't called her Mommy in years. "Yes…" Kim answered hesitantly.

"Mom?" Kasy said.

"What's wrong, what happened to you?" Kim demanded.

Shego had shown no recognition when Kasy addressed her. "Mom?" she asked again.

"What!" a clearly frightened Kim snapped.

"Not you, Mommy," Kasy said, pointing at Shego. "Mom."

"Cheap fakes, Princess," Shego commented, moving into a battle stance which Kim imitated. "Whoever did it got the ages wrong and screwed up their cover stories."

"Jane, go to your room," Kim ordered. "They were probably going to try some kind of 'we're from the future,' story," the redhead suggested to Shego.

"You two can save yourself a world of pain if you tell us what you did with Kasy and Sheki right now," Shego warned the teens.

"We are Kasy and Sheki," Kasy insisted. "But this isn't our room. These aren't our clothes… You really aren't Mommy and Mom?"

"What in the hell is this Mommy and Mom crap?" Shego cursed. "Where are Kasy and Sheki?"

Kim didn't remind Shego to watch her language, she was equally worried about their daughters and wanted answers.

"I woke up in that bunk fifteen minutes ago," Kasy said – pointing at the top bunk. "I don't know where I am. I don't know how I got here. I went to bed last night in my home in Middleton and I woke up here."

"This is Middleton," Shego told them. "And this is Sheki and Kasy's room. What did you do with them?"

"This isn't our room! Kasy's telling the truth. We woke up here."

"Yeah, right," Shego answered sarcastically. "Who are you working for? 'Cause I'm about to kick butt if I don't start getting answers I like. The question is, where are Kasy and Sheki?"

Shego took a threatening step in their direction. The twins moved back-to-back and green plasma glowed around their hands. The adults stepped back. "Kasy?" Kim asked, "Sheki? What happened to you?"

"I don't know!" Kasy insisted, and broke down. As she started crying Kim instinctively moved forward and took the girl in her arms. Shego cursed inwardly, fearing some trap by the impostor. "I told you. We went to bed last night and woke up in this room."

"This is your room," Kim said soothingly. "It's been your room for years. Don't you recognize it?"

"It's not my room!" Kasy sobbed angrily. "We're Kasy and Sheki. But you're not Mommy and Mom! How did you–"

"What's this Mommy and Mom crap?" Shego interrupted. "The real Kasy and Sheki don't call me either of those."

"One of our mothers is Kim Possible," Sheki explained. "We call her Mommy. Our other mother is Sheila Go Down. We call her Mom."

"Well my name is Sharon O'Ceallaigh," Shego snorted. "'Go Down'? Now I know you're lying. No parents would be that nasty. And the real Kasy and Sheki call me Eemah. Kim, move away from that fake before she fries you with that fake plasma. Or knock her out and we'll question the fake Sheki." Shego wished Kim was not so naïve, they would need to beat the information out of these imposters.

"It sounds to me like we need to sit down and have a talk," Kim said softly. "I think we should move downstairs to the kitchen." Kim wished Shego didn't jump to violence so quickly. Trying to gain the trust of the imposters would be more effective in getting the real Kasy and Sheki back.

Only Smaug and Jane ate anything. Even as he swallowed his scrambled eggs the dragon stayed protectively close to the young redhead and kept an eye on the pair of strangers who smelled enough like, and unlike, the girls he knew that the creature had no idea how to react to the pair.

The teens and adults did not feel like eating. The longer they talked the more confusing it all became.

Helen glided into the room and stared at the twins. Smaug and Jane clearly saw her, and the dragon - being something of a coward at heart - hid beneath the table. The ghost spoke, but this different Sheki did not see or hear her. Helen turned to Jane and raised her hands in a 'What in the world is going on?' gesture.

"We don't know," Jane said.

"What?" Kim asked.

"Helen wonders what's happening."

"Ask her if she saw anything," Shego suggested.

"Who's Helen?" Kasy wanted to know.

"Our ghost," Kim answered.

The twins stared at each other and wondered what was going on as Jane reported to Shego, "She heard you. She shook her head no. She didn't see anything."

"There was a ghost here?" Sheki asked in disbelief.

"Our Sheki can talk with... Our Sheki..." Kim turned to Shego, "Impossible as it sounds, I think I believe them. I don't know how this Kasy and Sheki got here, but someone trying to pass them off as our girls would have given them a story that made some kind of sense."

"Classic trap-trap, Pumpkin. Give them a story that makes no sense at all and hope that we believe it because no one would make up a story this ridiculous."

"Well I'm calling Wade and Joss and–"

"Wade and Joss?" Sheki interrupted.

"I have a cousin Joss, and–"

"So do we, Except ours is in Montana. I guess it was the way you said 'Wade and Joss,' that sounded odd, like they were a couple or something."

"They are," Shego told her. "Their boy is Jane's age."

"You really don't have a little sister?" Jane piped in.

"No," Sheki admitted. "You don't make any sense. You and that dragon thing–"


"–did Drakken do it again?"

"Drakken do what again?"

"Make Mommy pregnant."

Shego and Kim stared at the two in shock, finally Shego managed, "You're Drakken's daughters? With Kim? With Kim and me?"

It was the turn of the teenagers to look blank. "No, he used DNA from Mom to make Mommy pregnant."

Kim shrugged, "Apparently their Kim went to Drakken when she wanted to–"

"She didn't go to him for anything," Kasy spat. "He figured if she was pregnant she couldn't fight him anymore."

The two women felt nauseous, "Your Drakken is one sick–" Shego began, then noticed the glare from Kim. "–one sick puppy."

Kim left the table, "I'm calling Wade."

Shego wondered how much to tell these girls. She still suspected it was some sort of elaborate hoax or trap. "Kim went to a geneticist, Amy Hall, when she wanted to have a baby. I used the same geneticist several years later."

"Oh," Kasy responded. "So your daughters are kind of normal way of conception."

"Umm, not exactly," Shego answered. "You've mentioned a Joss, Wade, and Drakken. Amy Hall ring a bell? DNAmy?"

Sheki shook her head no. Kasy continued, "Mommy's dad is a rocket scientist and her mother is a brain surgeon. She has two brothers–"

"Jim and Tim?" Shego asked. The twins nodded. "And my dad teaches music."

The girls looked blank, "No."

They found a number of differences, such as the fact these girls claimed their Mom worked for Global Justice.

"No way in hell," Shego laughed, "they wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole. So, is your Kim a lawyer?"

"No, she works for Global Justice too."

"She and mom–"

"What about Global Justice?" Kim asked as she returned to the kitchen. "Wade is like you," she told Shego, "he thinks this is some kind of hoax. He's on his way over. Joss will come as soon as they find someone to watch Junior – don't want to bring him to a trap." Kim sat at the table and got ready to use her phone, "And now I'm calling the police."

Shego quickly grabbed the phone from her partner, "No."

"Kasy and Sheki are missing! We have to call the police!" Some of Kim's composure was cracking and there was an element of panic as she said it.

"We're not calling the police. The police can't do squat and will take these two away as suspects. It there's a chance in the world they're legit they're our best lead on the real Kasy and Sheki. If they're our Kasy and Sheki and something weird has happened to them I'm not letting the police take them. And if someone grabbed our kids and left these imposters I'm going to beat the crap out of these two for anything they can tell us."

Wade was panting slightly as he let himself in, it had been faster to run than drive the couple blocks. Obviously the teens who had appeared in Kasy and Sheki's room were fakes, but the question became why. "Hey!"

"In here," Shego called.

The teens stared at the black man. "That's Wade?"

"He's not… uh, as heavy as ours."

"They keep saying things like that," Kim told him. "It's like I told you on the phone, they seem to be from a world that's like ours but not exactly the same."

Wade moved closed and peered at the two girls, the green color appeared to be real – or at least a dye rather than some sort of makeup. "And I told you on the phone that's impossible. Parallel universes that are absurdly like and unlike ours at the same time are the things of badly written science fiction. You've checked to make sure they're not robots, of course."

"No," Kim admitted.

"Well, I'm doing a DNA scan, start with that and we can see how they're fakes real fast."

"We're not fakes!" Kasy insisted.

"We're Kasy and Sheki," her sister added.

"You're not our Kasy and Sheki," Jane told them.

Joss arrived while Wade was staring at the results of his tests. "What ya got?"

"I don't know," her husband admitted. "Apparently some kind of imperfect clones."

"We're not clones!"

Joss ignored them, "What do you mean, imperfect clones?"

"They've got almost all the genetic characteristics of Kim and Shego, but not quite. Or they might be the result of some kind of genetic modification, but I don't think anyone can do that."

"Or we might really be Kasy and Sheki, but from another world."

Wade ignored them also, "I figure they're here for industrial espionage at Lipsky and Load."

"You have a high opinion of yourself," Shego snorted. "Kim and I have enemies."

"What enemies do you have that could pull this off?" he shot back. "It would be too obvious to grab Catlyn or Junior, so they substitute these two for the real Kasy and Sheki–"

"We're real!"

"–and know we'll take them out to Lipsky and Load to run tests."

"What's Lipsky and Load? Wasn't Lipsky Drakken's real name?"

"They claim their Drakken is a real scum bag," Shego explained to Joss.

The teens looked amazed, "Your Drakken is a good guy?"

"I'm not sure I'd go that far," Kim told them, "but as long as he takes his medication and sees his therapist regularly he stays honest."

"Dear," Joss addressed Wade, "do you know anyone capable of this level of cloning or genetic modification?"

"Bludstone and Grimm–"

"Does nothing with genetics."

"They could have hired someone."

"Who? Amy Hall wouldn't have done anything to harm the girls and I don't think there's anyone else capable of something that would leave you stumped like that… Is that thing you and Drakken built for sub-atomic sequencing analysis still around?"

"We are not taking them out to Lipsky and Load!"

"Then have Doc bring it here."

"Excuse me," Kim broke in, "but what are you talking about?"

"For some tests when we started the alien project," Wade explained. We wanted to…" He glanced at the two girls. "They could be aliens. No idea what alien technology can do. Maybe when we turned off that generator on the old craft it set off some kind of alarm and the aliens are here."

"You still need to call Doc and have him bring the equipment here. We need to get Kasy and Sheki back as quickly as possible."

The twins had given up the hope they might awaken from a bad dream. Since they knew they were real, and appeared to be the only thing out of place, it seemed obvious they were on a parallel world of some kind. While they resented being called fakes, imposters, spies, and clones they recognized that their parents would have to be frantic with worry over them when, presumably, the Kasy and Sheki of this world woke up there.

"Any chance we're their Kasy and Sheki and something weird has changed our memories?" Sheki whispered as Wade, Joss, and Drakken set up the equipment and tested it out.

"Not both of our minds. Not like this," her sister whispered.

Following the directions of the blue man was perhaps even more unsettling than waking up in the strange room. It helped to mentally keep repeating, "He's not our Drakken," during the tests.

Kim tried talking with the twins while the three from Lipsky and Load argued over the test results. Shego sat quietly and tried to keep her anger in check, she needed to do something to find her daughters. Unfortunately it wasn't clear if the only course of action which seemed available to her, hitting the two imposters, would accomplish anything constructive.

Joss and Wade came over to Kim as Drakken began to put away the equipment. "They're not from this world," Joss told Kim. "Sub-atomics don't match this planet."

"I still think they're aliens," Wade insisted.

"We're not aliens!"

"How do we get Kasy and Sheki back?" Shego almost screamed.

"Don't know," Joss admitted. "If they're from some kind of parallel universe we might be able to use the data we just got to make some kinda communication device to try and contact the place these two come from."

"I want better than might and try," Shego told her.

"We can probably build ours," Wade assured her, "but it's not going to work for communication unless their Wade, if their story is true, is smart enough to build a transceiver on their end."