Mistake #3

Tobi, stay away from Deidara when he's training!

Out in a forest somewhere, Deidara was training, until...

"Hey! Deidara-sempai!"

Several bombs exploded before the could reach their mark. Deidara glared in the direction the voice came from and mumbled "Tobi..."

Tobi came out from between the trees and waved. "Hey Deidara-sempai! Can Tobi help you train?"

"No, un."

Then Tobi noticed a piece of paper pinned to a tree. Tobi looked at it then cocked his head. "Um...Sempai? Why are your targets orange? And have Tobi's hair?"

"Katsu, un!" BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Several bombs blew up the tree and Tobi with it. Deidara laughed to himself, thinking happily, You have no idea how long I wanted to do that, un.

"Sempai! What'd you do that for?!"

Deidara turned around, Tobi was stumbling out of the trees. Tobi was still breathing, still walking, and he wasn't even burnt.

"You could have blow Tobi up! At least you hit your target though, Sempai."

Deidara was sitting in the emo corner with a grim look on his face. (Deidara, remember not to stay in there too long, it's Sasuke's turn later.)

"Drat, I missed, un..."

The end

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