Rogue knew she was in trouble the moment she saw her friends matching grins, Kitty and Jubilee were masterminds when it came to hatching plans that could emotionally scar her for life, seeing as things never seemed to go well for Rogue. And a week in New Orleans didn't sound like it would be much different. It was just what she needed they had said After all it was only Mardi Gras and they were almost eighteen, with the id's that a talented mutant had provided what could possibly go wrong? Storm, knee deep in paperwork had mentioned that getting to know the city's history would be a great idea especially with the slightly exaggerated explanation of a learning experience Kitty had provided, and why not take a vacation?

They sure as hell deserved one with all that had been going on lately with the failed cure. It had secured Rogue and Bobby's breakup, and no one had been surprised when Kitty and Bobby had been going all PDA in the foyer less than a month later. Still, Kitty and Jubes had been her best friends from the start, and she couldn't bring herself to hate her, no matter how jealous she was.


"Three minutes!"

And so here she was, waiting by the entrance with Jubilee for a certain valley girl to show up. Something that wouldn't be entirely bad if they hadn't already been waiting for an hour and a half, trying to make their flight.

"Okay, okay I'm here," Kitty smiled, out of breath "I've got my stuff together-"

"This stuff wouldn't have anything to do with why Bobby's looking so pleased, now would it chica?"Jubilee winked, causing a blush to color the couples faces.

Rogue rolled her eyes trying to ignore the churning in her stomach; it wasn't necessarily that she was hung up on Bobby she was just hung up on the whole not touching thing.

No worries my dear, they are weaker than you and not worthy of someone with your-


This was another reason for her friend's insistence of a trip. The fact that she didn't have a telepath around to help clear her head of pesky invaders had her tense and needing relaxation. Badly.

"Oh my gosh, like, we're late come on you guys!" Kitty rushed forward, doing her best to drag the other two forward, including her three oversized bags.

"Fine Kit we're coming, we're coming, no need for force," Rogue squirmed her way out of reach, readjusting her gloves. This is not going to go well, she thought to herself. Going on a trip was one thing, obtaining fake id's was another, going to New Orleans during Mardi Gras and with lethal skin no less, was something else entirely.

It was a disaster waiting to happen.


AN- Okay, so I've never actually written a fic before, so be gentle. But you can tell me if I really suck, seriously.