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"Wake Up."

Rogue's head swam as she struggled to open her eyes. Her head was pounding painfully, making coherent thought near impossible.

"Get up, Marie." The voice speaking to her sounded bitter, angry, and… familiar?

Grimacing, she pushed herself into an upright position, whatever was wrong with her, it felt ten times worse than her usual hangover. What the hell had happened? The last thing she remembered was breakfast at the Lebeau estate, but nothing after that.

Finally she opened her eyes, wincing at the brightness invading her senses.

She was in a small room flooded with light from the florescent bulbs above her. The walls and floor were a sterile white, the color that many hospitals were painted. The sheets on the bed were also white, and the only thing that gave away that the room was not a part of a hospital was that she appeared to be on the bottom part of a metal bunk bed. A fairly uncomfortable bunk bed at that. Rogue leaned over and peered up at the top bunk to see who was talking to her.

"Long time no see."

Rogue's eyes met with a pair of hostile brown ones, and she took in the other mutants bleached hair and memorable sneer.


"It's Pyro."

Rogue rolled her eyes, same old John. "Where are we?" She asked.

"You would know better than me; last I heard you were snooping around in the governments mutant business."

"So that's what this is? Some sort of government facility?"

"Yes. No. Shit, Rogue, how the hell should I know?"

She wracked her brain, trying to sort through any information and details that might help her figure out where she was.

Were the others somewhere in this place too? Rogue doubted that whoever had taken her would have just taken her, and not Jubilee and Kitty as well. She wondered what they had done to Tante Mattie and the other non mutants in the house, and a cold feeling brushed over her. Surely they were all right, injured maybe, but what would these people do if they didn't want anyone to know what happened?

No. They're a strong family, Rogue reassured herself. No one would be taken down that easily.

"Jo—Pyro, how long have you been here?" She might as well gather as much information as possible.

The bed creaked as Pyro moved from his top bunk to her bottom one. Scooching back to make room for him on her mattress, Rogue stare at him inquisitively.

He was much paler than she remembered him, and much skinnier. The John she had always known was perfectly tanned, muscular, and cocky. Which of course, was what had help get him in trouble many a times, after all, who could resist a guy like that? But the Pyro sitting in front of her now seemed to be a remnant of that boy. Sure, he was still fit and he still held himself as arrogantly as usual. But his trademark smirk seemed to be a façade, and his eyes were ringed with physical and mental exhaustion.

Oh John, what have you gone through to make you like this?

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