A/N: The idea for this fic suddenly crossed my mind when I'm managing messages on my cellphone. Just short drabble, but I hope you like it.

Pairing: No pairing, just a mere friendship between Oshitari and Gakuto.

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis, but the messages are mine.

It's late at night. Gakuto had just arrived at his apartment. He arrived home late because of the graduation party that held by a certain oh-so-great Ore-sama. Glanced at the clock on the wall, it showed 10.00 pm. He was so tired. Getting ready for a hot bath to relaxing his body, his phone vibrated. Checking his phone, he saw a new message from Oshitari. Then, he read the message.

Life is like a novel.

So many chapters that we read.

Some chapters we remember.

Some chapters were forgotten.

But, there is certainly one chapter that I'll never forget.

And that is when I know you as my best friend.

I'll miss you, my friend…



Gakuto wrote a reply immediately.

I will not forget you too my friend.

Good night, Yuushi…


Fufufufu… First drabble done. I just write this for fun. Thanks for reading.