A/N: It's just friendship. No hints of shonen-ai at all –maybe–.

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It's a freaking hot noon on summer holiday. Eiji lay on his bed, pouted cutely.

"Mou, I'm so bored nya… What should I do?!" Eiji whined and asked the question to himself.

Suddenly, an idea crossed his mind. He grabbed his cell phone and began to compose a new message. He punched the keypad, forming a new message for his double partner. Looking at his 'brilliant' work, his lip formed a satisfied grin.

He sent the message to Oishi. While waiting for reply, he read a latest manga.

Meanwhile with Oishi, realizing he received a new message, he read it.

Oishi nya

Friendship is like a cocoon


( ' )


Because, it turns a caterpillar


Into a beautiful butterfly

.:ΞΞΞ:. , , .:ΞΞΞ:.




And let our friendship always as good as the beautiful butterfly

Hoi, hoi, nya


The mother of Seigaku smiled then he replied Eiji's message.

Feeling his cell phone in his pocket vibrated, Eiji took it out and read the message

Thank you for the three little creatures, Eiji

Here's the feedback



( ='~'= )


Miaww, I'm a stray cat…




Would you like to be my owner? *cat eyes*


And let our friendship live forever



This chap is totally random nya.

For all Golden Pair lovers, sorry if this chap disappoint you all.

I'm really sorry nya…

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