Hit It! PreCure Triple Set Introduction and Characters

The Triple Set series is about the continuing adventure of Nijiiro Momomiya, meeting new friends along the way throughout her journey before she meets up with the ExCellent PreCure Team. She meets three new PreCures with the help of her new mascot named Sora, a bird like mascot. She also gets help from Princess Yuki, obtaining the PreCure Symbol and her very own PreCure Maximum Ultra Stick. With the help of the three new PreCures, Kiari Natsume as Cure Ace, the PreCure of the ace cards, Miyo Ueda as Cure Joker, the PreCure of the mischievous cards, and Nia Takahashi as Cure Heart, the PreCure of the heart cards, these PreCures go on an adventure to find the PreCure Crystal, which the Excellent PreCure Team hasn't yet found because of defeating Emiko, she didn't have the Crystal with her.

Nijiiro Momomiya

Her name means "Rainbow color peach palace" because her mother, before she and her husband were killed in an airplane crash, gave her that name to fit her personality. Nijiirois very shy around newcomers, but a very loyal coach to her comrades. She is a solo PreCureadventurer, having to not return home after her cousins told her not to. She is also searching for the PreCure Crystal, which she has forgotten all her life, with the help of her mascot named Sora, and three new PreCures of the Card Deck Series.

Kiari Natsume

One of the Card Deck PreCures, Kiari is a very sweet and hyperactive girl, who was given the nickname "Cutie Ace" by her single mother and many young boys in the fifth grade because of her smooth facial features. She loves to dress up in school uniforms; the onlyschool outfit she's made by hand was a school sailor suit that was covered in red, white and pink. She is also a skilled seamstress. Her mascot is Sora, and her Cure Name is Cure Ace.

Nia Takahashi

A cousin of Kiari, and one of the Card Deck PreCures, Nia is a big animal otaku and an anime and manga otaku. Her Cure Name is Cure Heart.

Miyo Ueda

A very mischievous PreCure of the Card Deck PreCures.

Card Deck Series

The Card Deck Series/Card Deck PreCures is a PreCure group formed by team leader Kiari Natsume. The types of cards in the Card Deck Series are as follows: Heart, Clover, Joker, Spades and Diamond. The new Card Form is Ace.


Partners do include mascots are as follows from the ExCellent! series and so on.

Mocho and Mei


Yoko Suzaku (Nijiiro's cousin)