"Miss Takahashi."

"Yes, Ayane?" a girl named Nia Takahashi responded to a friend of hers named Ayane. Ayane and Nia are both crazy otaku girls.

"Have you seen this lonely little puppy called Riku? He's all over the news because... his abusive owner kicked him out of the house for being too 'aggressive' with his kids Riku wasn't hurting them, he was playing with them. I feel so bad for the little guy."

"It's alright, Ayane," said Nia. "Besides, since I'm a Card Deck PreCure, I can save him for the people."

Ayane looked worried about the dog. She then questioned herself why Nia's a PreCure in the first place, but she didn't want to ask her in person.

"Now, I have to go meet Naku and Noko for an anime meeting. I heard that they're making a third Neko-chan Mew Mew movie. Neko-chan's going to get married to some evil guy named Roji. She's forced to marry him by an evil maiden named Nuka."

"How is Neko-chan going to get out of the wedding on time?" asked Ayane.

"We have to watch it and find out. I'm so excited!" Nia bit her bottom lip in excitement.

"Well, see ya, Cure Heart."

"I do what I do!" then Nia flew off.

Nia flew off to where she was supposed to go; to Naku and Noko's anime and manga meeting house. There were only a few attendants at their house, because some didn't feel like going or either they quit and went on a vacation.

"Neko-chan'sgonna be cool with a veil in front of her face! I can't wait until it comes out!" Naku, Noko's twin sister clapped her hands in glee.

"Sorry, but Naku's on this special sugar medicine."

"Sugar medicine? Isn't that unhealthy for her?" Nia sat down next to the hyper Naku. Noko cocked her head at her and sighed.

"It is, but if she has diabetes, then the medicine will heal it, too! Tehehe!" giggled Noko.

"About Neko-chan Mew Mew--" Nia was cut off after their scene changes to where a girl named Miyo Uedawas fighting with a small group of boys.

"Give it up, little punk! This is my backpack now, not yours! Nyahaha!" one boy, the leader of the group, laughed at Miyo, the mischievous and yet tomboyish girl who was fighting for her backpack back. Miyo punched the boy in the faace, causing him to fall down, with all the other boys glaring at her.

"Well, that's what you deserve. Besides, I was trained by my brother who knows all the moves in fighting a stupid punk like you." Miyokicked up some dust with her shifting feet, creating a large cloud of dust around the boys.

"So what?! Maybe your brother's dead now because he lost his arms and legs--" Miyo then kicked and punched the other boy in the stomach.

"Take that back or I'll eventually kill you," she growled at them. They knew she was very serious about her feelings and kept up the little fight between them.

"Maybe your parents died in an accident, saying that you're not very nice?" another boy taunted her. Miyothen crushed the boy with a large brick, breaking his back.


"We're sorry, miss Miyo!" all the boys cried. Miyo was satisfied.

"And they say that boys don't cry over silly things. I guess you guys aren't boys after all. Are those wigs or are they real?" Miyo kicked up another cloud of dust at them, leaving them helpless and injured.

It was bright and sunny that day when Miyohad the fight withthe boys, and a victory shower gave her a chance to relax. She had to wash her dirty clothes from the dust she kicked up. She almost slept in her bathtub, withher head underneath the surface of the tub. On the walls of her bathroom, the were pictures of what it appears to be the Jokers of a card set called Symbolism Surprise. She too is a Card Deck PreCure, known as Cure Joker, the mischievous PreCure.

"I wonder if Kiari and Nia are still at home... I'll give them each a call to find out." Miyo grabbed the phone that was hanging over her head while in the tub, and dialed Kiari's number.

Inside Kiari's room, her bedroom phone rang very loud.

Kiariwas carrying a box filled with Neko-chan dolls, numbering down to 9 Neko-chan dolls she has now collected today, until she stopped in front of the outside of her room and listened to the phone ring, ring, ring.

"Who's callin'?" Kiari placed the box outside of her room, but out of the way of the walkway.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Kiari, good thing you're still there," sighed Miyo from the other line.

"What do you mean by that?" Kiari asked. Kiari drummed her fingers on her wooden desk.

"I mean I'm glad you're still talking to me. We hardly talk to each other and, I miss you."

"I know, I know. I miss you, too, Miyo."

Miyo, who was on the other line, was giggling a little bit, still sitting in her bathtub. "We miss each other all the time, right? Of course!"

"Miyo, you didn't let me answer that, but that's true what you said."

"So, what are you doin' right now? Cleaning your room?"

Kiari laughed and told her that she was setting up her Neko-chan gallery office that Miki installed in her room since she has plenty of space to install big things in it.

"Oh, that's great, but what's Miki goin' to do after you reach your 100th Neko-chan doll?"

Kiari scratched her head. Her father passed her room and Kiari stopped him before he went too far.

"What are you gonna do when I get to 100 dolls?" she asked him.

"I'll go to America to get you a really big surprise that you and your friends and family will enjoy. Only me and your mother knows the surprise."

"Okay! Miyo? Miyo!" Kiari went back to Miyo who was taking a brief nap. "WAAA! Oh, hello?" Miyo woke up.

"It's me again! My daddy said he's going to America to get me something very big! All of us including you guys can enjoy it!"

"Really? I already have 100 Neko-chan dolls and now I'm collecting up to 90 Neko-chan figurines. Why don't you collect them yourselves?"

Kiari thought about it for a moment, and smiled and told her she could.

"That's good. I have to go now. I have a meeting with my brother any minute now."

"Okay! See ya someday!" Miyo and Kiari both hung up.

Nijiiro, who was sleeping in her bed while Sora was inside his bird cage, woke up yawning too loud. She saw that all the lights were still on, though she thought that it was nighttime, but it's still noon.

She also heard that Kiari was making another call to make another order for her Neko-chan dolls. Miki told her it's a good idea to order them without waiting for them to come to her. Kiari giggled and smiled. She was also waiting for Miki to get her gift after she passed the 50 Neko-chan limit. She used to have 48, now she has 57 Neko-chan dolls and only 43 more to go. Nijiiro got out of her bed and watched Kiari read a Neko-chan character book.

Nya! Neko-chan Here!

Who is Neko-chan?

Neko-chan is a fictional catgirl whose real name is Karen, though her last name's still unknown. She has purple hair and a purple dress, similar to Mew Ichigo of Tokyo Mew Mew as Neko-chan, and baby blue hair as Karen, her human form. Karen is 14 years old, and was born on March 28. In the first movie of the Neko-chan series, she has her very first partner named Taruto-kun, or just Taru-kun. In the second movie, Karen loses her powers to Taru-kun, who was trying to give them back to her before she disappears forever. In the upcoming third sequel of Neko-chan, she is forced to marry her new antagonist. She and Taru-kun are very close to each other.

"Is that Neko-chan?" Nijiiro came up to Kiari who was reading silently.

"Mm hmm. Why? You like Neko-chan?"

"I do. In fact, I have a picture in my pocket when I had my collection of Neko-chan dolls and figurines. Then, I lost them because of a robbery. The police got the little punk who stole my Neko-chan dolls, and retrieved them all back and I was so happy to see them again."

Kiari and Nijiiro laughed together.

The next day, Miki left to another city somewhere in Japan to get her 50 doll achievement present. But, while returning to Kiari and Kiraki, a plane that he was in was taken over by terrorists. He was one of the victims who was killed in the attack. The terrorists there jumped out of the plane while in flight, injuring themselves by a miracle.

After what Kiraki and Kiari has heard from one of their close relatives, they cried for a very long time. Nijiiro herself was sad, too and wanted to make them calm down. Sora screeched in pain and sadness after what he was seeing for himself.

"I want daddy to come back! Mommy, make him come back, please!"

Kiraki hugged her little child while they cried. Their relatives came to their house to comfort them. Nijiiro was sitting in a corner, weeping to herself with Sora by her side.

"It's gonna be okay, Sora," said Sora, patting her back in a circular motion.

"Just like my parents... They died the same way Miki did.. The plane crashed along with Miki, the terrorists were harmed by the jump off... What is going to be Kiari and Kiraki's future?"

"I don't know what it'll be. We all have futures ahead of us, but we don't know what will happen next, or the next week, or the next month or year. I wish daddy can just come back from the dead and see me grow up." Nijiiro hugged Kiari.

While Nia was talking with Naku and Noko about the new Neko-chan movie coming out soon, Nia herself heard about Miki's slaying. Naku and Noko couldn't understand what happened to Miki, because they were too young to understand the slaying of people. Nia covered her eyes, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Kiari and Kiraki are going to be alright still," Nia told herself.

"Nia, what's Kiari going to do without Miki?" asked Naku and Noko. Nia still wiped the tears in her eyes.

"I don't know. It's up to them now." answered Nia to the twins.

"Now then! Let's talk about Karen!" insisted Noko. Naku clapped her hands and Nia sighed.

"So Neko-chan's gonna get married to Roji who Nuka herself decided to put Karen on the spot?" said Naku.

"Yup. I've seen the five trailers of the new movie, though it wasn't that exciting to see that Taru-kun may not be in the movie to save her. He is her partner." Nia bit her bottom lip.