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"Good night Mom!" I called softly as I closed the patio door and ran out to the tent in my backyard. It was Friday night, and my mom was letting me sleep out in the family tent for the night. I would've invited my best friend and next-door neighbor to join me, but she had a volleyball tournament and wouldn't be back until Sunday. Oh well. I wasn't planning on sleeping in the tent anyway. I pulled the tarp out from underneath the tent and pulled it clear of the trees so I could have a nice view of the night sky. Next, I dragged my sleeping bag on top of the tarp, snuggled inside of it, and pulled out my reading light out to continue my reading of Pride and Prejudice. But I was having a hard time concentrating because of all the insects buzzing around me.

"Stupid bugs," I muttered, swatting off another mosquito. I slipped out of my sleeping bag and applied a coat of bug spray. I'm going to smell so bad tomorrow…maybe I should sleep in the tent after all… I thought about it for a moment. Nah. I read for a few more minutes before giving up and rolling on my back.

Sighing, I gazed up at the endless starry sky. Beautiful, I thought, smiling. The stars twinkled back at me, as if to say, "I know! Look at us! We're so pretty!"

The night was calm and enchanting until I heard an odd sound coming from the other side of the tent. The wind suddenly picked up, too, as if urging me to investigate. For some reason, I started to shake. I grabbed my reading light (shoot, I forgot my flashlight!) and stood up slowly. The noise stopped, but now I could hear someone panting. I stepped around my tent and was awestruck at what I saw.

By my family's run-down and unstable shed was a dark oval that seemed to be suspended in the air…it didn't seem to have any definite edges, as it appeared to be swirling and fluctuating.

I could feel my heart beating rapidly now. What is that? Then I noticed the man on his knees in front of it. My book light fell softly onto the grass as I gasped in horror.

"H—hey," he smiled weakly as the inky oval disappeared. The man was gripping his right arm, and even in the dim light, I could tell that it was bleeding. I could also see that the man had fiery-red hair and was clothed in all black…

"A—Ax—" I couldn't even bring myself to say his name. No…this can't be real! What's going on? Is this some kind of crazy dream?

Axel's emerald eyes seemed to glow in the darkness, peering right into my own chestnut ones. I couldn't read the expression in his eyes, because they closed and Axel fell, face-first, onto the ground.

I stood there, stunned. What should I do? Should I get my parents? Is that really Axel, or some crazy drunk guy? After a few moments, I was sure he wasn't getting up. I approached him cautiously and whispered, "Hey. You ok?" He didn't answer. I stayed back a few feet, weary that he would try something. I took a deep breath. Ok, Emily. You've been trained for this. He's not answering you and he's obviously hurt, so, drunken cosplayer or not, you've got to help him! I steeled myself and walked closer. The man didn't move at all. I knelt next to him and gently turned him over.

He was not a pretty sight.

Axel (it had to be him. It just had to!) had cuts and scrapes all over his body. His arm wasn't the only thing bleeding profusely; he had a nasty gash on the left side of his torso.

I began to feel faint. I do not handle blood well. Breathing rapidly, I immediately touched the Nobody's neck, searching for a pulse. They don't have emotional hearts…but they might have physical hearts… I reasoned. Nope, I couldn't find a pulse, even though his breathing was regular. So…what do I do now?! I decided to look at his right arm, so I stepped over him and removed his left hand. The cut was deep and gushing blood. I turned away and gagged, trying to regain my composure. Then I turned back to look at it again. There was a weird substance around the cut and on Axel's hand. It was golden and glowed like the sun. Curious, I touched it. It felt like I had touched a flame. I immediately withdrew my finger, cradling it in my lap to make the searing pain subside. The viscous fluid seemed to dissolve away…and then Axel woke up.

"Huh? Wha—" was all he got out before he cringed in pain. "Ow."

"Shh!" I whispered. "Don't move; you're really hurt!" Duh, Emily. I think he knows that already…

He chuckled. "Oh, really? I had no idea…"

Against all odds, I smiled. Turning serious again, I asked, "Is there anything…I can do to help you?"

"Yeah," he grimaced. "There are a few potions in my right pocket. Got it memorized?"

"Oh, okay," I said, blushing madly at the fact that I had to go searching in Axel's pockets. I cautiously felt along Axel's right side before I found a hidden pocket. Inside, I felt two jars. I pulled them out, but accidentally bumped Axel's arm in the process.

He cringed and squeezed his eyes shut as he sucked in a breath of air.

"Sorry!" I apologized. I popped the cork on the first potion and handed it to Axel. He took it gratefully and chugged the bottle down.

"Ah…" he sighed as the potion began to work and heal his wounds. Right before my eyes, the gash on his right arm closed up a little. "Next?" he motioned with his left arm.

"Oh, sorry," I was too busy being amazed by the healing properties of the potion. I popped the cork on the next one, but it was only half full. Still, Axel drank the whole thing.

"That's better…" he finally relaxed.

But his arm wasn't fully healed. The potion had targeted the most dangerous of his wounds, the one on his side, but had left the one on his arm mostly untreated.

"Stay here," I ordered. "I'll be right back."

Axel snorted. "Yeah, like I'm going anywhere."

I ignored Axel and hurried back to my house. Quietly, I snuck inside and found the first aid kit we keep underneath the sink in our kitchen and ran back outside to Axel. I opened the kit and found a box of gauze pads and first-aid tape.

"Do you think you can sit up?" I asked.

"Maybe…" he grunted a little as I helped him into a sitting position.

"Does it still hurt?" I questioned, motioning to his side.

"Yeah, a little."

"It looks like it stopped bleeding, though," I commented as I gently pressed several gauze pads to his arm. He flinched, but let me wrap it in the tape. "Um…" I whispered, unsure of how to fill the awkward silence. "I'm Emily."

"My name's Axel. Got it memorized?"

I nearly melted when he said that again, but I kept my composure and finished wrapping his arm. "There. Is that too tight?"

Axel's crimson spikes shook as he tested out his arm. "No, it's fine."

Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself tugging gently at one of Axel's spikes!

"Uh, what are you doing?" he asked.

"N—nothing," I stammered, embarrassed. "I…just wanted to make sure…it was real…"

Axel blinked at me. "Of course it's real. Why wouldn't my hair be real?"

Because you're a videogame character and it defies gravity, I thought but didn't say.

"Um…I don't know…" I awkwardly admitted. "So…Axel…what exactly happened to you?"

"It doesn't concern you," Axel said a little sharply as he tried to stand up. But, he found that he couldn't. His side started to bleed again.

"Well…it kinda does, since you're obviously not leaving here anytime soon," I argued as I stepped over to Axel's other side and grabbed some more gauze pads. I began placing them over his wound.

Axel didn't say anything as I continued to tape a thick layer of gauze onto his side.

Then, he broke the uncomfortable silence. "Honestly, I don't remember."

Shocked, I looked at him. "You…don't remember?"

He shook his head. "Nope. All I remember is a bright flash of white light, and me ending up here. That's it."

"Do you remember anything before that?"

"Yeah, I can remember everything about my life…" he trailed off a little. "But, I don't remember anything about the battle…"

There was a battle? I thought. No wonder he looks like this…

Now, I was done patching him up, so I put what was left of the gauze back into the first aid kit.

"Thanks," Axel said a little gruffly.

I stood up and offered him my hand. "H—here." Why am I so nervous? Why am I stuttering?

The Nobody looked a little confused, but he took my hand anyway and I helped him stand up.

"Besides your arm and side, do you feel ok?" I asked, just to make sure I covered all the bases.

Axel blinked a little. He had this really weird look on his face. "Not really…I feel kinda sick…"

"Ok, then…do you have a place you can stay for the night?"

Axel nodded. "As a matter of fact, I should get back." He stretched out his hand, but nothing happened. "Huh? C'mon, why's it not working?!" He tried again and again, but nothing happened. Sighing, he said, "Ok, scratch that, I don't."

"Umm…you could stay here with me…" I mumbled shyly. "I mean, in the tent. I'd sleep outside, so you'd be in the tent and I'd be out of it and we wouldn't be in the tent together." Oh man…I am so not good at talking to guys…

Axel smirked. "Ok. That sounds good, as long as I'm in the tent and you're not in the tent so we wouldn't be in the tent together," he teased.

My face was burning. I could just feel it. I hoped Axel couldn't see it in the faint moonlight. "C'mon," I said, grabbing his left arm and helping him to the tent. He was limping a little, so I asked, "Did you hurt your ankle, too?"

"It's fine," he lied.

No, it's not, I thought, but I didn't argue. I zipped open the tent, and Axel slowly lowered himself onto the floor.

"I'll be right back," I said. I place the first aid kit in the tent and ran back to the house to get a blanket, pillow, and flashlight for the guest.

When I came back, Axel was already half-asleep from exhaustion.

"Hey, I got you a blanket and pillow!" I announced softly as I entered the tent. I turned the flashlight on and hung it from a hook in the ceiling.

Axel looked up groggily. "Thanks…" he mumbled as he accepted the pillow from me and put it under his head.

I laid the blanket over Axel and was about to head to my sleeping bag when I noticed something. Bending back down to Axel, I examined a small cut on his face. "That's not blood…" I whispered, horrified.

The fiery-haired Nobody chuckled a little. "Nope. It's kinda hard to have blood when you don't have a heart…"

"So…what is it then?" I asked, afraid to find out.


I backed up a little, shivering. "D—darkness?" I whispered, but Axel didn't reply. He was already asleep.

I pondered what he said as I tried to fall asleep. Darkness? I wondered. How is that possible? The body can't function without blood! It's impossible to live without it! Maybe…the darkness that runs in his veins (literally, by the looks of it) has the same properties as blood…but…maybe his whole circulatory system works differently to use the darkness instead of blood…ugh. I don't know… There goes my scientific side, analyzing everything again. Sometimes, being smart doesn't always help or make things better. It just complicates things.

I sighed and rolled onto my side. Maybe I'll wake up and find that this was just a bizarre dream…

However, when I woke up the next morning, I found that it wasn't.

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