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Going home felt more like going away at first. He knew this was where he'd belonged before. Foggy memories played on the edge of his vision, telling him on the time he'd spent here; of the times he'd been happy.

Time's he'd spent Arguing with Korea (they had seemed to do it often, but never in a serious enough way to worry anyone), being hugged by Taiwan tightly until he was begging her to let go, spending quiet afternoons with Japan, sometimes saying nothing, but always enjoying the company anyway.

He remembered these moments spent under the roof of China, their collective big brother. He remembered the closeness they shared, a closeness that seemed so far away from where he was now.

He did not hate England. The other country was kind enough, he had taught the younger, smaller nation traditions and wisdoms of the west. All good and well in their own way. Plus, it was far too much fun to scare the older man with tricky fireworks. Those never got old.

But he'd longed for home. Where the food was different, their traditions less confusing, and the people more reserved, yet equally polite. He had missed his siblings, he'd missed his home.

So why did he hesitate?

Hong Kong stood in the front of China's home, quietly taking in what he'd been forced to leave behind so many years ago.

It was wilder than England's proper (stuffy) home he'd come to know over the years. It was more…personal. This was the same bamboo he'd run through as a child, the same flowers he'd picked with Taiwan for Aniki. Everything seemed to be the same as he'd left it.


"…Hong Kong?" The smaller nation looked up to see China standing in the doorway, looking so surprised you might have thought he'd never expected this day to come. And who knows, maybe he didn't.

"Aniki…" His voice trailed off in a whisper, hardly daring to rise in volume. He tilted his head downward in a show of respect for the older nation. He felt himself shake slightly, in apprehension or maybe desperation.

He started slightly in surprise when he felt fingers place themselves under his chin, lifting his face up to look into China's. China searched his face for a moment, as if looking for something missing then he smiled warmly, eyes glistening brightly.

"You cam back, aru."

Hong Kong nodded, tears forming in his eyes. Yes, yes he was back. It was then that he embraced China, causing the other to freeze for a moment in shock then wrap his arms around the younger nation loosely then tighter.

He found it strange, he remembers China to have been bigger the last time he'd clung to him. When he was forced to leave with England, he remembered Aniki having to lean down to pick him up, and that he had to cling to his neck tightly, never wanting to let go.

But he'd changed in his years away, they both had. And it ached to realize this, but maybe this didn't have to be a bad thing.

Maybe instead of an ending, this could be a beginning.


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