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On to chapter one shall we"u"

Chapter 1:

A year after her graduation from Ouran High School Academy and Haruhi Fujioka was still the was still "education" mind worthy. She still wore boyish clothes, though not as often due to the twins, and she was definately blunt as usual.

"I am not in the least bit interested." Tosca Hiroshima looked dejected, however he knew that he would not give up. Tosca really liked Haruhi Fujioka, actually he liked everything about her. The way her hair fell to just below her shoulders. The way she looked way off into the distance seeing nothing but everything. The way that after she did this, if he talked to her, she looked at him with a look that was so straight and into the eyes that he felt interesting and important. That was why he was sure that she was just playing hard to get. I mean why would she look at him like he was interesting and then tell him that she was not interested. Tosca just didn't know that Haruhi had always looked at people that way and that was why she was so popular with the guys in Jr. High and then with the ladies and the Host Club Memeber's in her high school years.

However, out of all of the things that he found he liked about Haruhi, there was one thing that infuriated him. He had heard her talking about some guy here and there. The guy in question seemed to always be a different one and she always varied in her attitude towards said person. Sometimes she was annoyed but nice, others she was cautious and waiting for mischieveness. Or other times she was comfortable and happy, excited and cute, and then somethimes she was withdrawn and curious. He wondered why not him? It was not like these men were handsome and as rich as he. Yet here she was saying she was not they were just like her, commoners among the rich who posed as high class.

Haruhi's class mates did not know much about her, to them she was a complete mystery. They knew that she was extremely pretty and very smart, though she did dress like a tomboy sometimes. She graduated from Ouran High School Academy at the top of her class, and was in some club wiht the guys she always talked about, and had gotten into college on a scholarship to practice Law. That was the extent of the knowledge of Haruhi Fujioka. Until one day when Tosca was upset and followed her. He found out her father worked as a Tranny at a tranny bar.

The cat was out of the bag, and soon she was the really pretty, poor, goodie-two-shoes, with no friends, gril with a tranny for a father. Haruhi didnt seem to mind, it wasn't like she was pretending to be something else. Just no one seemed to ask. The fact that people left her alone now, besides Tosca and his cronies, didn't bother her either. She could now study with out being interrupted unlike her high school years.

Still ignoring the fact that Tosca and his friends were staring at her she continued to reminisce. Thinking back to high school Haruhi realized that she really missed her friends and the Host Club members that she became very close to. She missed Huni-Senpai and his love of cake and anything sweet. Mori-Senpai's quietness and how he always helped her out and was there for her. The fact that she was never lonely because the twins hung on their "toy" all of the time. She even missed the way Tamaki-Senpai was always being ecentric and dramatic. She missed Kyouya-Senpai's calculating and manipulating plans.

Wow, she must really be lonely if she missed Tamaki and Kyouya. She hadn't seen them since her graduation day when they all got back together for one last time before the twins went on an escapade around the world. That was a year ago. They proceeded to tell her that they would still be friends and that she would be able to get a hold of them anytime she needed them. She felt guilty that she was slightly miffed that they didn't make an effort. She had to remember that they all were really busy due to the fact that they had to step up and be the successors of their family businesses. She remembered that Tamaki was so excited when he found out he would be taking over the business.

Haruhi was brought back to reality when her annoying stalker and his freinds surrounded her a little closer. " Look, Tosca, you're the one that got me in this situation of being an out cast, and now you wont leave me alone, why is that?" She backed up and met with one of his friends who wrapped his hands around her upper arms to keep her there.

"You should be nice to me my dear Haruhi Fujioka for I am very rich and influential. You should be happy with my attentions. Now you should be a good girl and go out with me. Seeing how you have no boyfriend or rich friends like I do to help you out, just be a good girl and listen."

Haruhi couldn't help but snort out loud. No friends, no influential firends, no boyfriends, not romantically but damnit I have six and I would only need one of them. She quickly pushed that idea out of her mind because she decided she didn't want to be a burden to the friends she hadn't spoke to in so long. The man that was still holding on to her heard her snort and tightend his grip on her upper arms. His nails digging in to her, Thats gonna bruise she thought to herself. Then she had the same thought again when she was pushed to the ground and slammed into a bench. Her neck hit it very smartly. Ow.. When she fell she dropped her keys. Tosca picked them up, seizing the oppurtunity to snatch the picture out of her key chain picture frame. With out looking at it he knelt down to face her equally. "Now my sweetness, are you going to agree to go out with me?" He had the picture in a hold that was universal for destruction, knowing this Haruhi still could not bring herself to agree. The pain from falling stopped her from answering verbally. No way in hell would they know that she was hurt. She shook her head instead.



"Shhriippp" She watched as the picture she took of her friends was torn into several pieces. No matter how much she was in pain the picture ripping made her face scrunch up. " Oh, was that a picture of your "Men" that you whore yourself to Haruhi?" He couldnt believe that he did it, but by god she pissed him off. How could she like these guys and not give him the time of day. He had been trying to get her attentions for a long time and he was not above doing something mean to get her. He stuck the ripped up picture in his pocket. He changed his complete attitude, nicely adding, " You are going to want to think about this I see. So instead of having your answer now I will be more than gracious to wait a few days to let you think, see how accomidating I could be Fujioka?" His friends smirked when he said this. Her heart sank as she thought that smirk was definately different from Kyouya. Where did that thought come from? She thought to herself as they stalked off a second later leaving her on the ground with her keys. Picking them up she started to go home.

* * * * *

Halfway home Haruhi decided she really needed to talk to her friends. She knew she couldn't talk about what happend but honestly hearing their voices was going to be the second best thing instead of seeing thier faces. Haruhi fished in her bag until she found her cell phone. Typing in the phone number she called Twins first by the order of her phone, alphabetical by last name.

Beep: You reached the Hitachiin brothers business phone, leave a number and we will call you back... BEEEP..

Umm.. Hi guys, its Haruhi I know I haven't talked to you in a while but could you...ya know.. call me back?

Next she called Huni:

Beep: HI this is Huni- Im eating to much cake to come right now,, hehe leave a message and I will call ya back....BEEEP..

HI Huni-Senpai could you call me back when you get this. I know I haven't really seen or talked to you in a while but...yeah.. could you call me back. This is Haruhi by the way.

Next was Mori:

Beep: (It was Huni's voice again) Takashi can't come to the phone right now, leave a message.....BEEEP..

Mori-Senpai, this is Haruhi, just wanted to see what was up since I hadn't talked to you in a while. Why is Huni-senpai on your message? Oh well I will talk to you later.

Next was Kyouya:

Beep: This is Otori Kyouya's phone and I am sorry to have missed your call, I will call you back efficiently once you leave a message and I get it, thank you...BEEEP..

HI Kyouya-senpai, ummm... well this is Haruhi Fujioka ( she wasn't sure if he knew who she was)...um..Just calling to say.....umm yeah...

She hung up. She really didn't know exactly what to say to the Shadow King. They weren't really that close in school but she knew that he had to have thought of her as a friend after he followed up for Tamaki that day at the beach house. However, she still wasn't sure what she could say to him.

The next one Haruhi kind of dreaded, Tamaki:

Beep: (Over dramatic as usual) This is the king Tamaki, if you are a lovely lady be sure to know that I will call you back....BEEEP...

Umm.. I hello, Senpai I was just calling to check up with you, I havent really heard from you . I will talk to you later.

After hanging up the last phone call she had to make, she felt even more depressed than before. Not one of her friends had answered their phones and she really wanted to talk to them. Oh well, on to her apartment. She liked the fact that her father decided to let her move out with grace. She moved closer to the school and she loved the peace. Lately though the peace was too much for walked into her small apartment and looked around. She liked how the rooms flowed into each other. It was not like that at her father's apartment. She walked into the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Haruhi openly gawked as she pulled her sleeves up further on her arms. You could clearly see the bruises on her arms. Thank god school is out for summer break. Haruhi thought as she also took in the bruise on her lower neck that turned and went a little down her shoulder. No one would see the bruises and they would have time to heal. Thinking to herself how tired she was, Haruhi jumped in the shower and let the warm water wash down on her skin. It felt like heaven.

Once out of the shower she walked into her room to look for something to sleep in. Not finding her favorite long t-shirt and being too tired to care she threw on a spagetti strap long nightgown that ended just above her knees. Climbing into the bed that she had been longing for since the last bell for class rang. Her last thought was why hadn't they answered their phones or called me back. Falling into a deep sleep she dreamt of seeing her friends again.

* * * * *

The knocking was starting to drive her crazy in her sleep. When she opened one of her eyes she noticed that the clock on her nightstand stated that it was six in the morning. And at the first day of summer vacation, someone was going to die. Pulling herself out of bed she sleepily walked over to the door. She peered out and immediately was awake. What the Hell was he doing here? She thought as she turned around and ran back to her bedroom. She frantically ran around the room and threw on a purple turtle neck and a denim pair of shorts. She then could hear the knocking more loudly and faster. He was definately pissed at having to wait, propbably at the fact that it was so early in the morining as well.

Haruhi flew open the door to stare up into the eyes of the man who woke her up this early in the morning. "What do you want?" She sounded surly and she was shocked that she could even muster up that attitude let alone to him of all people. His eyebrow arched up.

"Haruhi you were the one who called me!" he sauntered around her and into the apartment, and turned to face her. Of all of them, why did he come, and so quickly too? She thought as she stared at her unwelcome guest. " Are you going to close the door and stop staring at me?" He sounded burly, but she figured that was because he was up so early in the morning.

She did as she was told. "What are you doing here, Kyouya-Senpai? A call would have sufficed." she said just a burly as he just sounded. The smirk that showed when her words hit him made her realize how much she really missed him along with the others as well. She sighed and Kyouya looked down at her finally realizing what she was wearing.

"Haruhi..." she looked up at him as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "Haruhi...what in God's name are you wearing?" He looked concerned about something. Haruhi looked down and noticed that he was talking about the fact that she was wearing a turtle neck and shorts while he was wearing a pair of shorts and a polo short sleeve shirt. Pulling on the end of the turtle neck Haruhi blushed.

"I was cold." she stated before walking into the kitchen. "Would you like some tea Kyouya-Senpai, since I am already awake." She looked over her shoulder to see that he was following her into the kitchen, leaning up against the counter while watching her walk around the kitchen getting it together. As she worked he noticed, her eyes looked tired and she looked really depressed. She was sweating due to the fact that she was wearing a sweater in the start of summer. His eyebrow went up when he noticed that she kept moving her hair over to the right, even though there was no reason. He took note to the fact that she was slightly taller and her physical looks were way more feminineand that her hair was just below her shoulders. She probably looks like this because her friends including me never called her back or even called or dropped by to say hi and see how she was. I wonder if she feels abandoned by us? He thought to himself. Even though they saw each other all the time at elite parties and business dinners. Haruhi was the only one left behind. When this thought went through his head he furrowed his brow. wow they were awful friends to her and yet she still took time to call and check in. " Are you okay, Kyouya-Senpai?" And she still took the time to notice when someone around her, including him, when something was wrong.

"No, Haruhi, thank you for the tea." He sat down at the table and motioned for her to do the same. She did, sitting accross from him. "Now, Haruhi, what on earth had you calling me, of all people?" He sounded mean and that was not how he wanted it to sound. He really was worried. Having the only female host and his only female friend call his cell phone after not talking for a while worried him. "What I mean is..." he cleared his throat. "Are you okay, Haruhi?" she sat there staring at him from accross the table over her tea cup. She could never tell him that she felt lost and unloved, that she had no friends that she could talk to and that she was practically beat up by a guy who said he liked her. He watched her face and noticed she looked really sad and defeated. Instead of answering his question she asked.

"Why are you here so early in the morning, let alone here altogether?" She was again blunt as usual. When she said that Kyouya realized that he missed her honesty and her bluntness.

"Actually Haruhi, I was just getting to bed last night when I noticed my cell phone was blinking. When I listened to your message, I felt that I had neglected you and came to see you, you sounded saddend on the phone." He knew it was out of character for him to tell her his feelings and the the look on her face showed that she was thinking the exact same thing. He kept his face stoic and looked at her waiting for a reaction. She set the tea down on the table and looked him square in the eyes. God he loved it when she did that. It seemed to him she was the only one not afraid to tell him how it is and to look him in the eyes, people were normally afraid of him to feel comfortable to do what she did.

"To be honest Kyouya-Senpai I wanted to..." She was stopped when she looked over and saw that in her window was a familiar face. When she stopped talking and stood up quickly she hit her cup and got drenched in the hot tea she had been drinking. When she looked up again, past Kyouya's face and at the window again he was gone. Kyouya stood quickly and looked behind him trying to find out what had scared her into such a reaction. There was nothing there. He turned and walked over to her. She was so into her thoughts she didn't see him standing in front of her. Haruhi jumped when he reached down and grabbed her gentlely on her upperarms to get her attention.

Haruhi hissed at the pain he caused and jumped back. "I am sorry. I need to go change." with that she ran from the room. Leaving a very confused Kyouya behind her. Kyouya picked up their cups and decided to clean up, not knowing where the mop was he made his way towards the door that she had exited through. She had not closed the door all the way like she thought she did. She decided to put on a tank top and put a light sweater over it with her hair tied to the side so he couldn't see her neck. Too late she did not get to tie her hair or put the sweater on when she heard the door to her bedroom open wider revealing a very pissed off Kyouya. His glasses were pushed up and the glare revealed nothing of the emotion in his eyes. In fact Kyouya's mind was reeling. Those are bruises! Who the Hell did that to her? Was that why she called me? Wait she called all of us! It was Kyouya after all he still kept tabs on all of his friends especially her, even though he was never around her. Kyouya understood the feelings he got when he saw the state her arms and neck were in immediately. He knew he had been in love with Haruhi since almost the begining. He kept it inside though because he didnt want to hurt his other firends. That and his father wanted him to marry her for merit and Kyouya had vowed when he married it would be for his merit alone, last year his father died and he was free to ask for her hand, by then he was to nervous about her to ask. He was severly pissed that someone had put their hands on her and he knew he also couldn't show it because she was not his.

"Haruhi..." his voice was strangled a little like he was trying to hide something. "Who did this to you? Don't lie to me, I am not in the mood." He pushed his glasses up his nose and walked over he could see her arms fine in the light. However, on closer inspection he was sure someone had done it because the marks were the marks of fingers, the fact that they were large told him a man had done it. It was her neck he wanted to see. He pushed her head to the side lightly and looked at the moon cresent shape bruise the size of his hand round to go slightly down her shoulder. Being that close to him she shivered, she didn't know why and she was pulled from trying to figure it out when she was pulled from her thoughts by being pushed gently on the bed. "I am waiting." his voice sounded strained.

"It was a guy from school." and with that she stood up and walked out of the room quickly into the bathroom locking the door. Haruhi felt like crying but couldn't due to the fact that she didn't want to have her own pity party. Kyouya couldn't get over what he had just heard her say. Some guy put his hands on her and hurt her. He wanted to go to her but he was to shocked, sitting on the side of the bed he picked his phone out of his shorts and called all of the rest of the Hosts. The message was the same for all of them and was gaurenteed to get them all there before the night was up.

"I dont know why you did not answer or call Haruhi back, you idiots, however if you care about her like you supposedly say you do, you will be at her door within a few hours or by god suffer not only my wrath but my families as well." He snapped his phone shut.

Oh yes he was indeed pissed...


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