Summary: Shikamaru slept with the shy library aid and rehearses what he's going to say to his lover. A simple drabble? AsuShika; ShikaChou

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You smell like smoke and I guess I do too, but…

He smells like apples.

Our smells mingle and destroy my very lungs, but I don't tell you--can't tell you because I mean a lot to you… At least, that's what you told me. I can't breathe sometimes. Sometimes, I can't help, but think you're going to give me secondhand smoke or lung cancer or something equally terrible that will catch up with me when I'm older and kill me. I won't say that because it's mean no matter how much I want to say it.

I don't like cigarette smoke, but when we first met, I tolerated it because of you.

When my smell mingles with his, I greedily dig my nose into the crook of his neck and breathe in as much of it as I can because he smells so good, so fresh, but…

Your scent is familiar. Somehow, it's different from all cigarette smells if that makes any sense. I guess I've grown used to it, accostumed to how it smells enough to know the difference between other smells. Does that make me like a dog or something?

He lets me do whatever I want and I…sometimes times I can't stop myself because he feels amazing and wonderful and completely different from how we are together; he's a twig compared to you, not that I don't like your muscular phyische, it's just that he's soft, sort of short, and has a slight tummy that I find adorable and I can go on forever about all of the wonderful things about him that I...that, but I won't because it would hurt you

He told me he loved me one night, but he was asleep when he said it so he'll never know.

My face was on fire, but I can't tell you any of this--won't tell you any of this because who knows what you'll do to me when you find out. You're not aggressive, but you're not exactly gentle either…

Didn't you use to say that one day someone younger than you would steal me away from you?

I guess you never thought it would happen.

My mind doesn't want me to chose, but I think my heart already has…

I won't say sorry because we've be fighting the last couple of days, so I'll leave you to your women who I know you've slept with no matter how many times you deny it, no matter how many times you try to convince me otherwise, no matter how many times you sleep on the couch trying to "prove your love" to me.

He loves me

And he smells like apples.


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