I am not a god. I am human. A tiny insignificant one, but a human no less.

I am a sinner. I was blinded by power and the love I held in my heart for my mother.

My vision was clouded with delusions of grandure and instead of bringing back my beloved mother I hurt the one closest to me. I took from my brother when I should have cared more for him because he was still alive. My price was minor comapared to my sin.

My scars are a reminder of my past, of what I have done. Of my mistakes. They push me forward and toward my goal.

Somedays I stop and reminice about the days of old. I dream about old times. Times that were once happy and full of joy. Those days are long since past.

I am haunted by my inerasable sin. What I have done can never be forgiven, but it might be reversed. I will search until the day I die to return what I have taken from my precious brother.

I would gladly give my life for him, my Alphonse. He has commited no crime. He is a victim of my own selfishness.

Somedays I wish that I could cry upon my knees. I find a way to lie about a home I'll never see. To keep my brother and I going I continue to fight but when it comes time to care for the price of my sin I o see my childhood friend.

She's my childhood friend, it's true, but I love her. In our own special way we love each other. When the time comes and the dam in my heart bursts I go to her. She listens and nods and I am thankful for it. She doesn't ask questions or criticize my judgements, instead she waits for the next eruption. She knows as well as I do that one day I might not return. My sins I must pay for and for them I sacrifice my world.

I work hard and perserver but it never seems to be enough. I have turned my back on God, or has God turned his back on me? I believe in equivalent exchange. It's all I have to hold on to. I work hard and I know that if I do my best that it will pay off. I have to belive that. For my brother's sake.

I am not a god. I am human. A tiny insignificant one, but a human no less.

I am a sinner.