Written for comment_fic on livejournal

Prompt was for M/anyone, frozen yogurt

When you're a spy, you have to constantly be aware of what's going on in your surroundings. But you can't just pay attention to what's going on with other people, you have to pay attention to what's going on with you.

So if you feel something icy cold right by your heart, if you hear the slap as it hits you, that's almost never a good thing. Especially if that spike of cold is a total surprise -- for instance, if it's s waking you up.

But if there's no pain, and then you feel the heat of another body over you, it might not be a direct threat. Especially if the next thing you feel is a warm tongue licking the cold off your chest, and you notice the distinct smells of both your lover, and your favorite brand of cherry-passionfruit frozen yogurt. And then if you open your eyes, and you see eager eyes, and lips smiling bright pink from the cold.

And you think: this is a hell of a way to wake someone up. And then you remember that this person that you love is crazy, and waking you up by hurling dessert at you will probably be the least crazy thing that happens on any day you spend together.

And then you smile back. And then it's _your_ turn to lick frozen yogurt of the part of _your_ choice. And then you remember that the craziness is actually one of the things you love best.

So it ends up much more pleasant than what you were afraid of at first. And there's more fun, and more tongues and lips on bodies, and more crazy ways of waking you up. And And generally speaking, more crazy. Much, much more. And soon you have no memory of how to leave the crazy behind, no tactics that can overcome the overwhelming force of its presence in your life.

And then you think back to the day when you woke up wondering if someone just killed you. And you realize: sometimes a direct threat is a lot less dangerous than an indirect one.