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CH.1. -------------- DREAMS COME TRUE------------

Edward stood at the alter awaiting his beautiful bride. Twidling his thumbs nervously, he looked down at his feet and followed his legs up looking at his finely ironed tux. When the organ started playing here comes the bride and interupting his thoughts, he looked up and immediatly smiled as he saw his soon to be wife, the sun shining in her eyes and glistining in her long blond hair, her long white gown flowing behind her. she smiled at him and made her way down the aisle to meet edward at the alter (AN- ha ha you have no idea how bad i wanted to have roy whistle at her and she throw a wrench at him but im going to restrain myself lol) When she reached him he extended his arm and opened his hand and awaited her to take it. she took his hand and looked up into his eyes, she mouthed i love you, he did the same and they turned to face the pastor.

He started the ceramony. winry stood there thinking about ed and her's future together. This is what she has wanted for as long as she could remember. the man she loves and has always loved is finally hers, forever. She tightned her grip on his hand as the pastor said it was time to exchange the vows, "Edward would you like to go first?" he asked "Yes, Thank you" He pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it. he cleared his throat and began reading. " Winry, you are the only woman I have ever loved, you make my heart pound and my palms sweaty, you make my mind swirl every time your beautiful blue eyes look at me. From the day I met you I knew we would someday be together, and here we are standing at an alter getting married, Our friends and family surrounding us. I want you to know that how i feel will stick with me. The feelings a have will never end. You are my one and only girl, you are my life. The love i have for you Winry is That, that will never change, my feelings for you will be able to endure any obstacle we may come by. I will love you forever baby." Edward folded the piece of paper back up and put it in his pocket, he looked at winry who had started to cry. he whiped a tear from her cheek and smiled at her, she smiled back. " well, i guess its my turn then" She turned to sciezka, who handed her a piece of paper. She looked up at Edward then to the paper." Edward, you are truly an amazing man. The way you smile at me, The way your arms feel around me, the feeling I get when you look at me and the way my heart melts every time you speak to me. It's Just the way you are that makes me want to be by your side till the end of time. I want our hands to bind and never be unbound. The way I feel won't and can't ever change. I love you Edward Elric and you make me proud to soon be called Mrs. Elric." Edward had teared up and was now very anxious to get that kiss and the end of this ceramony.

They looked at each other as the pastor continued " It is now time for the bride and groom to exchange rings. Edward looked over at Al who was standing next to him, Al reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring, he handed it to Edward who smiled at winry and held out his hand so he could take hers. He placed the ring on her finger and then Winry did the same to Edward. They looked at each other and then to the pastor who went on with the wedding ceramony. They held hands and listened.

The pastor then began to start the I do's, "do you,winry rockbell, take edward elric to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold through sickness and in health for rich and for poor till death to you part?" " I do" she answered joyfully. (AN- bare with me here i dont know this wedding stuff, i dont think i had the pastor ask the question right... :3)

Edward listened to the pastor ask winry the same question he was eager to answer himself. when ed heard those two words come out of winrys soft lips he felt his heart pound with profound happiness "Do you edward elric" the pastor started " Take Winry Rockbell to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold through sickness and in health for rich and for poor till death do you part?" " I do." Edward answered as he looked at winry and smiled " Then i now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." Ed and Winry moved closer, they leaned in, Ed slightly taller than winry ( AN: Edward is around 5,9 5,10 And winry is 5,8 5,9 ) Edwards lips touched winry's, He pulled her slender body closer to his own so he could deepen the kiss, he wrapped his arms around her and then slowly pulled his lips away. Edward leaned back and looked into her sparkling blue eyes. She teared up as his shinning golden eyes looked into hers. he smiled and leaned down to kiss her one last time before they looked out at the guests who were looking up at them with proud and happy expresions.

Ed looked over at his best man, Al looked up at his older brother and smiled. Edward smiled back then looked over at Winry who was recieving hugs from her brides maids and some guests. Once Winry had given the last one a hug, Ed patted his little brother on the shoulder then walked over to take his new bride. Edward laughed lightly as he scooped her up in his arms and took off down the isle. Winry giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. The guests laughed and cheered as they watched Edward and Winry Elric get in there car and drive away.