Chap. 6

A New Beginning

Disclaimer … do I even need to do one of these? … Hmmm well I guess I can just do it anyway. I DO NOT OWN FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. Hiromu Arakawa does. Thanks readers.


"KAYA!" Edward yelled "GET YOUR LITTLE NAKED BUTT BACK IN THIS BATHTUB!" She ran as fast as she could, Speeding up every time her dad's outreached hands got close. "Hehehe Ya gotsa catch me dada!" Edward jogged down the hallway, almost slipping in her little puddle foot prints. Finally, he got just close enough to scoop her up in his arms. "Ahh! No no Dada, I can't goes in dare!" Ed chuckled "and why would that be?" Kaya just stared at him her big blue eyes. "Alright, well why you continue trying to come up with a reason, why don't we finish your bath?" Kaya looked down the hallway towards the bathroom then back to her daddy. "Do I has To?" she asked in her sweet little voice. "Yes, now no more arguing" Edward walked towards the bathroom, his little girl still squirming in his arms. He had finally gotten her back in the tub when there was a knock at the door. Releasing an exasperated breath he got up from his knees on the bathroom floor. "Kaya, stay put!" "Oh tay Da da" she gave him a very big smile as he walked out. Edward reached the front door and swung it open. "Hey bro!" Al said as he walked into the house. "What you up to?" "I am trying to give my daughter a bath." Just then a naked little body zoomed past them. "Ha ha, and how is that going for ya?" Al Asked, A big smirk on his face. "I am going to hit you Al!" Al just laughed and walked toward the direction Kaya had run. "Here Ed Let me give it a shot." "Ha ha ha Good luck, I have been doing this for three hours now" Ed sat down on the couch and Put his head in his hands. He thought about doing this for 16 more years and the hell of a lot tougher stuff he will soon have to deal with. He let out an exhausted breath. "Alright, All done." Edwards head shot up. "WHAT? How?" "Hi Dad da, I is all cwean" Ed gave her a smile. "wow Al that is amazing!, I am gonna need you over here at least once a day now" Al Laughed and set Kaya on her feet. She took off running as soon as she hit the ground, giggling and laughing as she ran. Ed watched her Run Into the living room and pounce on a sleeping Den. "She looks so much like her mother" Al said as he moved to watch Kaya with his older brother. "I know, she is so beautiful." Alphonse smiled and put his arm around Ed's shoulders. "HEY DADA!" Ed ran towards his daughters yell "Kaya! What's wrong!" "Looky Whas I foun!" She popped up from behind the couch a little silver object in her tiny fingers. Ed sat down on the couch as Kaya tottled toward him. He heaved her up and sat her on his lap. "What ya Got There?" he took the little silver piece from his daughters hands and examined it. It was a tiny screw, The type Winry had used on his Automail. "This was one of your mom's" Edward explained as he Moved to put it in his pocket. "NO NO NO I WANSA KEEP IT!" Ed froze, realizing just what this meant, This adorable little girl he held on his lap was more like her mother than he had realized. She was going to become a mechanics geek just like Winry. This brought a tear to his eye and he pulled his wonderful two year old daughter into I tight tight hug. "Da da I cants bweave" he released and kissed her on the forehead. Kaya looked up at her dad. "I wuvs you dada" She said as she craned her neck and placed I similar kiss on Ed's nose. "I love you to baby girl"