World's Most Dangerous Princess

Chapter 1; Trust Me


Edward and I have been together for almost two years now and things have started to get pretty serious, but about a week ago Edward seemed a little distant, I thought he would just get over it but he hasn't, we barley even talk now, I tried asking Alice about it but she would just shrug and say 'I don't know' and I knew that was a whole load of BULLSHIT! Alice practically knew everything but she wouldn't talk to me ask much now, no, check that, the WHOLE FAMILY wouldn't talk to me, even Emmett! And he was the most talkative, happy, laid back person I knew. Something was seriously up. I was driving home from work when I saw Edward's silver Volvo in Charlie's driveway, oh, this is bad, this is REALLY bad Bella, I told myself. I got out of my truck and Edward got out from his car

'hi" I said not even bothering to look at him

"Bella, lets go for a walk" he said this is definitely not good I told myself again

"okay" I said and he walked into the woods, I followed silently behind him tripping a couple of times, he didn't even look back when I tripped or asked if I was alright, he stopped in the deep woods and leaned against a tree, I stood a couple of meters away from him leaning against a tree also, I could tell this was going to be very bad, very, very bad,

"Bella, you were the most important part of my life" he started and I didn't miss when her said 'were', so what was he trying to say, he didn't love me?

"Y-you don't love me anymore?" I stammered and he looked me emotionlessly in the eye

"I'm sorry, Bella, I cant pretend to be human anymore! Because you and I both know that I'm not, so that's why I met Arielle" he said still showing no emotion, is he for real?! Arielle, oh my God, he is leaving me for a mermaid,

"so your leaving me for a mermaid?" I said folding my arms, finally he showed some emotion but not the one I was looking for,

"Arielle is not a mermaid! She is a beautiful vampire, my kind? And I don't have to be careful with her, like I had to be with you, she's perfect in everyway but you, I cant even believe what I was thinking, I fell for a human? A stupid, plain, clumsy human, I was desperate, but I didn't think I was that desperate to fell for a human! But I met Arielle and were getting married in two weeks, I would invite you to the wedding but, I would probably end up killing you anyway" he shrugged, I collapsed, a stupid human? That hurt, I looked up at him to see him laughing

"aww, the poor human, cant even take one blow, goodbye Bella" he chuckled and he was gone. My reason for being, gone. Life was officially over. aww, the poor human, cant even take one blow his voice repeated in my head, poor human? I got up from the ground and I screamed, how dare he! POOR HUMAN?! I'll kill him, I'll kill him and laugh while be burns, I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL KILL THEM ALL! I started to shake from my anger and I let out another scream

"ooh, we feisty aren't we?" a voice said coming from behind me, I whirled in amazement and there stood a gorgeous tall vampire, he had gorgeous blonde hair and crimson eyes, I knew I should be afraid but for some reason I wasn't and I could feel that I could trust this vampire, he noticed I as staring and he laughed, I looked away

"I saw what happened and I'm sorry, whoever that boy was, he is crazy, you are beautiful and yes you are a human but you are definitely not plain or stupid" he said with a smile, I smiled at him but I suddenly felt like my chest was ripping open, like a hole was forming, I clutched my chest and fell to the floor again

"I could make that pain go away, if you want to come with me" he said offering his hand, I looked up to see him still smiling, I managed to make my free hand move and I took his hand in mine, he pulled up and I managed to get my legs to work as well, I stood up but I was wobbly, I lost my balance and fell on his shoulder, he caught me by the waist and I was sure that having a stranger hold you by the waist should feel really uncomfortable but like I said, I had a feeling I could trust him so I didn't care, he suddenly scooped me up and was flying through the forest, I was feeling very tired by now so I started closing my eyes

"sleep now, it's ok" he said soothingly and after that I was out like a light.

I woke up in a bed with a sheet draped over me, I stretched and sat up, I saw that the vampire that carried me to this place was sitting across the room smiling at me

"where am I?" I asked looking around the unfamiliar room

"your in the Volturi castle" he said and I immediately looked at him

"what?" I asked wide eyed, that name sounded so familiar…….

"I said your in the Volturi castle" he repeated chuckling, Volturi…

"Demetri? Is she awake?" a voice said coming from the door

"yes Aro, she's awake" Demetri said, Aro…….VOLTURI! VOLTERRA! ITALY! EUROPE! Oh God…..

"ah, Bella, so good to see you again!" Aro said coming into the room, I looked at him and saw him standing beside my bed smiling at me

"Aro" I nodded, and he laughed

"so you haven't forgotten me?" he said laughing and of course I had to laugh at that

"nope, I am human but I don't forget thing too easily" I laughed, and he suddenly looked very serious

"Demetri has told me what Edward has done to you, I'm so sorry Bella" Aro said and that reminded me, I wanted to do something

"so you have heard….. Uh Aro? I know this is very awkward but Edward has hurt me really badly and I have no where to go so I was thinking about…joining your guard" I said shyly, I looked at him waiting for an answer, he only laughed,

"of course Bella! You may join the guard, I was hoping you would like to!" he said still laughing, Demetri started to laugh too, I looked at both of them raising my eyebrows

"hoping?" I asked smiling

"yes! I have a feeling that you will have a very powerful gift and there is only one way to find out" he said and I beamed

"she sure loves to smile" Demetri said and I turned to him and beamed even wider, he laughed and winked at me, my heart went double time and im sure they heard that, I blushed and looked down trying to hide my smile

"so uh, when am I you know, getting changed?" I asked a bit embarrassed

"well how's today in the afternoon?" Aro asked

"perfect" I smiled smugly.

Hey Guys! Ok so Bella's getting changed into a vamp! YAY! But what is she going to do then? Really, I have no clue. BUT! I'll think of something! Oh and I'm going to need help on Bella power….

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