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Ichibi: Sasuke's a GIRL?!

A/N: I've looked all over the place for a Fem!Sasuke fic, but I've never found one. Everyone seems to prefer to make female Narutos and pairing her with Sasuke or Gaara or someone annoying like that. Fem!Haku I can understand, as he's very androgynous already, but I digress. On to the Plot Bijuu!


By the measure of a Naruto universe, things in this one were the same as most others: Naruto carries the Kyuubi, gets on Team 7 with Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi with no extra abilities granted him in other worlds, and goes through the Wave Country arc s normal. But this story doesn't quite focus on Naruto himself, but on Sasuke. We join Team 7, minus Kakashi, in the Forest of Death, just as Orochimaru leaves Naruto with an extra seal on his stomach, and Sasuke with a Cursed Seal.

Sakura was worried. Naruto was unconscious from whatever the Snake Sannin had done to his stomach, and Sasuke-kun was out cold as well. Or rather, Sasuke-kun was out HOT, as he was burning up and moaning in pain. She had to fend for herself, something she hadn't had to do before, while protecting her teammates, something else she was new to. Thankfully, she didn't have to travel far to find a suitably fortified cave made from the roots of a tree, where she started building traps after laying her crush and Naruto beneath the tree.

After making the most of her academy-level trap-making skills, she returned to Sasuke's side, wiping off his forehead from the accumulated sweat of his feverish dreams. Sasuke had been banged up rather badly in his fight with Orochimaru (a name the ever-academic Sakura had read, but never dream she would meet, let alone fight), and some of what the Sannin had done had apparently cut Sasuke pretty badly, meaning Sakura would have to bandage him as well.

Blushing profusely, Sakura peeled off Sasuke's shirt to administer her academy-grade medical skills to his wounds. Her embarrassment was suddenly canceled out and overwhelmed by sudden curiosity over the bandages that were already on Sasuke's chest. Believing that the bandages were there for some other, older wound, she started taking it off, to replace it. After she got it all the way off, however, she was shocked to see something that nearly made her faint: Sasuke's breasts.

This is not to say that they were man-boobs caused by lack of exercise, especially as Sakura knew Sasuke worked out often, but the mammary glands of a twelve-year-old human girl. Horrified at the initial thought, Sakura quickly checked for what most kunoichi sought after in regards to Sasuke, and found instead what she would have found on herself in the same area.

Thankfully for Sasuke, and the story, Sakura managed to remember that she was trying to mend Sasuke's wounds when she discovered his, or rather, her actual sex, and quickly returned to the task. After finishing with that, she returned Sasuke to her original state of dressed, which was, indeed, dressed, and went to check on Naruto (and hope that she wouldn't receive the same surprise with her other teammate). Once she was certain Naruto was mostly unharmed and definitely male (Sakura's face would be red for hours, she was sure of it), she began contemplating her discovery.

I-I don't believe it... she muttered in her mind. How did no one know? I mean Sasuke-kun (or would it be Sasuke-chan now?) wasn't in the kunoichi classes, but he- she should have been if she is, but... Sakura found her head was starting to spin from attempting to contemplate the "How," so she started, instead, on wondering "Why." As in "Why would Sasuke pretend to be a boy?" Either sadly, or thankfully, Sakura was innocent yet, and didn't have any inkling that if the village Council had known, Sasuke-chan would have already been repeatedly forced into attempts to rebuild her dead clan.

Sasuke herself hadn't actually thought about that side of the equation, her reason for never correcting people on the proper use of pronouns concerning her was apathy. Pure and simple: she didn't care if everyone thought she was a boy, just as long as she got to kill her brother for killing their family. As for binding her, somewhat impressive for an almost-teen, breasts, Sasuke was annoyed at how they would get in the way and throw off her balance while training, and simply bound them tight to keep them out of the way.

Things continued much as they had in the original Naruto after that, though Sakura was thinking far more intently than she had been before, and the squirrel got crushed by one of her log traps (no great loss, Lee showed up anyway). It wasn't until they reached the tower in the center of the Forest of Death that the next change occurred. Sasuke had finished her match against Akado Yoroi with her Cursed Seal acting up as usual (though perhaps slightly more intently than before), and it was Kakashi's turn to learn about his favourite student's unintentional secret.

Sakura's match with Ino went the same as before, though Inner Sakura got some help by way of throwing images of Sasuke's true nature at Ino, scaring her out of their mind that way, though Sakura found herself oddly unshaken in her loyalty to Sasuke, even knowing that she wasn't into girls like that.

Orochimaru got the shock of his current life upon seeing the half-naked Uchiha girl, though it didn't last long, as he was already in a female body at the time, anyway. His plans hadn't changed, but he would have to assign someone other than Karin to be Sasuke's mate before possessing her, as two girls obviously couldn't make more Uchiha bodies for him to inhabit.

All-in-all things were mostly unchanged by this revelation, if one were to consider the way things work in the Naruto-verse. But there were a myriad of ways things could have been different that this author didn't want to explore at this time. Perhaps whoever decides to adopt this fanfiction Jinchuuriki could take things in a new direction, or even change the time of discovery, but I'm not that imaginative.


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