Jyuunanabi: Ninjamorphs (needs better title)

A/N: This is a crossover with Animorphs, which is a series that doesn't have much love on ffnet, even though it's a pretty good story. Also, since ffnet doesn't allow great than/ less than signs, thought-speak will be in slashes /like this.\

My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I'm not even going to try to conceal my identity any, especially since I'm writing this after we've won. Won what, you ask? Well, that's a long story...

It was only a few days after Kakashi-sensei's bell test, and, oddly, he had practically ordered us to get to know each other better, on the premise of learning to be a better team. Sakura, well, she didn't really have much more to add than we already knew: she was the first ninja in her family, she was incredibly obsessed with Sasuke, and she didn't like me.

Sasuke was going to be a tough nut to crack, so I decided to go next. The two of them had already known the basics: I was an orphan and none of the adults liked me. But they were surprised by some of my depths, having only known my prankster side. I had already shown them my apartment, which had Sakura rather shocked about the condition it was in. But now I was taking them to my favourite spot in the village, on top of the Hokage Monument, specifically, the Yondaime's head as it neared sunset.

"Oh, wow..." marvelled Sakura. "Naruto, this view is amazing!"

"Yeah. Not many people come up this way, so I like to come up here to think. And... looking at the village like this... it reminds me why I want to be Hokage. I want to protect this – my home."

It was right after I said that, that our fortunes changed, and a war even more secret than the typical ninja war was revealed to us. Sasuke, with his keen eyesight, saw it first. A collection of blue lights that were coming down from the sky. Right to where we were standing. We all prepared a kunai to fend off whatever it was, only to have to shield ourselves from the wind as the egg-shaped thing touched the ground. It wasn't long after it appeared that it opened, a bright light shining forth from a circular hole that had opened up in the side.

/Do not be frightened,\ said a voice. Only, it had arrived in our heads without bothering to go through our ears. As we glanced at each other and held our weapons more resolutely, a figure stepped out of the light.

It was a strange figure, like a horse with a human torso where the horse's head would be, and small horns on top of its human head. It stepped forward, the human part holding itself high, before it suddenly stumbled and hit the ground. Without even looking at us, Sakura dashed forward.

"You're hurt!"

/Yes,\ said the voice. /I am dying.\ A wave of pain, coming from the same place as the voice, swept over me, and I heard a gasp off to the side. The horns, which I could now see had eyes on top, which was kinda creepy, to be honest, twisted towards the direction the gasp came from. /You can come out. I will not hurt you.\

Sasuke and I looked over in the same direction and I blinked in surprise as Hinata stepped out of the shadows. I hadn't even realized she was there, but she shyly stepped closer to us, poking her fingers together. The creature looked up at Sakura with a pair of eyes on its face, so it had four in total, and said something we couldn't hear.

"But, we've got to get you to a hospital or something!"

/No. I will die. The wound is fatal.\

Hinata stepped closer to the figure, like Sakura, as Sasuke and I stayed at the ready, "B-but, you can't die... Y-you're something unique a-and..."

/I am not unique. There are more like me out there,\ the creature pointed towards the sky. /But what is more important are the ones that are down here.\

"What do you mean?" asked Sasuke. "If there are more like you in the Elemental Countries-"

/They are not like me.\ The creature let our another burst of pain. I knew that sensation. I felt it when my Shadow Clones died against Kakashi-sensei. It was death. He was dying before our eyes.

"How are they different?" asked Sakura.

/They are here to rule you all.\ The mental voice left no room for doubt. He was telling the truth.

"But wouldn't someone have noticed even something so... alien?" asked Sasuke.

/They are vastly different from you or I. They are called Yeerks and they are... parasites, living in the bodies of other species. When they have taken a host, what we then call "Controllers," they learn what they need to do to blend in and pretend to be the person they took over. If they can, they attempt to get voluntary hosts, but they can still take control of an unwilling target.\

"So why don't we just tell someone about it?" asked Sasuke. "With your ship and your body, I'm sure we could convince the Hokage to-"

/They will leave no trace of either one. They have weapons that can eliminate all but a few molecules. And they will be here soon.\

"But no one will believe us without proof!" I protested. "We have to get you to a hospital or something!"

/There is no time. But, perhaps...\

"What?" asked Sakura.

/Go into my ship. There is a small blue box inside. It is plain, but it should be obvious where it is. Bring it here quickly, I have little time left, and the Yeerks will be here soon.\

She then nodded before going into the egg-shaped thing the creature came out of. It wasn't long after that she re-emerged, a small, blue box in her hands.

/Gather around,\ said the creature. /And each of you place one hand on a side of the box. I am going to give you power, the ability to fight against the creatures that are invading your world.\ Sasuke was already over there when the creature said "power," and I reluctantly followed after, before doing as he asked. Then one of his hands, which I then saw had seven fingers, joined us on another side of the box, and I felt a strange tingling sensation go throughout my body.

/You now have the power to morph,\ the creature explained. /All you must do is touch an animal and concentrate, and you will be able to assume its form. But do not stay in its form for more than two of your hours, or you will be trapped like that forever.\ Suddenly, the blue light that bathed the area was being overlapped by a red light, and a sense of panic came over us from the creature. /Run! Now! You do not yet have the power to face this foe!\

"But what about you?" protested Sakura.

/I am not long to live regardless. Please, just go!\ And he shoved her away with a hand to her forehead. She reeled back for a moment, before shaking her head and joining us as we all shot off into the woods with speed that startled the creature, though I stopped for a quick moment to grab the box. But I had to see what it was we were up against, if it was a creature we could not truly fight, so I stayed in the shadows, careful not to be seen. I could tell that Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata had stuck around as well, though we all hid in different areas of the forest surrounding the Yondaime's head.

The red lights revealed themselves to be another vessel, this one shaped like a double-headed battle axe, as well as two cockroach-looking ones that landed on either side. From the axe-like ship's side a door formed, and several strange creatures, covered in blades and holding what looked like strangely-shaped crossbows emerged, before forming a perimeter around the clearing.

/Hork-Bajir,\ came the creature's not-voice, startling all of us. /They are involuntary Controllers. A good people enslaved against their will. They are to be pitied.\

After that, several strange, worm-like beings slithered out of the ship, four glowing red eyes around their circular mouths.

/Taxxons. They are also Controllers, but unlike the Hork-Bajir, they are voluntary. They are evil and eat anything they can.\

It wasn't long after that, that the Hork-Bajir and Taxxons turned towards the axe-like ship. I wasn't a genius by most means, but even I could recognize when something stood at attention.

And out stepped another one of the creature who gave us the power to morph. But unlike the nice one, this creature gave off Killing Intent unlike anything we had ever felt before.

/Visser Three. The only Andalite Controller.\ It seemed like the "Andalite" had more to say, but he was cut off as "Visser Three" spoke, his mental voice dripping malevolence.

/Well, well. Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. It has been a long time, hasn't it? How many of our fighters did you shred in the battle above? Seven? Or was it eight? Ah, well, it doesn't matter. You are the last Andalite in this system, aside from my host, of course. I watched as the dome ship burned, descending into this quaint planet's atmosphere.\

/There will be more,\ the creature, Elfangor, replied.

/And by then it will be too late. We'll have taken this world, I'll be Visser ONE!\

/Why this world? You have so many others, why would you want this one?\

/Because they are so easy to fool, especially since our agent took care of one of the only clans that could detect an infected host. And their powers make them useful no matter what world we'd take them to. And I promise you this, Prince Elfangor.\ Visser Three moved closer to the fallen prince, and I was sorely tempted to leap out and attack. /After we've taken this world, we will move against the Andalite home world, and I will personally see to having my top lieutenants put in your families'- ARGH!\ Just as Visser Three was making his threat, Elfangor struck with a barbed tail I hadn't noticed before, striking very close to one of the horn-eye-things upon his head. At the same time, his ship fired a bright blue beam that utterly destroyed one of the roach-like ships.

Even with the distance I was from the clearing, I could feel the heat of the Yeerk's ship burning away.

/FIRE!\ roared the Visser. /DESTROY HIS SHIP!\ The axe ship and the remaining roach ship fired and the friendly Andalite's ship burned. But in the light of the beams, I saw something that chilled me to the bone: the shine of ninja headbands, a few of which had lines slashed across them. There were already some human-Controllers. Some were even missing-nin. His mental voice seething, Visser Three commanded his soldiers to hold Elfangor.

And then we saw why Elfangor had warned us off trying to fight at this time. Visser Three began to morph. It wasn't pretty, nor was it impressive, as I'm sure he didn't want the ANBU who patrolled near the monument to find them. Unless, of course, the ninja I saw were the ANBU that patrolled near the monument.

Whatever it was that Visser Three morphed into, it was big and round, and from my vantage point I saw its mouth made up most of its body. And when it opened its mouth, it swallowed Elfangor whole. That's when I heard a rustle in the bushes and I glanced over to see that Hinata had fainted. And the Hork-Bajir and the ninja had noticed. I was noticeable as always in my jumpsuit, but with a quick henge into a masked ANBU I was able to use some clones to distract the Controllers as I grabbed Hinata and ran, hoping that Sasuke and Sakura were able to escape as well.

This was going to be tough.

It was a few hours later when we managed to meet up again. Hinata was awake, though she had fainted again when she saw I was carrying her. Sasuke was especially grim when I saw him.

"What's up, Sasuke?" I asked.

"Naruto. You and Sakura would have learned about this when it was my turn to talk, but... You know that I'm the last Uchiha in Konoha. What you don't know is that my brother is the reason." I was almost paralyzed with shock, and Sakura and Hinata were just as rigid. "And what that... Visser Three was talking about, of a clan that was destroyed that could have detected them? I think he was talking about the Uchiha clan." He glanced at Hinata. "The Hyuuga were probably next." Hinata clamped a hand over her mouth in fear as the implication set in.

"So, you think this agent of theirs was your brother?" asked Sakura. Sasuke nodded gravely.

"Its these Yeerks' fault that my family is dead. They're going to pay."

"B-but first we need to actually have some animals to morph into," said Hinata.

"That's not all," Sakura started. "When Prince Elfangor pushed me back... He put some information in my head. I know some weaknesses of the Yeerks that could help us out."

"So this is it, huh?" said Naruto. "Four rookie ninja against an army of mind controlling parasites? Looks like we're gonna need to get good fast."

A/N: And there you have it. A set up for what could be an interesting story. That is, if anyone else has interest in both of these stories. One big thing to remember is that Hinata is on a different team than the other three, not to mention Naruto's "friend" the Kyuubi.

Some bits that I thought of that you don't have to use is a list of various Controllers that could be used in this story:

Kakashi (for that added hardship)

Akatsuki (all of them, even Madara)

Orochimaru (Actually one of the oldest Controllers)

Hiashi (Its why he's such a dick.)

Neji (him too)

All Sound ninja

Danzo and his Root Ninja

However, the Hokage is not a Controller, though the Kazekage is. And Jinchuriki are so inherently powerful that they cannot be made into Controllers (especially evidenced by Gaara, which is part of the reason why the Kazekage-Controller continually tried to get him assassinated).