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The night was bitterly cold and overwhelmingly dark as I looked down upon the city. Unfortunately, it appeared there was another war ahead of me, although I had participated in the last one. I suppose the Gods didn't care, or rather, the Holy Grail didn't care if one had already taken part in the war. However, needless to say, I was quite shocked to find that there was, indeed, another Holy Grail. Though who had made it, and how…those are questions I cannot answer as of the moment. All I know at the moment, is that the world is again at risk for being destroyed by greedy people who don't know enough to leave well alone. I suppose the dangers that took place five years ago were meaningless to these fools, and so now a new Holy Grail awaits the Master that can grasp it. Unfortunately, I must be the one to do it.

I, Emiya Shirou, as a self-declared superhero, must rectify any and all horrible deeds done against the justice of man. Of course, that's just a flowery way of saying I'm not going to let anyone die, if I can help it. However, although I have appeared in the war before, I don't really remember anything about it. A few months after the war had ended, I was involved in a very serious magical explosion…caused by myself, of course. Trying to project weaponry is one thing…but trying to project fire is apparently not the best move to make. Also trying to do so in a place complete with noxious gases…definitely not the wisest idea. Why I am still alive, I'm not sure. My best friend Tohsaka Rin said it was due to my ridiculously fast, healing body. When I asked her why I was still healing after she told me I shouldn't be, she couldn't answer. She only muttered something about a sheath before ending the discussion, and leaving me very confused.

I wouldn't have been able to get her to answer anyway – at the time, I hadn't even remembered her. The explosion caused me to have a serious case of amnesia, and as it hasn't cleared up after five years, I'm not going to hold my breath about it ever returning. As such, I recall nothing from the last war, nor who was in it. Rin said that she had participated as well with her Servant, Archer. That bit of information just went over my head – who was Archer, and why did I just hate the sound of his very name?

My stepsister, Illyasviel von Einzbern, had competed as well; this information definitely surprised me as she looked like a little brat. She told me later that she was actually older than I was, and so she's off in some astute graduate school in the middle of England. Well, I say "bah" to the little girl who looks like she'll never hit puberty – of course, I would never say that…unless I like running for my life. Just so you know: I don't. Ah, and Ilya – the name we call her by – was the Master of the Servant Berserker. Fits her perfectly, I think…the little demon.

The two women never told me who the other Masters were, though I'm not sure why. I suppose that since they were all dead that they weren't very significant anymore. I really wish I could find out their identities though, just for the sake of maybe getting my memories back. Something tells me though, that I don't really want them back, while at the same time, I do. It's all very confusing, and gives me a headache on a constant basis.

As for my Servant from the last war…well, I don't know who he was, or perhaps it was a she? Either way, I don't remember him or her, and all I know is what Servant he or she was: Saber – supposedly the strongest Servant to have been released, which I suppose makes sense. Saber did win the last war, or so I was told. It's ridiculous how I can't remember even my own Servant! It makes me more and more angry by the second, but there's nothing I can do. I'll deal with it, as I have for the past five years, give or take.

Sighing, I look down over the city Rin and I live in – no longer Fuyuki City, but more towards the north, with some highly distinguished university that deals solely with the actions and concerns of magic. It can't really even be called a city, but more like a village without a definite name. I didn't even want to move here, though it really is very beautiful to behold. I was actually forced to take residence in the quaint area, by none other than the demon woman herself, Rin. I wasn't even given a choice – hell, I didn't even get a chance to do anything. One night after the end of high school, I laid down at my estate and then the next day, I'm here. Needless to say, I was taken aback (to put it lightly) and very annoyed (putting it even lighter).

"You're a magician," she had said, arrogantly tilting her chin up as she glared over at me from the corner of her bright, turquoise-blue eyes. "You can't deny your existence, or your powers, so don't act as if you can live a normal life. Especially after being in the last war."

Rebukes? Complaints? Demands of returning? Those were immediately washed aside by the storm dubbed Rin. I hate her for that.

All in all, though, I have enjoyed my time here, though I haven't made any new friends. I only know strengthening and projection magic, and Rin says my magic circuit is too pathetic to try and learn much else. Did I ever say how nice she is? Yeah, no. However, Rin is very, very accomplished in her magic usage, and I learn a lot from her every day. For some reason, she hits me with a shinai every time I mess up on my magic or knowledge, or at least tries. It never hits – I'm happy about this, and quite proud, too – since I am very adept at swordsmanship (I don't recall why).

In any case, that is my situation as of the moment. It's been the same thing for five years – study, work, deal with Rin, and practice. I don't mind it, and quite like my little ritual, but that happy atmosphere ended a few days ago. That was the day I received my Command Spells, and was the day chaos suddenly began to reign.

The day the Command Spells came, dark clouds swarmed the sky, and Rin and I could easily feel the horrible evil magic brewing around us. The Holy Grail had been resurrected – I thought it was cut to pieces? What happened to that? – and the sixth war was about to begin. At first, Rin and I had thought everyone from the previous war would be involved again, as we both had been granted Command Spells, but after a phone call to Ilya, that thought was quickly erased from our minds. She had actually brought up a decent point:

"The wars should be approximately sixty years apart," Rin had told me anxiously as she looked down at her right hand. "And they should not include that of previous participants, as there's no fun in those that have already been witness to the tragedies that befall a Master. Plus…"

Her eyes had darkened then, and she fell completely silent. I'd crossed my arms over my chest and tilted my head up slowly in thought. One thing had bothered me:

"I thought that the fourth and fifth war had been ten years apart."

She'd been a bit surprised to hear that, but she'd nodded slowly. "Yes, they were…but the Holy Grail had been destroyed both times…"

"So, perhaps the evil has not been purged enough? And because no one's made a wish…"

Rin's eyes had darkened further, anger flowing throughout her. She turned towards me, jaw clenched tightly. "We summon by the light of the full moon, at two. Be prepared."

That night, was tonight, and I had less than thirty minutes to get back home to begin the summoning process. Rin was going to kill me. I backed away from the ledge overlooking the city and began to run down a narrow curve leading into the woods surrounding the area. The grass crunched under my feet, each soft blade gliding gently against my jeans as I raced through it. Since I was in a hurry, I wasn't going to go all the way down the narrow, winding path to the outskirts of the city.

"Trace:…on!" I yelled out, jumping off the ledge and into the air of nothingness.

Right above my hands formed orange lines of polygonal shapes, each shape stretching out until the magic solidified and I was hanging from a glider (a poorly constructed glider, but one nonetheless). My weight shifted forward violently as the glider caught wind and I was pulled up with a small draft. A bead of sweat ran down my right temple and I grunted slightly from the amount of magic I had to keep pouring into the craft. I could handle the amount, sure, but it was still taxing to keep it steady as I could die if I made a mistake.

I glided slowly towards the ground within city limits and fell down five feet from the air. Hitting the ground rolling, I quickly jumped up and dashed off towards a fairly average-looking house towards the center of town. I swept through an alley, splashing through puddles and sliding hard against bricked walls. As soon as I skidded out of the last alley and ran down a residential street, I knew I was both caught and in deep trouble as I felt malicious intent striking towards me.

I slowed down to a walking pace, a grimace sweeping across my face as I noticed Tohsaka Rin standing in front of the house we both lived in together, tapping her foot impatiently. Her darkened blue eyes turned towards me and I swear that time stood still at that moment. When I was within a few feet of her, she shifted towards me and walked up close, peering up angrily. She often liked to say that my height over her made it hard for her to have an impregnable presence. I say she's full of crap.

"Shirou," she began softly, backing up as she realized glaring wouldn't faze me much. "You realize that I was in London when you had your accident, and only came back to help you with whatever I could, right?"

I scratched the back of my head, frowning softly. "You said you would leave as soon as I got better."

"Yeah," she muttered. "I did say that, but I didn't go. I instead decided to enroll here and teach you what I could."

"I'm really grateful, too. Sorry I'm such a bad student."

"No, you're fine. And besides, I promised Sa–…ah, I made a promise to someone. I don't really even regret a thing – teaching you has been a interesting experience."

"Kind of painful, though," I mustered out, laughing a bit. She laughed as well, before her expression became serious again.

"But, you know Shirou, when I first began to teach you, there was one thing I constantly stressed you to always do. Do you remember what it was?"

One thing? I thought to myself, frowning more deeply. There were about five thousand things she told me to always do.

Rin sighed when she realized I couldn't remember. She held up her left hand, clearly showing her gold-plated watch for me to see. The light of the street lamps bounced off of it, making it shimmer slightly before she dropped her hand.

"Timing," she finished. "Timing is of absolute essence. If you happen to miss your chance, you could miss out on everything, and eventually, even your life. If you remember nothing else, then please try to remember at least that."

"Rin, I'm sorry about–"

"It's fine," she stated with another sigh. "I had a feeling you'd forget, so I prepared everything for the both of us anyway. Now, come on unless you want to miss the chance to Summon properly."

"Oh, yeah, sure," I murmured with surprise. She hadn't been too angry, so I suppose she was extremely worried about the sixth war, too. I shouldn't call it the luck of the draw since it's such a serious situation, but I do feel sort of indebted to the war. That's about fifty hours of life I still have not doing random magic spells that usually backfire anyway.

As I walked into the house and down the stairs towards the basement, I pondered over my situation. Since we both had received Command Spells, and no desire to go about fighting each other, we decided to become a team from the very beginning. Together, we would be summoning a Servant in preparation for the war to come, and then we would be putting our heads together for a quick way to end everything. She told me that this process had never really been done before, as most Masters never knew each other before the entire initiation thing. Actually, now that I thought about it, it really was kind of awkward how Rin and I knew each other, and had both received the Command Spells. We received them on the same night, at the exact same time.

Everything was making me extremely wary. With every step down, I kept getting flashes of a darkened cellar, and I kept smelling a horrible, dreadful stench. The envisioned smell was starting to make me real nauseous real quickly, and my breathing quickened. The darker it got, the worse the smell became, and towards the bottom of the stairs, I sank to the ground on my knees, and breathed in and out harshly. Rin knelt beside me, asking what was wrong ever so softly, and rubbing my back gently.

"S-so…dark," I gasped out, wrapping my arms around my stomach tightly. "Th-they're there… I feel…pain… Dark…"

She seemed to understand what I wanted as she had vanished from my side and seconds later, a light immediately flicked on and encased the room in brightness. As soon as the light came on, I felt my queasiness die quickly, and my fear along with it. Actually, I was feeling pretty stupid as I sat there looking at the floor, wondering what had happened. Rin knelt down beside me again, her eyes filled with worry. I shook her off, embarrassed by my sudden fears, though I didn't know where they had come from.

Rin backed away slowly, as if afraid that I might freak out again. I wasn't planning on it.

Shifting my gaze to look across the basement, my eyes laid upon two summoning circles, prepared neatly on the floor. Rin followed my line of sight, and her eyes hardened slightly. She walked over to the farthest circle, and stood in the center of it, while motioning for me to do the same. I walked over to the other circle, staring at the design as images appeared before me:

A darkened shed full of miscellaneous junk.

The feeling of impending doom as I fell back against the ground.

Red glinting eyes glaring down at me as I screamed out.

A sudden flash of light.

The fair locks of golden-blonde tendrils waving in an unfelt breeze, and piercing jade-green orbs…

I gritted my teeth as the images ran through my mind, before quickly expelling them. They were nonsense, and I didn't know where they were coming from. I moved to stand in the center of my summoning circle, and looked over at Rin for guidance. She tilted her head slightly, frowning.

"This is where we do our chant," she explained. "No need for it to be simultaneous, but we can't lose our focus, or we will screw up. Are you ready?"

Nodding once curtly, I turned my head away from her and closed my eyes shut tightly. Holding my right fist out in front of me, I whispered out,

"I proclaim:…"

Hearing her begin her chanting as well, I continued on:

"Thy body shall be under me; my fate shall be thy sword. If the convocation for the Holy Grail acknowledges this resolve and purpose, then grant me a response. I hereby swear: I am to become all matter's virtue, I am to vanquish all matter's evil. O three great words of spirit, ensconced by the seven heavens, overcome the wheel of restraints."

I paused slightly, bringing my right thumb up to my mouth and nipping it quickly with my teeth. Blood welled up through the cut and I quickly flung it downwards towards the glowing circle, now ripening with magic. The drop of blood hit the reddened lines, and the energy flared up around me. Wind began to roar, causing my short bangs of hair to wave wildly in the breeze. Flicking my gaze over at Rin, I saw the same things occurring to her, and I quickly turned back to concentrate more. I threw my fist out once more and swung it to the side, shouting,

"O guardian of equilibrium!"

Light swung around me as soon as those words were spoken, and I was pushed back into a wall by the powerful force of heightened magic. Gritting my teeth, I looked over to see Rin in a similar situation, and grunted slightly as I forced myself to stand. I slid against the wall, one sidestep after another until I was finally right beside Rin. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I moved in front of her, shielding her from whatever debris might come flying in this direction. She looked up at me, so surprised that her eyes seemed to widen imperceptibly.


"Hang on," I muttered, grunting when I felt something hard bang against my back.

Wind continued to roar around us, racing against the walls and boxes of junk lying around. We both cried out when a large gust flew towards us, and I gasped out in pain when it hit me at full force. A sharp clang of something – weapons? – was heard, and then the sound of shoes skidding across the cement. Within seconds, the wind was cut through, and stopped immediately.

Both Rin and I stared in disbelief at two figures glaring at each other through the dirt and debris. I slid back across the ground, quickly forming a short sword in case the two were dangerous enemies, but Rin stood up quickly, her facial expression full of astonishment. I looked up at her before glancing back at the other two figures. The dust soon began to thin and my vision grew sharper as I looked through the lightened basement. Rin took a step back, and I glanced over at her curiously.


Archer? I thought, quickly becoming astonished myself. Wasn't that the last Servant she'd had? Huh, what were the odds of that? And she knows the Servant just by looking at it? Well, that was kind of cool…

Impressed, I gazed over at whom Rin was staring so fondly, and felt a pang of annoyance. The second the man's grey eyes locked with mine, I found myself very annoyed. I didn't like him. I didn't know why, or how I knew that, but I couldn't stand the very sight of him. I didn't even want to be in the same room with him. Bastard.

Rin left my side and quickly ran up to hug the white-haired man tightly, and though he seemed rather distant in general, he returned her hug with as much fervor. Well, whoop-dee-do for him then. Bastard.

I turned away from the scene that made me want to gag, and looked at the other Servant who had been summoned. I stared hard at it, frowning when that earlier image of jade-green eyes and golden-blonde hair fluttered through my mind. I looked down the Servant from its dark-brown boots, to the white, blue, and gold one-piece that billowed at the hips, and onwards to the metal breastplate and gauntlets adorning it. Shifting my gaze up, I slowly took in her face, and another flash hit me:

Dark, jade-green eyes glaring at me as the woman yelled.

A flash of a sword as it glowed a brilliant gold.

The quick, steady movement as the young woman wielded the sword in battle.

A bloody hill.

The feeling of complete and utter hopelessness…

I gasped, clutching my shirt with my right hand as I glared at the figure. It was only then that I noticed lines of tears slowly sliding down her cheeks, and I locked eye contact with her, amazed and horrified by her expression of hope and pain. I watched absently as she took a hesitant step forward towards me, before she took another, and another. I did nothing but watch her as she wrapped her arms around me and cried deeply into my shirt. Without hesitance, I wrapped my arms around her. I didn't know why…I didn't even know who she was! Why am I doing this? I don't know her! Why is she touching me? Why can't I stop? Why…do I want to cry?

A barrage of emotions foreign to me ran through my body, and I began to take in harsher breaths. No, what was I doing? I didn't know this woman…I shouldn't…

I gently unwound her arms from around me, and pushed her back. Taking a step away from her, I turned my head while gritting my teeth.

"Shirou…?" the woman asked hesitantly, and I could hear the fear and hurt within just that one word. Tightening my fists, I looked up at her, and said the words I would instantly regret after:

"Who…are you?"