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"Yo, Mom!" Sister Alfred tossed open the door without so much as a faint knock.

"I've told you not to call me that countless times! So just leave me alone, you bloody wanker!"

"Calm down, I come in peace! I was just talking to Sister Francis, and I got to thinking..." He trailed off, an almost wistful expression on his face.


"...Well, maybe we should let Feliciano come home. It's been a week, and I miss the little guy. Those kids have probably eaten him alive. I mean, what were you thinking letting him go? He can't survive out there!"

The Mother scoffed. "He's fine. You just want a reason to bother me. Now, go back to whatever you were doing. And while you're at it, can you double check to make sure Sister Vash isn't hiding any guns again?"

"No. I'm not leaving." Alfred said firmly, suddenly walking so close to the desk Arthur was sitting at that their noses were touching. "I have other things I want to talk about."

"I figured, git." Surprisingly, he laid a hand to the side off the other's face.

"KISSHIMKISSHIMKISSHIM-oh-YESSSSS~" The eldest Von Trapp squealed from her position in a tree. As she watched the nuns, she wondered if her siblings and governess would notice her absence. But she so often disappeared, they had to be used to it. Lately, she'd been stalking these two particular male nuns who had the most...interesting...of relations. One moment, the taller blonde was being beaten upon by the smaller, and the next, they were pressing each other against a wall and kissing passionately. Yes...interesting...

"Alfred, do you hear something?"

"Outside the window?...Yeah, actually. You hear it too?"

"It sounds like something can't breathe...an animal, perhaps?"

Just when she thought she would pant until it affected her oxygen levels, she slipped the slightest bit and went crashing to the ground.

"Oww..." She moaned in pain.

"Sounds like whoever's out there just fell." Alfred unlatched the window. "Hey! Who the hell's out there?! You shouldn't be here! This is private property!"

"You idiot! The church isn't private property!"

Rather than have a conversation with the people she (frequently) spied on, Elizaveta scrambled back into town. She pushed through a crowd, running as fast as she could from her...entertainment. After shoving several people aside, she stumbled upon someone she was quite pleased to see. "Roderich!"

He looked down at the girl hugging his waist and gently nudged her away. "Please...not here."

"What's wrong?" She was puzzled and hurt with the way he was simply shrugging her off. He was usually much more affectionate, more of a gentleman. "Haven't you missed me?"

"Of course...but I can't really explain..why...I...Just. Let's hope your father doesn't get into any trouble now."

"Why, what's going on?"

"I can't...tell you." He turned away, strain in his usually unreadable face. "I just hope nothing happens..."

She tilted his face towards her. "Don't worry about my father. He hasn't done anything wrong."

"Yes, but he's so...Austrian."

"We're all Austrian." The girl giggled.

"Well, lots of people think we ought to be German. They're very mad at those who don't think so. In fact...they're getting ready to..." Roderich sighed deeply, as though he was speaking to a child about a matter they would never comprehend. "Be careful darling. I have to go." He stole a quick kiss on her cheek and hurried away.

As he was walking, she noticed for the first time he was wearing a uniform. That uniform.

What was going on?

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