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Title" Pleasing the Rock

Category: Romance

Rating: M (for safety)

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke And Uzumaki Naruto

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke, a well known business man had a problem. He needed to close a deal that would enhance his image in the business world. The problem is, the people he needed to pleased are Rock Lee, a person spouted about youthful love whether it's asexual or bisexual love and his wife Rock Haruno Sakura, who is a fan of Yaoi. So what does Naruto got to do with all this?


Chapter One: Prologue

Sasuke sat looking outside the window of his 37th office floor. He was thinking about the deal that he must at all cause close to be able to further his image in the business world. No matter what happen or what he should do, he's willing to do it just for that deal which he would benefit in the long run. The only question is how he will be able to please the rock couple, please enough to sign the contract.

Sasuke close his eyes feeling his migraine surfacing due to all the stress needed to prepare for the arrival of said Rock couple, from his mansion, where said couple would be staying, to the contract, to plotting of a plan to please and close the deal, and of course let's not forget that he had just returned from a 3 day long meeting from New York.

'Kakashi, you better have something good for me when you return, or god forbids what I'm going to do to you.' Sasuke thought thinking of his personal secretary who had told him to leave everything to him (Kakashi), that he would find an answer to his billion dollar question. And as if Kakashi heard him, Sasuke heard a knock on his office door and in came Kakashi holding a folder.

"Boss!" Kakashi said making his way to Sasuke's table where the previously looking outside the window Uchiha has turned his chair towards Kakashi.

"What do you got?" Sasuke said raising a perfect eyebrow towards Kakashi as he watches his secretary practically skipping with happiness.

"I got you some information that you can use to please the Rock couples." Kakashi said and waited for his boss reaction but when none came he sigh and hand Sasuke the folder he was holding and reporting his findings to his boss. "Rock Lee, the CEO of Rock Corporation is a big fan of youthful love, so all you need to do is show that youthful love of yours to him and as for ..."

"Youthful love? What the hell does it mean?" Sasuke asked looking at Secretary, thinking that he might have miss something because his genius brain doesn't process information the same as Kakashi's brain does.

"Seriously boss, youthful love means, be all lovey-dovey with you're lover." Kakashi simply said looking at Sasuke who was nodding on the information he had received. "And what's more, we can use your sexual preference in our advantage."


"Meaning, Rock Haruno Sakura, Rock Lee's wife is a big fan of Yaoi and since you like guys, well you know what I mean." Kakashi said looking at his boss who's mind is going fast phase processing all the information.

"Brilliant." Sasuke said, really he'd been worrying for nothing. He was telling himself off for being such a worry wart when he skids to a halt, after remembering one important detail. "Damn!" Sasuke swore making Kakashi look at him with interest.

"Care to elaborate?" Kakashi asked when Sasuke didn't said anything else after swearing.

"Damn, I don't have a lover, where the hell will I find one before the Rock comes." Sasuke said trying to think with his exhausted brain.

"One word boss. UCHIHA." Kakashi said saying Sasuke's last name.

"Oh yes, I forgot, I'm an Uchiha and a lot of people are dying to be my lover." Sasuke said, at the same time thinking why he had forgot the fact that he's an Uchiha. Damn!

"Now that we had settled this, why don't you head home and rest, you need it to think more clearly before you start choosing the right person for the job." Kakashi said before saying goodbye and good night to his boss, at the same time going home himself.

Sasuke left his office, driving towards his mansion, at the same time trying to relax his stiff muscles. 'After all this ends, I'm going to get a nice massage.' Sasuke thought. 'Damn, it started raining.' Sasuke added in his thought as he slowed down to make a right turn when suddenly he saw someone stumbling out of the alley shirt covered in blood, Sasuke watch as said man fall down on the cold ground while another person came out of the same alley holding a bloody knife.

Sasuke without thinking got out of his car and wrestled with the man holding the knife, after rendering said man unconscious, Sasuke called the cops and the ambulance before making his way to the barely conscious bleeding blond man.

"Hey, look at me." Sasuke murmured as he tried to get the blond man to stay conscious. Said man look up to his savior with blurry eyes, not really seeing anything. "Stay with me, listen to my voice and stay with me." Sasuke added as his eyes met with the blond strangers eyes. Sasuke could hear the arrival of the cops and the ambulance. The next thing Sasuke knew he was outside the hospital operating room talking to one of the cops while at the same time waiting for the doctor to finish operating on Uzumaki Naruto (According to the library I.D. the police had found on the unconscious man Sasuke had knock out). As for Naruto the only thing he could remember is the blue-black hair style in a chicken butt before succumbing to darkness.


Naruto lay on the bed, he was slowly waking up due to the slight pain in his lower abdomen, when he finally regain full conscious, the first thing he notice is the smell of his surroundings, it smells like disinfectant and the only place Naruto knew that smelled like that is a hospital. The next thing he notice was that his left hand was incase in something warm, wondering what it was, Naruto opened his eyes taking in his surrounding, silently congratulating himself on being right, that he was indeed in a hospital, he move his head to the side to see what was incasing his left hand, he didn't expect what he had seen.

His hand was held by a slightly larger hand with pale complexion. Naruto followed the hand upward towards its owner, and what he saw took his breath away. A handsome man with blue-black hair was leaning back on a chair with his legs spread apart in front of him. Naruto watch the handsome man chest as it rise and fall from the man's even breathing. He found that the man's other hand was on his side nearly touching the floor. 'I want to ask him a lot of question, but he looks so peaceful when sleeping.' Naruto thought sighing as he gave up on waking the man since he can't bear to wake someone who's sleeping especially if that someone looks really breath taking while sleeping. Instead Naruto lay on his hospital trying to not fall asleep again since he just woke up, sadly he lost and fell asleep again. The next time he had gain consciousness azure blue eyes met with onyx one.

"I see that, you're finally awake." The owner of the onyx eyes had said looking down at Naruto. "Stay still, I'll call a doctor." The owner of the onyx eyes had said again before pulling away his hand that was still holding Naruto's hand before leaving the room to get a doctor.

A few minutes later, the man with the onyx eyes returned together with a doctor. As the doctor examine Naruto, Sasuke spend those time to look at the man he had save, the blond hair was in a messy spike, those mesmerizing azure blue eyes, the cute nose, plump pink rosy lips that begs to be kiss, tan skin, the feminine curve of the man's slender body, all in all a complete opposite of his own physic.

"You're okay, just as long as you take things lightly." The doctor said declaring his diagnostic.

"Then can I go home now? I mean being in the hospital would cost me a billion, and I don't have that kind of money." Naruto said a little embarrass about not having enough money.

"You don't have to worry about the bill, your friend over here had taken care of it. But if you want to leave then it is okay, like I said your okay as long as you take things lightly for a couple of weeks." The doctor said who looks at Naruto who nodded before taking his leave and check his other patient.

"Uhm… I don't know you and you don't know me but thank you for everything. I'll pay you for the hospital bill as soon as I have the money." Naruto said looking at Sasuke after the door was closed behind the doctor.

"I'm Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke, and you don't have to worry about the hospital bill or paying me back, just think of it as my good deed for the year." Sasuke said offering his hand in introduction.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto and as much as I want to do what you had said, I can't, I don't like owning people something. I just don't." Naruto said shaking Sasuke's hand.

Sasuke watch as a big smile form in Naruto's face making his heart skip a beat, he didn't know why but somehow he wanted to get to know Naruto and have the blond in his side, so without even thinking he made a proposition to the blond. "Very well, how about doing me a big favor?"

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