A/N: I'm planning on making a fic with all of the boys and Sydney. I just…can't think of any ideas. Terrence and Jeremy are down. THEN, after I write one with each of the other boys, I plan on writing….George/Gurkin. There. I said it.

Pairing: George/Sydney

"But…You're pretty, Sydney!"

Sydney paused, staring at her reflection in the mirror. No one but her dad had ever really called her pretty. He didn't really count either since he was her father. Looking closer, she noticed there was a small blush on her face. Someone…had called her pretty. A guy, too.

If it wasn't for her totally non-date with Tyler, she might even get up the courage to ask George out. But then again…It's George. He was good looking, but he wasn't her type. Then again, what WAS her type? She had never really had a type. Maybe she SHOULD ask out George…

"Thanks George!" She screamed so he could hear her in the other room. You too. She thought.

A/N: I always loved how George said this. He IS adorable.