Unknowing Scared

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The Friday night light were gleaming around the fan covered stadium. The football players were at each other ramming and bumping into one another. It was the start of the first quarter and she was looking up in the stands for Goten and Trunks they promised not to miss her performance. As soon as she could she was checking her phone. Goten had never disappointed her. He was her best friend and a good one at that. She stared to worry when the end of the first quarter ended.

In the Car

"Dude admit it were fucking lost" Goten said throwing his hands in the air from the convertible Mercedes. "Shut up were not lost ok the GPS says were only five minutes away ok so chill out we wouldn't be late if your girlfriend wasn't crazy and had to ask you a million in one damn questions". He said turning on the street that he was directed to.

"Andria isn't the reason were late it's that stupid thing it's been saying were five minutes away for thirty minutes". He said getting upset with his prideful friend. "I built this myself and I know it works right". Trunks said looking at his dashboard.

"Yeah that would explain the Angelina Jolie voice and lack of working". He said challenging his friend and mocking his work.

"Shut it works ok I remember passing this street".

"So do I ten minutes ago".

"Don't get your thong in a bunch I see the stadium right there". He said pissing Goten off.

Goten just rolled his eyes. They pulled into the parking lot and got there tickets at the gate.

"There Bulla I see her on the field". Goten said pointing her out.

"Yeah come on I need ammo". Trunks said going to the concession stand.

Bulla was sitting on the side lines cheering for her football team and occasionally looking up in the stands for her family and friends. It was almost half time and she was going to perform soon. She just finished her sideline cheer when she felt a piece of popcorn hit her in the head. She was about to turn around and yell at some snotty stuck up girl when she turned and seen some familiar faces behind her.

"Hey Brat". She smiled back at her older brother plaguing her with popcorn.

"Eww it's the tooth fairy". She said crossing her arms and smirking in a very Vegeta like way.

"What did I tell you about that name, skunk face"? He said throwing more popcorn at her from over the stands.

"Ah I think that names suits you man". Goten said laughing at his best friends and sibling rivals.

"Fine then, pixie". She said laughing. When she heard the bell to the second-quarter ending.

"That's my cue guys' wish me luck". She said grabbing her poms and walking to the field with the other girls.

"Yeah break a leg, literally". Trunks yelled at her. She just smiled and shot him a bird.

He had no idea how he would have wished he never had said that.

After she was on the field Trunks looked at Goten and punched him in the arm.

"Do you always have to fuel the fire"?

"Hey ouch I'm nothing but an innocent by standard". Goten said laughing and rubbing his arm.

Bulla approached the field and started her cheer as the captain of the team. They did and tumbling sequence and a crowd cheer.

"WCHS will beat you were the best, WCHS will beat you were the best"! The sung out the music started and they started as well. Bulla did a back-tuck and the crowed cheers she smiled at the crowed and waved and then everything went black to her.

One girl on the team immediately screamed when she went down. Trunks and Goten jumped over the stands and rushed to Bulla's aid.

"Get me a paramedic over here". The coach screamed.

People were worried about their head cheerleader but they all started to pull out cameras and recorded the incident. While others snapped pictures of the fallen girl. Because after all she was a Briefs.

Trunks picked up his sister's lightweight body and carried her to the paramedic that was on sight. The medic asked him all types of questions about her and he answered them by telling him that she probably didn't eat earlier that day. He said it was typical for girls around her age. Trunks and Goten just wanted to cuss him out and say. "She's a Saiyan for Kami sakes she's eaten about a weeks' worth of food". They both restrained there selves from such an outburst.

"Which one of you is riding to the hospital with her"? The paramedic looked between the both of them.

"Goten go with her I have to get back and tell my parents". He said looking at his friend. Goten just looked at him and nodded.

"But what if I don't know something about her they need to know Trunks". He said yelling to him as he crossed the field.

"You talk to her more than anyone you're bound to know everything there is to know about her". Trunks ran to a spot where no one seen him and blasted off towards C.C.

He arrived and ran into his house. To find his parents making out on the couch.

"You're kidding me right you guys are just nasty". Trunks said making his parents stop there session.

"Why the hell are you back boy you even live here anymore"? Vegeta said angrily mad because he was interrupted.

Trunks just rolled his eyes as Bulma hit Vegeta for being mean.

"I'm here because Bulla is in the hospital". He said shocking his parents.

"What is she ok, what happened to her"? Bulma said shooting up from her seat.

"She passed out on the field Goten is with her in the ambulance right now we need to go now".

"How the hell did this happen". Vegeta said in confusing and concern over his little princess.

"I don't know but we got to go".


They rushed her into the hospital there was nothing but chaos. There were paparazzi all over the place and people trying to get a good shot of her. The Doctors and nurses asking him questions and touching her.

"What is your relationship to the Capsule Corp heiress"? A report asked. He had learned from Trunks you never talk to the press during crucial times and this qualified as one.

He just kept walking as they willed her into the Emergency Room.

"Hi him Doctor Marshall tell me what happened to her before she went down it's important I know". The doctor said asking him in a grave and serious tone.

"She was performing at a football game she did a flippy thing and smiled and clapped and blacked-out". He said hoping it was enough information.

"Ok thank you the nurse is going to need you to answer so questions that are going to help us out". He said in an understanding tone. Goten just wanted her to be alright so he agreed.

The nurse came forward and stared to ask in all kind of questions and writing them down some personal and embarrassing but he answered them all.

"Is the patient pregnant of could be".

"No not at all".

"Is she allergic to anything?"

"Um yea cheap lotion".

"Do you know the date of her last period"? The nurse said raising an eyebrow.

Goten hate to say it but he did because he remembered her cussing him out and crying on the phone because of cramps.

"Last weekend Monday". He said looking up at the ceiling kind of embarrassed.

The nurse nodded and gave him a smile.

"Does she smoke or drink or do any drugs prescription and non".

"No and No".

"Thank You we will update you as soon as we can sir and thank you it's rare I get a boyfriend who studies his girlfriend like she's his favorite subject". She said smiling and walking away.

"Ma'am I'm not her boyfriend". He said after her.

"I don't see why not". She said walking away from him. He couldn't sit down for anything when he seen the Briefs family and his Trunks fiancé' enter the private waiting room.

Bulma ran to him and started asking him questions.

"Goten is she ok have they said anything to you". She said practically crying.

"I'm sorry Bulma but no word yet". He said sadly delivering the news.

Bulma just sat down with her husband Vegeta looked out the window and seen the hospital lawn covered with photographers.

"I just want to blast them all the hell". He said hating how they always tried to exploit his family.

Trunks was a wreck worst then Goten. He just felt so stupid for what he said to her on the field.

"Calm down Trunks it your sister she'll be fine". Saneya his soon to be wife exclaimed sitting him down.

Vegeta watched Goten pace back and forward. His walking was making him nervous.

"Sit your ass down boy before me help you sit". Vegeta said not really even liking the concern Goten had for his daughter. It made him uneasy.

Goten didn't want to make him mad so he did as told. An hour later the doctor came out and said the words no one in a hospital wants' to hear.

"I have bad news".

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