They All Fall Down

It was the night of their wedding dinner it was all really happening to her. It was so unrealistic to her and it was exactly what she knew it would be. They had been planning this for four months and she was ready. It was going to be a small wedding only about fifty five people Bulla decided Goten was finally right about something. Bulma was so supportive of it but Vegeta was slowly coming along. Bulla had on a short yellow dress that came down to her mid-thigh. Goten KNEW it was too short for the occasion but he had to listen to about how it was her day and he just gave up and enjoyed her in the skimpy outfit. Bulla had been working the floor all night with Goten in tote. They were all laughing and joking around together. He just looked at her in awe she had grown so much since they had been together.

Goten was in disbelief still that she still wanted to marry him of all the guys she could have been with the moguls and businessmen. She had chosen to be with him and he had chosen to be with her and it was just that simple to the both of them. He felt a pat on his back and noticed it was his dad. "Are you okay son you don't look so well". Goku said rubbing the younger him's shoulder. "I'm just nervous dad I'm marrying her tomorrow and I don't even know what to say". Goten said propping his head up at the table.

"Well that simple, just do what I did, say yes". Goten almost slapped himself in the listening to his father's remedy to his problem. "Thanks dad that's all I needed to hear". With that left the scene. Goten had been in the mood for a bachelor party either so him and his buddies just had a couple drinks and played on the Xbox. That was enough for him. Trunks of coarse wanted strippers and kegs which he knew Bulla would find out about and kill him on the day of their wedding. Bulla on the other hand went to Las Vegas and probably had a penis party and strippers with lets thongs on. Goten shook his head at the thought. She was pretty fucked up the next morning when she got off the plane.

I caught a glimpse of her heading over to me. "A dance"? She said extending her hand out to his. He only replied with getting up slow dancing with her. He wanted to give her everything she could imagine. The flowers, the dress the location everything was how she wanted it to the tee. She nuzzled her neck into his shoulder and stayed there. Even after the song ended they didn't let go of each other or stopped dancing. Soon the floor cleared and they were the only ones left on the floor. The song Like Rain: Bruno Mars. He looked down and felt a tear on his chest. It was they were so wrapped up into each other nothing else could possibly separate them.

He knew that she was crying because she was happy because they were actually going to get married tomorrow. That was why his Bulla was crying. I looked down at her and wiped the mascara under her eyes away. "People are watching. I don't want your dad thinking I hurt your feelings". She gave him that same beautiful smile that she had been giving him for the last past almost two years.

It was time for the dinner to start and Bulla was left to do the toast. It was supposed to be there toast but Bulla personalized it more into her own. They both stood up with Goten's hand around her waist. "We just wanted to thank everyone for coming here tonight and that we appreciate the support and we love every single one of you. I think everyone know how important this day will be for use. According to the doctors I'm going to die I'm a Saiyan and I bet the odds." She stopped to console herself and keep herself together. Goten took the microphone and finished. "What we're trying to say is that were lucky we're here with each other and all of you are too. To help us celebrate our love for each other or family and friends, Thank You".

The entire room applaud as they gave there toast. Bulla was the happiest person in the world the night began to die down as she danced with her friends and partied into the night. They were at C.C anyway so nobody was going to kick them out. Goten watched her have fun be he noticed something about her. Instead of dancing to every song she'd have to sit down half way through. She probably wasn't feeling well she had been without her medication for almost a month Bulma was having a problem tweaking them. "Are you okay"? Goten said walking over to her. She shook her head leaned onto his shoulder for support. "I don't want this to happen, not right now…"

"I'll take you up stairs but if it gets worst I'm going to have to take you in". She agreed as she hoped into his arms bridal style and he carried her upstairs he stopped halfway as for she had to puke. Goten was concerned because it had been almost six months since a decline or spike in her health. Every time it happened it scared the hell out of him. It would last for two or three weeks and she would be fine but she didn't have any medicine and the wedding was tomorrow. It would break her heart if they had to postpone it because of her health. Goten knew she would probably go kicking and screaming. They reached the room that used to Bulla's in the main living compound and laid her down on the pink sheets.

He propped himself up as she lay on his chest while he covered her up with the blanket. Goten turned on the large LCD plasma and it landed on the baby channel Bulla smiled at the channel. "Soon enough "he whispered into her ear. It sent chills down her neck that raised the hair on her arms. Bulla played with her hair that was falling out the pins that the stylist strategically placed there. Goten kissed her forehead and held her tightly. They watched this lady give birth to triplets. Goten turned when they got to operation room. It landed on the E! It was coverage of her wedding that no one of the press was invited to and the highest security that money could buy. Bulla jumped up and headed to the bathroom in a rush. The last couple of days she'd been puking up everything always nausea and her entire body was aching mostly her back.

Goten was worried, more than ever for her safety. "Babe I'm taking you to the hospital." He wasn't sure if she heard him over the flushing of the toilet and the constant vomiting sound. "No, Goten please I'm okay". He walked in the bathroom and got her a glass of water. "Bulla I know how much this wedding meant to you but your health is more important."

Bulla smiled at him and flushed her face with water. "Goten my health is fine I just need to sleep". Goten wasn't buying it this time. "You woke up throwing up…." Goten cocked his head to the side and seen her smiling at him. She nodded in agreement as his thoughts were confirmed. "YOU'RE PREGNANT"! Goten yelled which could wake up the entire compound. "Be quite ". She said covering his mouth with her hands. "You're going to let everyone know with your yelling".

He stopped and kissed her on her cheek and put his hand on her stomach. "Why didn't you tell me Bulla"? He watched her shrub her shoulders as she got up off the bathroom floor. "I didn't want to spoil it before the wedding". Goten helped her on the bed and flooded her with questions. "How far along are you babe"? Bulla looked down at her fingers and counted. "Almost two months now I think I actually have a appointment coming up soon and I have this for you, I was going to save it as a wedding present but I'm sure now is a good time".

He watched her rattle though her purse and pulled out a couple of pictures. It was an ultrasound real of film. "I got a DVD made too". She handed him the four dimension pictures and he kissed her as passionately as he could. "Can I keep this one Bulla"?

She popped him on his forehead with her palm. "Of course dummy, it's your baby too". Goten looked at the picture and just cradled Bulla in his arms for the rest of the night thinking about the baby they made together that was inside of her. Goten let a tear stream down his face. They had finally made it and it hadn't felt so right or so beautiful then the moment in life that they were having with each other right now. Goten no longer felt like he had to rush everything just to be with her. Bulla didn't feel like she had to prove herself to anyone or worry about the next couple of years ahead of her but to live each day with Goten and the family they had already created.


A/N: It has taken me two years to end this story and I believe that this was the perfect time and place for it. Thanks for EVERYONE would read this story not just reviewed it.