Revenge of the Fallen Reboot

by Matthew W. Quinn

Author's Note: Saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on July 3rd. It was an enjoyable movie, but the storyline needed a lot of work. Here's how I would do it…

August 25th, 2009 AD, 1:15 AM

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Dozens of infantrymen from the PRC Nanjing Military District retreated down the narrow Shanghai street beneath the glowing moon. Their movements were staggered; one group would stop, unleash a stream of antitank missiles, and retreat, while a group of fleeing soldiers would cover them. From the west echoed the thump-thump of artillery.

Wreathed in fire from the humans' attacks, an enormous Decepticon rumbled after them on a gigantic single wheel. Another wheel hung over his metallic face and energy weapons mounted on his "shoulders" lashed the retreating soldiers. The human attacks slowed the monstrous mechanical alien, but they did not stop him.

"They're getting cut to pieces down there," Master Sergeant Robert Epps said inside the NEST helicopter overlooking the battle. "When are the Autobots going to jump in?"

"Just wait," Major William Lennox said, eyes narrow and sweat beading on his forehead as he watched the battle in the streets below.

All part of the plan, he thought. It sucks that they've to retreat and take the casualties that involves, but if this works, it'll beat trying to fight that damn thing among civvies.

For a moment, he thought of Sarah and Annabelle back home. Many of the soldiers down there "shooting and scooting" before the alien monster had wives and children too. There would be many widows and orphans by the time the night was through, but hopefully fewer than there would be if the soldiers had pursued the Decepticon to the death instead of doing just enough damage to piss him off and provoke pursuit.

The Chinese troops retired beneath an overpass. Seconds after they had gotten out from under it, the Decepticon smashed into it. An enormous explosion swallowed the evil alien and Lennox allowed himself to smile. The bridge had been wired with massive numbers of explosives. Even if the trap did not kill the Decepticon, it would certainly hurt him.

Seconds later, the alien emerged from the smoke and flames. His enormous rubber wheels bore numerous gouges and his armor was torn in several places, but he kept on coming.

One Chinese unit stopped to fire, only to be consumed by energy fire from the angry Decepticon. The remaining Chinese soldiers kept running, few bothering to stop and shoot.

Lennox swore.

They're starting to break, far too early.

"Shit, man!" Epps said as the helicopter banked to stay out of the smoke. "We've got to call in the Autobots, or bring down the rain on that bastard! The Chinese are getting killed!"

"Almost there," Lennox repeated, nearly oblivious to his subordinate's concerns. "Almost there…"

The Decepticon passed through a particularly narrow stretch of street — shattering two buildings on either side — into an open area.

An open area where fifteen tanks waited.


Lennox immediately thumbed the earpiece that connected him to the NEST network, which they had been using as little as possible to avoid Decepticon eavesdropping.

"Light that son of a bitch up!" he shouted.

Fifteen muzzles roared, the blasts rocking the tanks — American M1 Abrams and Chinese Type 99s — back on their treads. The wave of shells slammed into the arm the Decepticon had brought up to protect his face, all but destroying the limb and sending the alien rolling back on its wheel. The creature slammed into what was left of the two buildings and brought both of them down on top of him.

"Don't let up," Lennox ordered. "Keep hitting the damn thing!"

The Autobots said Demolisher isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor does he have much initiative, but he's damn tough, almost as tough as Megatron.

The thunderclap of the second wave of guns firing drowned out his thoughts. The enormous Decepticon rose from the rubble, only to be knocked onto his side. As the helicopter weaved between the columns of smoke, Lennox had a terrible realization.

His weapons are facing the tanks!

The Decepticon fired a storm of white-hot plasma. Two tanks exploded outright, while another tank's ammunition compartment detonated, channeling the blast away from the crew.

Fat lot of good it'll do them, as hot as that crap is.

The hatch of the third tank swung open and a terribly burned American soldier rose out, uniform and flesh aflame. He was barely out of the hatch before he toppled headfirst onto the concrete.

Lennox winced.

The tanks fired again. This time, their combined fire was enough to shatter the big Decepticon's torso and extinguished his spark.

Epps sighed in relief.

"It's over with now," he said.

Lennox nodded.

"Yeah. The intelligence indicates there's only one Decepticon in Shanghai."

August 25th, 2009 AD, 1:24 AM

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

The Decepticon known as Sideways rushed through the empty, narrow streets towards the sound of the explosions.

This is outside of my job description, the alien robot thought to himself. I'm a courier, not a fighter. It's Demolisher's job to do the fighting, not mine. I just deliver the messages…

But Demolisher was in trouble now. The big Decepticon had ordered the others to remain behind while it dealt with a group of fleshlings who had somehow stumbled onto their hiding place. Demolisher had said he would be right back, but he wasn't, and the big guns were firing, the big guns the Decepticons had learned to fear…

Despite his fear, Sideways kept going.

They're going to be distracted with him. I can come up behind them, when the guns are pointed away, and slag as many as I can. Then I can get the hell out of here.

August 25th, 2009 AD, 1:30 AM

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Epps pointed at the silver Audi driving through the deserted back streets towards the line of tanks, whose guns were still trained on what was left of the fallen Decepticon.

"What's that?" he asked.

Lennox leaned forward. As his eyes took in the oncoming vehicle, his heart leapt into his throat.

Oh shit!

"That's an intelligence failure," he said, face paling.

He quickly thumbed the communications link back on.

"There is a Decepticon to your rear!" he half-shouted. "Decepticon to your rear!"

Almost immediately, the tanks' turrets rotated to bring their guns to bear on the new threat.

They won't be fast enough. It'll be on them.

"Autobots!" Lennox shouted. "There's another Decepticon! It's behind the tanks!"

"Acknowledged," the deep voice of Optimus Prime rumbled. "Autobots, roll out!"

From his perch above the battlefield, Lennox could see the Autobots transform into their humanoid modes and rush towards the threatened tanks. At the same time, he saw the Decepticon rise into the air, transforming into his own humanoid mode.

The silvery, spiky red-eyed horror immediately opened fire with his energy weapons, shattering an M1. Several of the tanks retaliated, but the Decepticon twisted in midair and dodged all but one shot.

That one shell hit it in the leg, sending it spinning and crashing into the ground. It immediately transformed back into a car — this time with an enormous crater in its side — and sped off down a street.

Straight into the path of Ironhide and his enormous guns. The big Autobot fired straight into the oncoming Decepticon's hood, flipping him up into the air. The evil alien transformed as he rose, bringing his gun to bear on Ironhide's head…

When an energy blast from Optimus Prime's ion cannon caught him in the chest. The Decepticon flew through the air, narrowly missing another NEST helicopter, before slamming onto his back on the ground. He raised its gun to fire on Ironhide, but the big Autobot slammed his foot down on the Decepticon's arm.

"Any last words?" Ironhide growled.

"Megatron will live again," the Decepticon snarled. "Fleshling-lover and traitor!"

Ironhide's response was a cannon-blast at point-black range that literally blew the Decepticon's head off.

Lennox sighed.

Four tanks and God knows how many infantry in exchange for two Decepticons. I should have brought the Autobots in earlier.

But what he'd heard the Decepticon say before Ironhide killed him weighed even more heavily upon his mind.

'Megatron will live again.' How is that even possible, and what the hell are they plotting?